Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Yes, I'm Making Some Progress

Making good progress on my current projects during the summer is slow but steady.  Having to do garden kitchen duty can take up a lot of time.  Fresh yummy veggies for supper time is so worth it though.

I did finish the bride block on my Civil War Bride quilt.  I think she turned out pretty good.  I didn't want the quilt to be too bright OR too dull in color.  I'm happy with how it is starting out.

Can you believe this is going to be THE GROOM block!

This is how I usually audition fabrics and such for whatever I'm working on.  I pin and poke, roll and smoosh fat quarters and such to my design wall.  Stand back and stare, make some changes if needed.
Stand back and stare some more.  I do this until "I think" I'm satisfied.  Of course I always reserve the right to make MORE changes in the end.  I think this Groom block is headed in the right direction.

This is another block from the Civil War Bride quilt I started.  I'll work on this one while I still play and audition fabrics for the Groom block.  I really like the blue fabric.  Wish I had bought more of it.

I'm still plugging along on my Friends of Baltimore too.  Starting on a new block with this cute little cornucopia.  Working on more than one project at a time keeps it interesting for me.  I think it's need for long term projects.....at least that's the way I roll anyway.

As for Goober....my little helper

It's just another day at the office for him.


  1. Your bride block turned out very good. And your fabrics for the groom will work well. I like the stripe for the pants.

  2. Multiple projects DO keep things interesting - lets our brain work on one while we work on another. LOVELY appliqué you are doing!

  3. Absolutely beautiful bride block, Belinda! I'm not sure I've had much experience with this thing called "one project at a time". Can you elaborate on this mysterious concept???

  4. The bride block is gorgeous--the groom is definitely a work in progress. Interesting method you have there. : )
    I admire all of your applique projects. When was the last time you used your sewing machine?

  5. I'm also spending LOTS of time in the kitchen trying to keep up with the harvest!! ;) Tastes good...but quilting suffers. ;)

  6. I love your blocks and work on the Civil War Bride project!

  7. I like your bride too - I think thst you've hit on a lovely colour palette.

  8. "WOW" Belinda, love your Civil War Bride project!!! Your fabrics and color combinations are beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing your progress.

    P.S. Looks as though your helper is tuckered out from helping you....I have a helper also Miss Abbie, although not a helper as she thinks she is...she would rather lay and nap on my projects---when they are on the floor!

    Hug's, Carolyn

  9. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.