Monday, December 28, 2015

The Calm AFTER The Storm

Wow, I am sooooooo glad these last few days are over!!!
What a crazy awful weathered weekend!
At least the sun is finally shining again today and THE WIND has stopped blowing.

Wind blowin'.....snow blowin'.....blowin' snow.....MORE wind blowin'!!!

I braved the elements this morning to get some photos.

Looking out my kitchen window.  Of course, anytime there is a storm here in Texas, no matter what kind it is, could be rain, sand OR SNOW storm, those pesky little TUMBLEWEEDS always show up
and STICK themselves into the situation!  Such party poopers, like party pooping  
all over this beautiful view!

I can't remember having this bad of a snow storm before.  Electricity was on, then off, on, then off.

 Cattle HATE blowing NORTH winds.  To get away from it they walk SOUTH.
Yes, they walk and walk and walk.
(they are in front of my house)
The wind blew so hard it swept the field across the road.

When the cattle decide to walk, they can walk and end up 20 miles from home.
This one bunch of ours ONLY WALKED 8 MILES from where they are supposed to be.
Poor Mr. Browndirt has spent the last 3 days out in the unrelenting snow/blizzard storm trying to
keep the cattle rounded up.
It is nearly dusk here and he is still out in the cold escorting another bunch of misbehaving 
cattle to their perspective fields.
Naturally, all our hired help has gone to Mexico for the holidays.
I know THE MR. is plum tuckered out and I will
have a nice pot of homemade stew and cornbread waiting for him when he gets in.

Goober dog is ready for some serious snuggle time with his daddy tonight as well.  In the meantime,
Goober snuggles in his heated bed upstairs with me.......

While I sewed up a STORM on these.


  1. WOW!!! I am SO GLAD I don't live in the part of Texas you do!! HAHA

  2. Oh man...nothing worse than winter wind. BRRRRRR.....glad things are settling down. I like what you are working on...looks like fun!

  3. Storms raging inside and out!
    It is beautiful to see the aftermath in both places, but I wouldn't want to have your hubby's job rounding up the wayward cattle in that cold!

  4. Glad to know you both made it through the winds and snow - despite the walking cattle. Beautiful photos and awesome blocks in that last photo.

  5. Thanks for moved my way and dumped about 9 inches yesterday.

  6. Snow can be ruthless. We live in NW Illinois and that can happen to us many times over. Glad you can stay in and sew. Your blocks are colorful. Chris

  7. Wow! That looks like a lot of snow and the drifts! Wow!!

  8. Love your blocks, Belinda! And wow, the SNOW! I'm glad you're safe and WARM! :) Hope your cattle are behaving better. ;)

  9. You keep that snow right where it is. I do NOT need any of it. :-)

  10. aiyee, that's some snow. glad you got a break from it. Goober is a cutie!

  11. Wow, I had no idea you got that kind of snow! It looks brutal. And getting those cattle back has to be another level of brutal! Your poor Mr!

    Looks like you've been having a lot more fun in your sewing room - I LIKE those kinds of storms! Stay warm and cozy, just like little Goober!