Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Recent Finish

I needed this quilt to be finished for a cute little birthday girl.
This quilt top has been languishing in the closet FOR YEARS and now I am glad it has THE PERFECT little person to go to.

This is Bonnie Hunter's Cathedral Stars design.  It's a free pattern located on her blog, just click on the "free patterns" tab up at the top of her page.

Last time I posted about this I was mulling over what to do about the backing.

I played around here with pieces and parts BUT I wanted to use up some of those little 4 patch blocks I had left over from the top AND I thought it would be fun to have her
name somewhere.

Here's what I finally came up with.  I don't like to have a seam down the middle, especially since it was going to be hard to match up those polka dots.

Her name is Bonnie but she is called Bonn or Bon Bon.
( she did too)

I machine quilted it from side to side using a wavy stitch.  This stitch gave a good effect on the stars.

She was excited and very happy.  Grinning big she explained "it has my name on it"!

I received a text a few days later showing me how good and matchy matchy it was with all her little friends.
So glad this top was finally finished and was sent off to be loved!


  1. Hmmm, this blog looks vaguely familiar--oh, yeah! Right--Belinda! How ya doin'? Good to see you surface now and then. LOL
    What a great, happy quilt, and a very clever backing! Sounds like the birthday girl was pleased, and so are you. :)

  2. That is lovely. I like the happy colors in this one.

  3. Belinda Blogged, Read All About It!!!
    Beautiful quilt, love the name added to the back. Bonus points for finishing a UFO and using up all the leftovers, way to go! Hope we see you more often in blogland. :)

  4. So so pretty! Love that back too. :)

  5. What a special quilt! The backing turned out wonderful and so personal!

  6. What a lovely, happy use of this pattern! It's really sweet and surely already well loved. Thank you for sharing it. I'm inspired!

  7. Excellent, so glad you have now made room for another UFO to be finished :-)

  8. Bright and sparkly! I just took a class from Bonnie Hunter and love her scrappy methods. She has photos on her blog from the Ocala group. This pattern is so lively. Well done.