Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I've Been Absent But Not Idle

No way would I EVER be "idle".  It's just not in my nature.  I've had sisters-in-law and others in 
my past sit, stand or follow me around touting
"I'm bored...sigh...I'm bored."
My response was always the same.
"Well, go be bored somewhere else 'cause I've got a bazillion things I'm itching to get done!"
So, even though you don't hear from me around blogland I'm active and busy with quilty things.

Busy with more blocks from my FRIENDS OF BALTIMORE project.  This is the second block in the series. (I've completed 5 so far ) Wow, kind of a doozy.  Stitching all those tiny black sail riggings was not fun for me, but I persevered and won the battle.
This is a fabulous quilt and there is no reason to fail, after all, it is one of Sue Garman's patterns.

Here is my binder with all the pattern pieces and her wonderful instructions.  I have not had ONE question about these blocks that she has not included in the instructions.  She is a master!!

So many tiny pieces to prep, but there's something calming sitting quietly turning down all the little edges.  Trying to master the process and improve my skills with each piece.

Yes, it's fun and I love it but it can grow tedious and that is why a quilter ALWAYS has to have other projects handy to work on.  Sometimes you just need to shake things up a little.

One of my breaks from the hand applique was doing some blocks for the November Block Lotto.

Loved these blocks.  They would make a fantastic looking quilt.....sigh......but I didn't win this time.

I have other quilty progress to share, but we'll do that next time.

Happy stitching girlfriends!!


  1. You are not "idle" Idol is a fake god. You probably aren't one of those either. LOL!!! I'm never idle either. I can't sit still a minute, and I get bored easy. I could never do all that fussy applique. For that you have my undying admiration.


    (Millie sends purrs. Now SHE could give lessons in "idle.")

  2. Amazing!! I have such a hard time appliqueing small fiddly pieces.

  3. Totally impressed - that applique would frazzle me!! Love your response to those who whine ...

  4. Another wonderful applique block. I have been so tempted many times to purchase the Sue Garman pattern set.

  5. beautiful work. I am a huge Sue Garman fan! I know it's late to say this but I have used a pigma to get a similar effect on boat blocks.
    your prep station is inspiring

  6. OMG, your block is stunning! What beautiful work! I'm very impressed. I could/would never do that. And what a big bunch of stitchery on those sail "lines"!

    I'm very rarely bored. Only when I'm stuck somewhere without my my tools/toys. That's when I doodle quilt patterns/ideas! I used to give the bored whiners something (a chore) to do when they whined at me. They weren't so quick to whine the next time. *grin* I like your response too.