Friday, October 23, 2015

Look What I Found

Last weekend I was digging around in my quilty closet.  The one where I have all my
quilt tops hung, waiting to be quilted.


I found THIS!!!

A TOP~~~with a BACKING~~~and THE BINDING!!!
Just hanging there, wondering when I was going
to notice it.

This ALL BUT quilted quilt has been hanging there since 2009!!!  The only reason I can think of
as to why I never quilted it….I was out of batting.  After that, it was
just forgotten.

This is one half of a HIS and HERS I sewed from a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  Those who know Bonnie knows she makes LARGE quilts.  The pattern made enough blocks to make 2 quilts.  The other quilt
has been being used every year during the FALL season.  
I really can't believe I never finished this one, especially since I was so good to
sew up the back and have the binding prepared.

Please go HERE to read/see photos of that post w-a-y back then.

I pulled out the HUGE ziploc bag with all the HST's saved from this project and had a little FUN
play time.  I was thinking some kind of table runner….maybe.

I've vacuumed the floor and have pressed the backing.  It's time to get this laid out
and sandwiched up!   I was going to do this last weekend, but just
wasn't "feelin" it. 

Yes, it's about time!  He's had HIS all this time AND NOW,

it's time I had MY fall quilt!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Friends of Baltimore Woven Basket

This block is basically finished.  There's a little thread work I need to
finish up but that won't take long.

I'm also prepping prepping prepping on another block.  This new block is made up of TONS
of tiny pieces, but it is sooooo beautiful and the nice thing is I'm just
about finished with it too……that will make me 4 finished blocks…….only 
12 more to go!!

I find myself irritated when I have to stop and eat……and make myself go to bed at night.

I just want to keep the momentum going!

Speaking of……hubby is hollering for me to come down for supper….

Thursday, September 24, 2015



Oooouuuu and Aaahhhing….

Happy Sigh….


Now, I'm inspired
Get this one quilted!

~Sewn back in Oct. 2013~

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Are We Still Friends?


Thank you to all my followers who hung in there with me.  I've missed everybody!!  I see some followers did bale on me, as is the case when one takes a little vay-cay from blogging…..uuhm, seems I should call it
something else besides a blogging vacation for as long as I've been absent!

Well….since we're STILL FRIENDS and all…..I'll share what I've been working on.

TA DA!!!

Block size will finish at 15''.  This is the first block I finished back in March.
If you're looking closely you'll see I still have to soak out my markings and glue basting.  I just
swoon over this block whenever I look at it.

Keeping with our FRIENDS theme…..afterall, you DID say we were STILL FRIENDS, well, this fabulous eagle block belongs with 15 other equally amazing blocks along with 4 stunning borders.


I think Sue Garman outdid herself on this design.  I looked…..studied…..admired and studied some more on this pattern for 2 years.  I wanted to do it and I wanted to DO IT!!  I drug my feet ordering it because I knew it was going to be a l-o-n-g term project….yes, l-o-n-g l-o-n-g term!  I knew I could probable master the skills to do it, but to make the commitment to know and determine I would
actually finish it took me the 2 years studying it to finally order it.
I'm soooo glad I did…..the blocks I have done are just beautiful in person. 
Yes, I have finished the SECOND block and I'm prepping
and preparing the THIRD.

So….that's what I've been up to…..and if your keep being my FRIEND 
I'll share the other blocks I'm working on with you later.

P.S.  I also finished my Flags of the American Revolution (previous post) quilt top from the Sew-Along LORI from HUMBLE QUILTS organized last year.  It's great lookin' in person too!  

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Flags Of The American Revolution

It's time for my monthly Flags update.

For the month of December 2014 we were to cut out 5 of these sets for the Star and Moon setting blocks.
I finally decided on this fabric yesterday and I already had my templates made.

They will look similar to this photo from the book.

I appliquéd The Crescents of South Carolina flag.

The Fort Moultrie ( Liberty Moon ) flag was also appliquéd.

Here is a photo of how I started out on the quilt.  I pinned "chunks" of fabric pieces and the freezer paper templates up on my design wall to help get a cohesive look with the different fabrics.
I do this a lot with most of my quilts. 
I don't want any "surprise…it doesn't look good" episodes, having sewed it together
before I audition various fabrics.

Just a photo reminder to show you what I am shooting for in this FOLLOW/SEW ALONG
I am participating in over at

I will be linking up with the others to show our progress.

Oops! I Forgot To Share This Finish

I realized I hadn't shared my Butterfly quilt I finished way back in August.

This quilt was started a long time ago, back in 2010 with Amy over at Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts blog.
It started from a photo in a Japanese magazine and then became ALL the rage
here in blogland.
You can make one too, just click on Amy's link I provided above for her tutorial.

There are no 2 fabrics alike in this quilt, using ALL florals.   The brown I used for the butterfly background is a medium shade brown…..NOT the chocolate brown the photos show it.

Cloudy skies made photo taking difficult.

My butterflies are Wonky and kind of odd shaped…..on purpose of course!

I hand quilted it using the good ole standard Baptist Fan design.  Not knowing at the time I chose this
quilting design that it would give the butterflies GREAT MOVEMENT.  I can almost see their
little wings fluttering around all those flowers!!

Of course the backing  had to be floral too……right?
I did struggle with the binding FOR MONTHS!!  I hauled this quilt around with me to
every quilt shop I came across!
I dug dug dug in my stash……UNTIL I just finally decided to bind it with the same
backing fabric!
Yes, it works……why oh why do I make things so hard?!

I just gotta have it the way I gotta have it!!!

