Friday, October 23, 2015

Look What I Found

Last weekend I was digging around in my quilty closet.  The one where I have all my
quilt tops hung, waiting to be quilted.


I found THIS!!!

A TOP~~~with a BACKING~~~and THE BINDING!!!
Just hanging there, wondering when I was going
to notice it.

This ALL BUT quilted quilt has been hanging there since 2009!!!  The only reason I can think of
as to why I never quilted it….I was out of batting.  After that, it was
just forgotten.

This is one half of a HIS and HERS I sewed from a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  Those who know Bonnie knows she makes LARGE quilts.  The pattern made enough blocks to make 2 quilts.  The other quilt
has been being used every year during the FALL season.  
I really can't believe I never finished this one, especially since I was so good to
sew up the back and have the binding prepared.

Please go HERE to read/see photos of that post w-a-y back then.

I pulled out the HUGE ziploc bag with all the HST's saved from this project and had a little FUN
play time.  I was thinking some kind of table runner….maybe.

I've vacuumed the floor and have pressed the backing.  It's time to get this laid out
and sandwiched up!   I was going to do this last weekend, but just
wasn't "feelin" it. 

Yes, it's about time!  He's had HIS all this time AND NOW,

it's time I had MY fall quilt!!!


  1. I have the same problem--quilt tops and backing but low motivation to do the quilting! Your long cured quilt top looks great!

  2. Oh, I wish I could find things like that in my closet. And how have you gone this long without your own Fall quilt?
    Those HSTs would be so fun to play with. : )

  3. Oh yes, it's time for this one! It's so pretty and deserves to get to the finish line. Love the sashing. The quilt has been very patient.

  4. I have lots of tops in the closet waiting for quilting. It is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered.

  5. What a fun thing to find in the closet, and YES, it is now your time!

  6. What a fantastic find!!! And I'm chuckling, because floor-cleaning around here definitely runs on a Quilting Prep Standard Time zone of some sort.