Friday, July 25, 2014

Questionable Fabrics = Damage = How I Repaired It

I sewed this quilt top back in the summer of 2008.

Partial top during the process.

I finished the top and then it sat / hung in the closet waiting it's turn to be hand quilted.

About 2 yrs. ago I sandwiched and basted it.  Now it was ready to jump into a quilting hoop
or frame. I decided on the small PVC frame my hubby had made for me  w-a-y back when.

If I remember correctly, I placed the quilt in the frame and clamped the edges down, unclamped,
moved it around several times until I was happy with
the area I wanted to start quilting on.

As my eyes scanned over the quilt top while I threaded my needle




See here, above the safety pin.

All that clamping and re-clamping had mooshed the hard area of where the seams meet
resulting in the frayed damage to this old vintage fabric.

I just sat there in horror wondering how in the world was I going to fix this.  It was
ALREADY thread basted.  All systems were A GO!


Out of the frame it came and back into the closet where it was!  I was sad and upset!!
I was determined I WAS NOT going to unbaste it to repair it.  How oh how was I EVER going to fix this???
I was REALLY melodramatic about it.

So, about a month ago I brought it back out and was determined to find a way to repair it.
Here is what I did.

I fussy cut a piece of fabric.  Starting at the seamed edge I turned under the edge of my fussy cut piece and pinned it down to the damaged area.

I decided my silk thread would be thin and would melt into the repair job a lot better.

I stitched down my fussy cut repair piece following the seam edges turning under my repair piece like you would hand appliqué.  As I got to the inside of the section I trimmed and turned under, still appliquéing as I went creating a curved shape into the brown darker color.  I thought the repair would be hidden better stitched into the brown.  It may be like stitching through concrete when I hand quilt over it, but I guess I'll deal with that when I get to it.

Hardly noticeable from a distance.  ( i hope )

Here it is all repaired and ready to be hand quilted, and the saddest thing is it hung in the closet for 2 yrs. with me agonizing over it and only about 30 minutes to repair it.

It is now in my round lap hoop and I have already quilted several blocks.

The moral of this sad repair job is to LISTEN to that little voice that tells you "maybe you shouldn't use some of those fabrics.  Maybe there're too old.  It doesn't matter that they came from your Munner's vintage fabric stash."
Lots of the fabrics I used in this quilt were older than me and a little on the fragile side.  It was back when I first started quilting and I didn't know better….BUT I DO NOW!!!

This quilt is Bonnie Hunter's Boxy Star pattern.

Have you ever damaged a top/quilt before you finished it???

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 238th Birthday America!!!




Saturday, May 31, 2014


This is just tooooo cute!

Sent to me from my ever talented friend


She is the handmade postcard makin' QUEEN!!!!

Thanks Julie!!

p.s.  I know I haven't posted much lately, BUT I HAVE been sewing.



Monday, April 14, 2014

" Square " Beach Balls

Don't these blocks just s-c-r-e-a-m springtime?  Summer fun in the sun?

Yes, they remind me of colorful little beach balls ONLY

they're square!!

These cute little triangles in a square are our April

Block Lotto blocks.

They measure 7 1/2" square and our fearless leader

shared 3 methods on how to construct these.  One of those methods was
paper piecing and that is the method I chose.
I really don't mind paper piecing, no fuss no muss and everything usually
turns out pretty good!

Hope I win these this month!!!!!

Fingers crossed!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

HELP! I've Got Puckered Stems!

See the ripple at the top of the blue?  This is caused from my bias stems that have been sewn down.
Yes, I cut them on the bias and used Elmers glue to attach them.

See here…..more ripples!  
I have wondered on many reasons why.
Are my stitches too close together?
Am I pulling too tight?
( I am stitching like Piece O Cake method )

Doesn't seem to matter if the stems are really long or short.
This short stem is puckered AND twisty looking!

BUT… numbers here, and everything else stitches up nicely and lays pretty flat.

Does anyone have some I-dees on how I can remedy this issue?

I think it will quilt out ok but….


I know there are some GREAT hand appliqué-ers  out there that might have the answer!!

Sewing down this cute little bird on the 4th border is next!!!  YIPPEE!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Webbing My Quilt Top

Have you tried this method when it comes time to sew your whole quilt top together???
This will be the first time for me.

Here is how it looks before you finish sewing the horizontal rows together.  My instructions for
this quilt uses this method but I have seen it before over on
Quiltvilles website.  You can see the "how to"

The jury is still out for me on this process.  I didn't particularly like manhandling the WHOLE top
ever time I sew a seam.  

Pressing was cumbersome.  I did scoot my ironing board over next to another table I have to help hold up the top.  I also found if your not careful you can distort some of your blocks
with the back end of your iron catching and
pulling some of the blocks.  You just
have the whole weight of the top pulling from the tiny chain piecing you did.

The main purpose is to help you from getting your blocks and pieces mixed up on the way to
your sewing machine from your design wall.

