Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shifting Gears

WHOA, what a difference there is between BIG STITCH HAND QUILTING and just

Shifting my gears back to the older UFO quilt in the hoop I had been hand quilting on
I started the BIG STITCH quilting on the quilt I just finished (previous post)
was a little frustrating!!
Looking and searching the top to see WHERE oh WHERE did I leave off??

Switching out BIG STITCH tools/thread and supplies to REGULAR hand quilting "stuff and thingies"
I use this sweet little vintage bowl to house the items I need handy.
The little silver shiny container is where I throw my cut off threads and any chocolate candy
wrappers there might be!

A block I had already quilted.  These photos make my quilting look kind of wobbly!
LOL, well, maybe my quilting IS a little wobbly after BIG STITCHING!!
This TOP was started in the spring of 2008 from a Bonnie Hunter pattern.
I've tried working on UFO's this year and have made some progress on the 30 something tops I have hanging in the closet.

THE SECRET IS to STOP making new tops before finishing some of your older ones!! HA!

Like that's gonna happen!!!!

A supply of threaded needles ready to go.
Maybe I'm all set to SHIFT those gears and get back to the hand quilting I know best!

BUT THEN AGAIN……this top, which is all pin basted and ready to be machine quilted is 

hhhmmmm… would be a faster finish than the one I have in the hoop…….

Another Bonnie Hunter pattern.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Finish!

I slow stitched on this Sunday all the way to the finish line!

Isn't it just too WILD?!!  I haven't enhanced this photo, it really is this bright and colorful in person.

I didn't quilt this one too heavy and this was my first time at BIG STITCHING.
Choosing concentric circles in each square.

Border quilting

Another block closeup.

The back.

This quilt is one I sewed 4 1/2 yrs. ago using inspiration from a Gwen Marston book I have.
One day I basted the top and then there it sat.  How should I quilt it?
I'm so glad the BIG STITCH thought came to me and I could finally get on with it.

Hubby says it is HIS and NO I can't give it away!
I said " not even for one of your great grand children coming in Feb?"

He still said "NO!"

It measures 48" x 60".

Monday, December 1, 2014

November Flag and Sawtooths

I. LIKE.  I.LIKE.  I.LIKE. my November Flag blocks!!
I especially like these sawtooth blocks that will be
scattered through out the quilt.
I agonized over the fabric choices but I dug and I dug


through the ole stash and finally came up with a combination I am happy with.

Make 3 for November………and I did.


on to the Eagle/Dove block.   The official title for this one is 
Whiskey Rebellion. 

The pattern in the book calls it a "bird".  Looks kind of like a dove to me.   Maybe with it being white I don't relate to it being an eagle.
Anyway, this block was a little time consuming and was sort of a jig saw puzzle there around where the red/white ribbons reach towards the beak, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

All my blocks to The Flags of the American Revolution are coming along nicely.  I'm so glad
Lori from Humble Quilts decided on this quilt along.
Everyone who is participating are showing off their blocks with a link up over at Lori's blog.
Run over and take a gander at others and see the variety of fabrics 
being used.  I think that is the FUN part, seeing others interpretation.

Ok, I'm off to see which blocks we're to do for December.

Friday, October 31, 2014

October Flags Finished

There was a little fussy cutting needed for my FLAGS blocks this month.  Three of the blocks
called for star buttons.  Of course, I didn't find any buttons I liked, and besides, as many as I would have needed the total was going to be about $50.00 for the buttons.
No Way!  No Way!

I had some fabric with stars on it so I whooped out my freezer paper, starch and handy tools for hand appliqué pieces and carefully cut out these little stars to use in place of buttons.

Looks good to me.
I also flipped the navy star fabric over and used the back side.  The front side was whiter and brighter but the back was darker and dull and looked better.  The red dotted style fabric I have had for AT LEAST 25 years.  It really wasn't cotton and wanted to be limp and loosy goosey so I STARCHED THE HECK OUT OF IT to get it to play nice with the other cottons.

I did more Fussy cutting on this block too.

Yep, 13 more fussy cut stars here too!
Wow, that's a total of 39 little round stars I sewed down on 3 different blocks!

No fussy cutting here, b-u-t those tiny letters.  I was glad when I finished those.  Kind of time consuming for me.

Finally, just an ole plain one.  YIPPEE!

This is the SONS OF LIBERTY flag.  This had to do with a TAX the colonist had to pay on EVERY piece of paper they used.  CRAZY!

here are my 5 completed blocks in the Sew Along for the month of October.

I wonder what blocks Lori from Humble Quilts ( our fearless leader in this Sew Along ) has 
lined out for us in the month of November???

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Finished Just In Time

How lucky to finish the floral baby quilt the night before baby Kate arrived?!
Yes, I was late getting it worked on, but then again,
baby Kate was late too!!

So much cuteness!
I finished this Saturday night and Kate arrive around 8 o'clock Sunday morning!

It must have her name right?!

