Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Can the picture above serve as proof I really have been busy???? I have lots of errands to run today so I better get right to our "Tell Me" or "Tell All" Tuesday question. Here goes.....Of the following four things.....which ones do you dislike doing the most......Making Tea.....Filling Ice Trays....Making Salad or Making Cornbread????? I'll go first....I dislike All four. I can't give you a reason and I've disliked doing these four things for as long as I have been old enough to help in the kitchen. I don't know why, but there it is! ( I don't have to fill ice trays except at our lake place, but I still don't like to )!!

I've still managed to eek out another cute little Christmas cottage. I have all of them layed out on the floor contemplating the finished project.

I must run and get started on all the errands I have to do......I had already typed out a post and it never did post and I don't know where it went so I had to do it over. You're getting a shorter version on this one....I've run out of time...sorry! First place I'm headed is TO VOTE.............PLEASE GO VOTE.........I guess you know you don't have the right to gripe and complain if you don't vote!!!!
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  1. I guess of those four I'd pick making salad. We eat a LOT of salad and some days I make a huge tupperware full of salad just to have it made ahead. Then when I see the tupperware almost empty I groan. I guess it isn't a hard thing - just something I'd prefer someone else do. We do share the work - Don gets out all the ingredients he wants in the salad and I chop and mix - not so bad that way. Funny how a little thing can seem like a pain to do - and when you get to thinking about it - not any harder than say, making the beds every day - or folding laundry. Hmmm guess what I don't want to do today. :-)

  2. Good luck at the polls, may the best man win.

    Love your cottage, can't wait to see them all together.

    The I hate...making ice cubes, putting out fresh butter, they use it and don't put anymore out, and you come to make a sandwhich and all you have is hard butter. Our milk comes in one liter (approx. one quart)plastic bags which fit in a special pitcher. I hate, hate, hate it when someone puts the milk back in the fridege with 1 tbsp of milk left in it. I also don't like filling up sugsr bowls that have been left empty, salt shakers, ditto, I expect the last person who makes coffee to re-fill the coffee container. AND....the list goes on...(deep breath)...toilet paper not put on the holder, toilet seats left up, so that when I get up in the middle of the night and don't want to turn the light on so as not to wake up fully, WELL...try sitting in a bowl of cold water and see if you don't wake up? Tele-marketers who always call at dinner time. People who dial the wrong number and just hang up intead of saying "I'm sorry I dialled the wrong number". That I can understand, I've done it. Stores who advertise specials and when you get there they are "sold out' even if your second in line.And to finish off as the song goes "Rainy Days and Mondays..."

    So Belinda is that enough to get your Tell Me Tuesday off to a good start?...lol

    "Talk" to you soon


  3. I can't wait to see your Christmas Cottage project. Your cottages are so unique and beautiful.

    OK...I dislike filling ice cube trays. I don't have to do it anymore but when I was a kid we did. If we didn't refill them and Dad went to get ice he'd give you a straight stare and tell you he has a good recipe for ice.

  4. I think out of those I would say filling the ice cube trays. I don't do it anymore because of the ice maker we now have. But it was a rule which was not always followed that you were supposed to fill the tray when you used the ice cubes but that did not happen all the time. It was a pain to go in the freezer and no ice.

  5. I really don't mind any of the things you named but if I had to chose one for someone else to do I guess it would have to be make a salad.

  6. Hmm.. I don't drink tea, and have an icemaker, so I don't have to do the trays. I really don't mind making salad (almost a daily occurance) or making cornbread. Do I have any other choices? I don't mind the cooking part; it's the cleaning up part that I wish someone else would swoop in and do.

  7. This was a great question. I'd have to say....when I didn't have an icemaker, it's filling ice trays. My brother always managed to be absent for this process when we were teenagers. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that anymore. Take care.

  8. This one's easy. Making salad. That was my main job when I was a teenager and had KP. :-P

  9. Wow.. Tuesday again already.. and it looks like I missed it even!
    I don't like to do ANYthing in the kitchen. So all four of those for me as well.

    Your cottages are wonderful..can't wait to see them put together. :-)

  10. You are killing me with these darling blocks. What do you have there? The most wonderful fabric around! Belinda. It is breathtaking. The stripe trim at the bottom of the roof is just so striking.

  11. I love this little cottage - what perfect fabric. You are all having so much fun, it makes me want to pull down all my xmas fabric (oh no) - I am already in the middle of a mess of projects - perhaps I need more room to make bigger messes :)
    I can't wait to see more pictures of the cottages
    Rita E in AZ

  12. This is too funny because these four things are things most people wouldn't even consider whether they like or not. It's funny what bugs different people. Making salad is not my favorite, even though I love to eat it. I don't mind making individual portions for some reason. BUT, I really hate browning beef, it just bugs me. Especially if it's still a little frozen in the middle, what a pain!