Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I Luuuuv Spikey Spikes!

........and here are the steps to how I got some.

First, you need a 3 yr. old birthday boy who likes dinosaurs.

I found this.  Smaller than a fat quarter.

I had fun pulling some bright crazy fun fabrics that match!

I played with some pieces and parts I had on hand trying to get a feel to which direction I should go.
Oh my, decisions decisions.

Yes. Yes.
Rows and rows of various borders will work.

Next come the SPIKES! And quilting.
I was energized by channeling my inner Gwen Marston.

Ta Da!
Just the right size to be cuddled, loved and to be carried around.

The Back.

Benjamin and his family may need a pair of sunglasses too, this is BRIGHT!


  1. Oh, what fun! Those spikes are the best!!

  2. Adorable. Small projects are a kick to turn out quickly.

  3. Love the spike style border. Free form makes it so much easier to accomplish.

  4. Such a fantastic border. It's certainly not a fast border to make, but the time spent make it worth while. Yeah for you!

  5. PERFECT!!! Love it. Those spikes rock!

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