I decided I wanted as little quilting as I could get away with.   I wanted it to drape soft soft soft as much as possible.  Stitched in the ditch around the blocks and the purple sashing with a little echo
quilting around the flower shapes.
The border has simple line stitching……perfect.

The flowers are all sewn down using the raw edge method.  These edges will fray and ruffle up
with use and hide the stitching. (i hope)

So here you go Kate.  Your little quilt all ready for you when you get home.  Your mom had a hard time in getting you here and I think maybe you will get home today.  I can't wait to give it!!!
Measures 54" x 46".
This pattern is called "French Roses" by Heather French.

Thanks sooooo much to all you gals from my previous post who commented and helped me decide on
the best border fabrics to use!!
A big thank you to Leanne from Kwilt Me Kiwi for sharing with me how she quilted this same pattern for one of her customers.  It sure helped me in my quilting decision.

While working on this we found out there is to be ANOTHER little girl 
added to OUR family.

So, there may be another one of these quilts in the future!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ok…What Do YOU Think?

During and in-between coughing fits I did manage to get "Nancy's" (more on Nancy in a moment) quilt top all pieced together.

I LOVE this sweet little flower top!

it's time for some borders.
Tell me which one you prefer.  I think any of them would work but would like some help
in deciding.  I have defiently decided on the purple as the first 'tiny' border.

Let me know your favorite!

I thought I was making this quilt for "NANCY" but as it turns out "Nancy" is 


Note to self:  never trust a man (hubby) with the important details.  It's HIS employees baby and so I thought he would know all the pert-nants!  He told me her name was going to be Nancy and they were going to induce labor on the 2nd of this month.
None of it true!!  LOL!
I had planned to maybe put her name on it somewhere!  
Sooooo glad I got delayed and didn't sew the name NANCY on it already!!!

I do have a preference in the border choices but would 
like to know which one YOU like.

( ooooo, these photos look more yellow than it is in person!  It's much softer in tones)

 hack!…….. cough!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Revolutionary Flags Update

It's been a battle!  Yes, I battled and battled the sickness and disease!  Not long after I posted my previous post

I succumbed to the sickness!!



  I had so much to do and was on a roll!
I so wanted to have an update post on my Flags quilt and be able to link up with
Lori's blog.
So, this is the first MOMENT I've stopped coughing long enough to post my update.

Here is my eagle block.  I got a late start on the Quilt Along and wasn't able to post my update 
on Sept. 1.
It's not complete as yet, just a few more stars to appliqué and I'll be able to sew the corner pieces to the eagle center part.
I decided to put the 13th star at the bottom of the eagle block.  The pattern shows only 12 stars, but
like some others I wanted the original 13 on there.  All the other blocks in the pattern
 have13 stars.

This is the center of the quilt and will be quite large when I sew it all together.  Just the eagle
part is a 22" square.



For September there were 4 tree blocks to complete.

20 1/2" x 10 1/2"
20 1/2" x 10 1/2"
20 1/2" x 10 1/2"

This tiny tree is not even 3" tall.
It will be appliquéd to another 20 1/2" x 10 1/2" block.
I forgot all about this block until I saw others posting their "4" trees.  Oops, I only had 3.

I REALLY like this quilt and am thankful to Lori from Humble Quilts for getting up the


This is my first quilt along and I think it will help me to push myself and stay on track
to get it done in a timely fashion…….and besides, I LOVE seeing all the different fabrics the others are using!

Ok…… back to my regularly scheduled coughing!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Something CUTE and SWEET

For seven years I've wanted to make this quilt!
(that's how long I've had the pattern)

And now I have a reason.

Her name is 



she will be here sometime Tuesday.

One of our employees is having a baby and I thought I had a little more time to do this, but isn't that
how it always goes?!

This is my first block and the others are all prepared and ready for the flowers to be sewn down.  It is
just so stinkin' cute in person!

More on this later!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In The Mean Time...

Yes, I am waiting for a fabric order to arrive with a few fabrics needed
quilt.  You know, the quilt along with LORI
over at Humble Quilts I talked
about in my previous 2 posts.


I've been working on my blocks for the 9 patch swap BARB is hosting over at her blog

She decided on 2 groups, one with bright fabrics and the other group with Civil War style fabrics.  I chose the Civil War style because it was something new and different for me.
She offered up this great little tutorial on a super easy way to 
sew up these 9 patches.  You can check out this tutorial at her blog, click on the tab at the top of her blog header.
Each group was to make 50 pair.  Oh my, that's 100 single ones.  Some brave souls joined BOTH
groups.  I thought about doing both and now I'm glad I didn't.  I calmed down that
overly ambisious urge pretty quickly!!! 


You can have a look-see at a few of my sweet little 9 patches.

These are sooooo addictive to make!!

As I've sewn these up, I made sure to set aside a pair of each fabric style for myself.

I can't wait to see the ones I get back from the swap!  Clapping! Clapping!
I'm excited!!


I better get back to the sewing machine and get the rest of my 9 patches sewn up so I can get them mailed out to BARB and meet the deadline of October 1….and sorry, the swap entry has closed.