Of course, anytime you try something new and different it seems wrong and uncomfortable.  Mizz
Bonnie Hunter is an ole pro at this and so it seems right for her (and others).

I won't say I won't try this again.  Perhaps next time I will HALF the quilt and use this 
method in 2 halves.

The main goal regardless of the method is to have a completed top all sewn together.
Here it is….(the middle part anyway) YIPPEE!
I still have the hand appliqué borders to finish and as slow pokeeee as I am
that may be a little while longer, so I won't be showing
this again until later.

At least I have the hardest part past me.

This part measures 64" x 64".

Let me know if you have tried this method and what you thought!

Sunday, February 23, 2014


HORRIFIED is the best description I can give for what I just went through!!!

I had to mutilate…uh…I mean trim out the corners on these blocks!!!
Oh My Goodness what a STRESSFUL event!!


I guess I will know the answer to that question when I pin and sew on these arcs.
I will be holding my breath!!

This cute little bird that is part of the top border for this quilt made me feel so happy and
helped me to calm down from the stress and horror of what
I just went through.

Who knew quilting could be so painful?!


"Just get over it" some of you say….. and "get on with it you wimp!!!"



Monday, February 17, 2014

Pieced Stripe Blocks Galore

I'm playing and thinking and figuring this morning on what I want to do with all these blocks!
There are 48 of them 'cause
the December Block Lotto!!
Gotta love that!

They are a 6 1/2" x 9 1/2" size.

I have them all mashed and smooshed up on my design wall and I think I've pretty much made a decision on how to use them.  It will involve taking the scissors
to each one of them!!!



They will be fun to work with!!!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Deadline Met and Mission Accomplished

I was SOOOO excited AND exhausted but I finished sewing on the binding at 6:00 pm Friday evening!!  Yes, a completed quilt in 5 days.

( You need to read my previous post to know what this post is talking about )

Hubby came home a few minutes after I finished it.  I was glad I had moved my sewing 
room back upstairs where all my gift wrap, bows and such are up
here too.  I quickly found some ribbon and tied it around the
folded and rolled up quilt.
Hubby was really surprised when I gifted it to him.  He was REALLY
impressed I had actually machine quilted it.  Especially
in a design other than just straight lines.  ( I was patting myself on the back for this one too! )

Here it is…. I know it's just squares, but I wanted it simple so I could make it quick and fast
as fast could be.  
I chose some older fabrics
that have been lurking around for a while 'cause I'm sure tired of looking at them
every time I thumb through my stash!!

I knew Hubby and the Goober dog would like it regardless!
( The Goober dog lays in the chair every night with Hubby so it's his quilt too! )

This gingham on the back has been in my stash l-o-n-g before I knew to call it my stash.
I added this tan fruit/veggie in 'cause it has corn and various other
fruits and veggies Hubby has in his garden.

I like it……especially now that it's finished.  There are sunflowers and a block FULL of red tomatoes.
An African print toward the top, various type prints and a few flowers
thrown in so he can stay in touch with his FEMININE side! (snicker)

Maybe I should challenge myself with deadlines on future quilts and inspire myself to 
get more accomplished………….naaahhhhhh!

I'm headed outside now,
it's 84 degrees!!!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quilt with a Deadline

Do you ever get ideas and at the time you think they seem wonderful, brilliant and
very much attainable???  Of course these ideas NEVER come early
with plenty of time to achieve them!
Not in my case anyway and then

This past Sunday night I was looking at the quilt Hubby covers up with at night in his easy chair and thought to myself…."I am REALLY tired of looking at that quilt, he needs a new one."
Yes, the perfect Valentines gift.
I got up Monday morning inspired and decided on big scrappy blocks, nothing
fancy…..keep it simple.  Deciding on fabrics and cutting ran smooth.
Sewing up blocks ran even smoother.
I began to think "could I really make a whole quilt, quilted, bound and all in just
5 days?"  The problem is I want it to be a complete
surprise and so keeping it a 
began to cause me TONS of grief and as well as SLOW me down.
Hubby has been in and out and in my hair more times this week than he has in the last month!!!!
Lucky enough my sewing room is upstairs so when I hear him
come in I can go downstairs to keep him out of my sewing room and ruining
his surprise.
Right now I have about an 18 inch area and the quilting will be complete.  
My arms, neck and hands are pretty sore.  I hadn't counted on that.  I am doing just
an all over meander.  I have never machine quilted any thing 
besides straight lines before and I was pretty stressed out for a while
now I have the hang of it and I have worked the soreness out!

I got the binding done during breaks from the machine quilting.
Ouuuu, my black binding looks like a
creepy spider or critter! ha!

SURELY I can get the binding all sewn down by tomorrow night?
( I'm kind of slow, I think my stitches are too tiny )
I am giving myself until tomorrow night, I am going to need all
day tomorrow and I REALLY want to give it to him
completely finished!

