Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Civil War Bride and Friends of Baltimore

I've been piddling on getting this one started for a while now, thinking this one would give me a little break occasionally from my FRIENDS OF BALTIMORE which has SO MANY tiny pieces.  I decided to start with the bride block first so her fabrics and colors would set the tone for the rest of the
quilt.  I must admit, starting from scratch with choosing your own choice of fabrics and colors doesn't come easy for me.  It takes me forever to get it straight in my head, pulling tons of fabrics out to audition only to make a big mess…….well, if I make her dress pink…..OR, maybe it should be yellow…..should I use just Civil War fabrics……and I don't want to use the same colors as my Friends of Baltimore quilt…and on it goes.  I'm hoping a lot of you out there get the picture and I'm not alone in my struggles.  I'm embarrassed to say how long it has taken me to get this far……BUT……here is a peek into where it is headed.

…….and for those of you who are thinking I should make those green striped buds all go the same direction, well, I probable agree but I'm NOT doing them over.  The stripes are the 3rd fabric I've traded out.  My bride also looks like she's been hit in the forehead with something.  Maybe that's the reason there wasn't a groom in the original quilt….lol.  I've also been blogging for 8 yrs. this week.  How 'bout that!

A recent Friends of Baltimore finished block.


  1. God you make laugh! Poor forehead-dented Bride--I hope she recovers. Love the stripes and bright colors. I've seen several versions of this quilt and fabric choice definitely changes it entirely. Congrats on all the blogging years!

  2. That's make ME laugh, I won't speak for God's reaction!

  3. Eight years -- way to go!! I like your colors - and your green leaves are just fine (I'm not 100% certain but the last time I check the plants in my back yard, I'm pretty sure the veins in the leaves are not lined up like a military drill team). Hugs!

  4. Huge congrates on 8 years......great achievement..... And so pleased your still here.....

  5. What fun to pull all the fabrics and play. You chose well for the bride block. And had you not said something, I would not have noticed anything about the stripes not going all the same way. It did not strike me as something that particularly needed to all go the same direction.

  6. You always crack me up! That poor little groomless bride with a dented head. : )
    I have to tell you that for all your angst over fabric choices, you really nailed it! I am loving the bride's skirt, the little striped piece at the hem, the coordination of the sleeves and bloomers--and I think the striped green going various directions gives it greater eye appeal!
    And your FoB block is stunning!
    Congrats on your eight years!!

  7. Your civil war bride has the most darling dress!

  8. I love the stripes of the green going different directions!!
    Its horrible picking out fabric for me too. This? That? Nothing looks right, or I thought that would look better.
    I'm doing my own hand stitching this morning. A little back stitching for words on my first row by row 2016.

  9. Your bride is lovely and the dress/skirt fabric is perfect for her. Green stripe- I like it that way you've done it. It adds more interest. Picking out fabric is huge, but then there's the putting away of all those you didn't use. Also huge!

  10. You are a hoot, B! I love your bride's dress - it's so cute! And the stripes on the buds are perfectly imperfect....makes things more interesting. Maybe your bride's head is dented due to too much thinking? Angst, ya know. It usually puts a big dent in my head! hee hee!

    Congrats on the eight years! I was at 8 in Feb. It's been fun to read your blog - I'm glad you're still here!

  11. That urn block is amazing! Love the colors you finally decided on for the bride block. Congrats on 8 years!!

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