Measures 69" x 61"

Soooo, here it is!  This was the best photo I could get….of about 50 taken!
( well, it SEEMED like 50 )

The size of this quilt was determined by when I ran out of the brown background fabric for the butterflies.  In fact, there are a few brown backgrounds that are pieced, just
so I could get an even amount of blocks.

In person, this quilt is VERY light and soft looking.  It's EXACTLY the look and feel I was going for.  The photos do it NO JUSTICE.

No scraps were used or harmed during the making of this quilt.  Only fresh new fat quarters
were cut...coming straight from MY STASH!!!  LOL!


Monday, December 29, 2014

Wonky Wishes Finish

I really wanted to try and squeeze in another finish for 2014.
(not that i had that many in 2014 to begin with)




This is another Bonnie Hunter pattern.  So far, she has only written the instructions for the 4 star "BLOCK"
but looking at her quilt I figured out the sashing sizes and such.
You can go HERE to see Bonnie's quilt and read what she has to say about this block.


Anything goes!


I machine quilted it in what I call "MATTRESS PAD" design.  LOL, well, that's what I call it!
Basically a cross hatch design.  You can see it in the previous photo.
My backing is a small red floral calico with a mottled red/rusty binding.

measures 63" x 78"



Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry and Bright

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shifting Gears

WHOA, what a difference there is between BIG STITCH HAND QUILTING and just

Shifting my gears back to the older UFO quilt in the hoop I had been hand quilting on
I started the BIG STITCH quilting on the quilt I just finished (previous post)
was a little frustrating!!
Looking and searching the top to see WHERE oh WHERE did I leave off??

Switching out BIG STITCH tools/thread and supplies to REGULAR hand quilting "stuff and thingies"
I use this sweet little vintage bowl to house the items I need handy.
The little silver shiny container is where I throw my cut off threads and any chocolate candy
wrappers there might be!

A block I had already quilted.  These photos make my quilting look kind of wobbly!
LOL, well, maybe my quilting IS a little wobbly after BIG STITCHING!!
This TOP was started in the spring of 2008 from a Bonnie Hunter pattern.
I've tried working on UFO's this year and have made some progress on the 30 something tops I have hanging in the closet.

THE SECRET IS to STOP making new tops before finishing some of your older ones!! HA!

Like that's gonna happen!!!!

A supply of threaded needles ready to go.
Maybe I'm all set to SHIFT those gears and get back to the hand quilting I know best!

BUT THEN AGAIN……this top, which is all pin basted and ready to be machine quilted is 

hhhmmmm… would be a faster finish than the one I have in the hoop…….

Another Bonnie Hunter pattern.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Finish!

I slow stitched on this Sunday all the way to the finish line!

Isn't it just too WILD?!!  I haven't enhanced this photo, it really is this bright and colorful in person.

I didn't quilt this one too heavy and this was my first time at BIG STITCHING.
Choosing concentric circles in each square.

Border quilting

Another block closeup.

The back.

This quilt is one I sewed 4 1/2 yrs. ago using inspiration from a Gwen Marston book I have.
One day I basted the top and then there it sat.  How should I quilt it?
I'm so glad the BIG STITCH thought came to me and I could finally get on with it.

Hubby says it is HIS and NO I can't give it away!
I said " not even for one of your great grand children coming in Feb?"

He still said "NO!"

It measures 48" x 60".

Monday, December 1, 2014

November Flag and Sawtooths

I. LIKE.  I.LIKE.  I.LIKE. my November Flag blocks!!
I especially like these sawtooth blocks that will be
scattered through out the quilt.
I agonized over the fabric choices but I dug and I dug


through the ole stash and finally came up with a combination I am happy with.

Make 3 for November………and I did.


on to the Eagle/Dove block.   The official title for this one is 
Whiskey Rebellion. 

The pattern in the book calls it a "bird".  Looks kind of like a dove to me.   Maybe with it being white I don't relate to it being an eagle.
Anyway, this block was a little time consuming and was sort of a jig saw puzzle there around where the red/white ribbons reach towards the beak, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

All my blocks to The Flags of the American Revolution are coming along nicely.  I'm so glad
Lori from Humble Quilts decided on this quilt along.
Everyone who is participating are showing off their blocks with a link up over at Lori's blog.
Run over and take a gander at others and see the variety of fabrics 
being used.  I think that is the FUN part, seeing others interpretation.

Ok, I'm off to see which blocks we're to do for December.

Friday, October 31, 2014

October Flags Finished

There was a little fussy cutting needed for my FLAGS blocks this month.  Three of the blocks
called for star buttons.  Of course, I didn't find any buttons I liked, and besides, as many as I would have needed the total was going to be about $50.00 for the buttons.
No Way!  No Way!

I had some fabric with stars on it so I whooped out my freezer paper, starch and handy tools for hand appliqué pieces and carefully cut out these little stars to use in place of buttons.

Looks good to me.
I also flipped the navy star fabric over and used the back side.  The front side was whiter and brighter but the back was darker and dull and looked better.  The red dotted style fabric I have had for AT LEAST 25 years.  It really wasn't cotton and wanted to be limp and loosy goosey so I STARCHED THE HECK OUT OF IT to get it to play nice with the other cottons.

I did more Fussy cutting on this block too.

Yep, 13 more fussy cut stars here too!
Wow, that's a total of 39 little round stars I sewed down on 3 different blocks!

No fussy cutting here, b-u-t those tiny letters.  I was glad when I finished those.  Kind of time consuming for me.

Finally, just an ole plain one.  YIPPEE!

This is the SONS OF LIBERTY flag.  This had to do with a TAX the colonist had to pay on EVERY piece of paper they used.  CRAZY!

here are my 5 completed blocks in the Sew Along for the month of October.

I wonder what blocks Lori from Humble Quilts ( our fearless leader in this Sew Along ) has 
lined out for us in the month of November???