Ok, I better get back to it, I sure don't want to burn too much midnight oil…..

Wish me luck and send good vibes my way that tomorrow
my little quilty fingers can FLY through
the binding!!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Was Scared!!!

Hello again everybody!  The New Year started out with a bang of creativity for me.
I was moving and shaking.
I dug in the closet for tops that needed to be quilted.
I made a back for one ( previous post) and pin basted it together.
I had prepared tons of little tiny leaves and pieces for my Quilt Show BOM hand
applique' project.

Then BOOM!  The SICKNESS….the CRUD…..the PLAGUE hit!!!

All my creative efforts came to a screeching halt!!!

But all is well that ends well.  I am much better now (lingering cough).  I must
be better if I am thinking of re-arranging the furniture again! HA!!

 I decided to put all the parts of my BOM up on the design wall.  I had not seen the parts all together.  As I finished each piece I just put them in the drawer with all the other parts.

Then I decided to try my hand at soaking out the glue on one of the 4 main appliqué' blocks.
I filled a little tub
Yep, I was too scared to put it in the water.
My stomach hurt, I paced the floor holding the cute little block in my hands.
I had never done this before!
BUT armed with the advice I researched online I became BRAVE!
I took a deep breath and threw it into the water fast as fast could be
before I changed my mind.

 Hey, whatever was wrong with me?  See, it looks so happy floating around in
it's little bath and there weren't any pieces or parts that
floated to the top!

Sigh….what a relief!!!!

OK… I'm feeling brave and strong and ready to charge on!

 I soaked the glue out of these too!!!  They are the cornerstones for the above top.

WOW, it was hard for me going into unknown uncharted waters, but I think it worked out ok!


UNTIL I think about machine quilting that top I have all basted and ready to go.

my stomach hurts again

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Morning Design Wall

There seems to be A LOT going on here!



My design wall is holding up 3 quilt tops that are "IN PROCESS".  Also included is
the start of a back for one of these tops that I have TRIED to figure out and
piece this morning using the left over scraps from it's top.
Of course the 2 wildest tops were sewn y-e-a-r-s ago.  For some reason, upon their
finish I promptly hung them in the closet and forgot
about them.
Sooooo, hunting up the fabric pieces and scraps used so long ago has been
a chore……BUT EUREKA!  I found them and I
hope to have a back ALLLL finished by
days end!!!

Wish me luck!!!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Reverse Applique

How I reverse appliquéd my cornerstone blocks on my BOM from The Quilt Show
(shown HERE if you wanna see)….. and OF COURSE
In my DEFENSE, I chose to HAND APPLIQUE this quilt instead of the MACHINE
appliqué the others are doing and that takes a
little longer.
Thanks to Margo's video instruction at The Quilt Show site I was able to do these and have them come out just great!!

 I did one BEEE-FORE I watched Margo's video….NO! NO! NO!  It was hard to do and it was humpy bumpy laying up on top! 
Whatever was I thinking!?!? 

 The ripping out was on!!

 I cut a template out of an old file folder and cut out where the star would go.
I just followed my pattern for this part.

 With a disappearing marker I traced the circle on the background following the template circle.

 Drew another circle about 1/2 inch from outer circle…..I just eye balled it.

 Cut on the inner circle line to create opening.

 Snipped snipped snipped all the way around.  Be sure NOT to snip through the line, just before it.  You need to leave a fraction there that will turn under.

 Paint liquid starch right on top of your marked line.

 Place your template on top ( i roughly eye balled this too, seems i do a lot of that) trying to line up outer edges.  The pins help to keep everything in place as you turn the edges over and press with a hot iron ( no steam ).

Oh look… CUTE!!

Gently remove template…fold background in half….finger press a crease to get 'line up' marks.

Time to play with the glue!!!  I dabbed a dot of Elmers school glue on each star point.

I placed my green background on top….lined up finger pressed creases with a top and bottom star point and then kind of worked the other star points around the circle MAKING SURE to have ALL star points 'POINTY' and still visible.  You sure don't want to have any chopped off looking points.

I used small pins in between the sections to secure what was not glued.  I guess you could glue all the way around if you wanted, but this worked great without the added glue.

All that's left to do is to appliqué it down.  You will do this from the top as I've tried to show here.
This part went fast too!

Here is a comparison photo.  The one on the left is the reversed appliqué….the one on the right is the YUCKY floatin' around up on top one.

In summary, the REVERSE APPLIQUE process was SOOOOO fast and easy I couldn't believe it.
And besides, I think it looks much much better, don't you!!

I hope this was easy to understand, if you think I've left anything out or you have a question you can reply and ask in the comment section.
I am a fairly NEW hand appliquer and anytime I can get some help from others I REALLY
appreciate it.  So THANKS again MARGO!


For a job well done!

 Apricot Pecan Fruitcake with Pistachio chasers!!!