P.S.  In my previous post I was worried about my eagle design fitting on the only fat quarter I had that would work ( well, in my mind anyway ).

It fit perfectly…YIPPEE!!

(As you can see, the eagle is pinned to a stack of fabrics I auditioned.  I think this is my final decision)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Trying To Make It Fit

I got the parts of the eagle pattern all pieced together to make  this final freezer
paper one.

The fabric yardage calls for a fat quarter for the eagle,
and as you can see I am just barely going
to squeak by…..I'm hoping!
I've done a little trimming here and there on the pattern to get it to fit.

I'm showing the back of the fabric, the way the freezer paper will be ironed on, but you can see a peek  
of the front there on the right side of the eagle.  I like to use the starch method to prepare for my
hand applique.
I'm using 2 pieces of freezer paper ironed together for extra sturdiness since this
is such a large piece.  I'll see how that goes.

Here is the quilt the eagle belongs to.  You can read my previous post to learn about the 
quilt along using this pattern.
Each block represents a particular flag that was used during
the American Revolution.


Cross your fingers my eagle will fit on the fat quarter when I go
to press it down!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

It's The Black Eyed Peas Fault…….and THE squash……and THE okra!

I joined the Flags of the Revolution quilt along over at Lori's blog.  This is my first quilt along and guess what?  First rattle out of the box I'm behind. 
The quilt is in a book by Jan Patek published in 2009.  I finally found a copy of the book and
started digging through my stash and discovered I had about 5 fabrics I
thought looked primitive-ish.  This is my first primitive/patriotic style quilt and I just didn't have these 
style of fabrics.
I finally got the fabric issue solved (maybe).

 Isn't this a GREAT quilt!?  I was really excited to get to it.


 the squash was over flowing and the okra began to
jump up and down and demand my attention.
The bossiest of all this last week has been
black eyed peas!
Luuuuvvv me sum black eyed peas.

Seeing everyone's eagle blocks shared today at Lori's blog lit a fire in me to get my
black eyed peas finished up today. (at least those that were picked and ready, we have a friend who has a w-h-o-l-e field of peas so I can have as many as I want)

I finally made it upstairs for some fun fabric auditioning and play.
I think I have a plan.

I WILL get caught up with the others.  The other ladies blocks are great and it's fun to see 
the different variations of fabric used.  Run over to LORI'S blog and have
a look see.

My thumbs are so sore from all the pea shelling I hope I can still hand appliqué!! Ha!

Thanks so much Lori!!  I always wanted a patriotic style quilt and your little
quilt along has inspired me to finally sew one!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Questionable Fabrics = Damage = How I Repaired It

I sewed this quilt top back in the summer of 2008.

Partial top during the process.

I finished the top and then it sat / hung in the closet waiting it's turn to be hand quilted.

About 2 yrs. ago I sandwiched and basted it.  Now it was ready to jump into a quilting hoop
or frame. I decided on the small PVC frame my hubby had made for me  w-a-y back when.

If I remember correctly, I placed the quilt in the frame and clamped the edges down, unclamped,
moved it around several times until I was happy with
the area I wanted to start quilting on.

As my eyes scanned over the quilt top while I threaded my needle




See here, above the safety pin.

All that clamping and re-clamping had mooshed the hard area of where the seams meet
resulting in the frayed damage to this old vintage fabric.

I just sat there in horror wondering how in the world was I going to fix this.  It was
ALREADY thread basted.  All systems were A GO!


Out of the frame it came and back into the closet where it was!  I was sad and upset!!
I was determined I WAS NOT going to unbaste it to repair it.  How oh how was I EVER going to fix this???
I was REALLY melodramatic about it.

So, about a month ago I brought it back out and was determined to find a way to repair it.
Here is what I did.

I fussy cut a piece of fabric.  Starting at the seamed edge I turned under the edge of my fussy cut piece and pinned it down to the damaged area.

I decided my silk thread would be thin and would melt into the repair job a lot better.

I stitched down my fussy cut repair piece following the seam edges turning under my repair piece like you would hand appliqué.  As I got to the inside of the section I trimmed and turned under, still appliquéing as I went creating a curved shape into the brown darker color.  I thought the repair would be hidden better stitched into the brown.  It may be like stitching through concrete when I hand quilt over it, but I guess I'll deal with that when I get to it.

Hardly noticeable from a distance.  ( i hope )

Here it is all repaired and ready to be hand quilted, and the saddest thing is it hung in the closet for 2 yrs. with me agonizing over it and only about 30 minutes to repair it.

It is now in my round lap hoop and I have already quilted several blocks.

The moral of this sad repair job is to LISTEN to that little voice that tells you "maybe you shouldn't use some of those fabrics.  Maybe there're too old.  It doesn't matter that they came from your Munner's vintage fabric stash."
Lots of the fabrics I used in this quilt were older than me and a little on the fragile side.  It was back when I first started quilting and I didn't know better….BUT I DO NOW!!!

This quilt is Bonnie Hunter's Boxy Star pattern.

Have you ever damaged a top/quilt before you finished it???