Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Tell Me Tuesday"....

Above is my little "supply" caddy I keep close by my sewing machine. I made this by covering this tin bucket with wrapping paper. You could cover any cute shaped container that you might find the shape appealing, but not too pleasing to the eye. You could also use tissue paper to cover it with. I just used a modge podge type glue and then sprayed a thin coat of clear protect coat. You could also paint on a clear acrylic water based protectant as well. I don't think I would use a hot glue gun...you need the paper to lay as flat as possible. I think if your container has a little ridge at the top like this one it would help your paper stay on longer and withstand alot of use. I have also used various pretty papers to slid down inside glass jars to hide undesirable contents and to just make my storage containers look nicer on my shelves. If your glass jar has a indented neck..tie a ribbon around it too after adding your paper inside.

I have finished hand quilting my 20 something yr. old quilt found in the garage this summer on this wonderful little quilt frame DH built for me. Took some getting used to but now I'm hookin' butt on this! Next in line is the baby quilt....it just barely fits!

I weaseled out a little spot over by my big window. The light is perfect....I can look out to my left and watch and see the birds.....and to my right I can see across the room to the TV. This little frame is sooo light I can scoot it around anywhere I want it. Thanks DH!!!

Now...........for our Tell Me or Tell All question for this Tuesday. When is the last time you wore a bathing suit in public??? I'll go first....I guess sometime in this last year..BUT...NOT without a cover-up. I have this thin and light weight pink little sundress with skinny spaghetti type straps, it comes above the knee. I have had others tease me about looking like a "round" ballerina. My DH surprised me with a cruise for Christmas about 3 yrs. ago and I did walk to the edge of the ships pool without my cover up. I thought...what the hay!....these people don't know me and I will never see them again....so let them gawk and possible make fun!!!

And many many thanks to everyone's great suggestions for sore quilting fingers. I have googled and looked up several of these and I never knew there were such wonderful items to use. I think I am going to order several and see what works best!
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  1. love your caddy... I use an old pottery dish/vase so don't have to worry about the "ugly" factor, but have used your idea in the past for various bits and bobs...

    Bathing suit.... I think I still own one of those... wonder if it fits? nahhhh the stretch is no doubt long given up! I like swimming in natural bodies of water, which are generally quite cold. I also tend to get into them when its cold... the last time I wore sweatants and a T-shirt and went in for about 2 minutes in April -- there was still floating ice. Bathing attire requires some warmth so when you get out there's a hope of getting into the building to shower before hypothermia sets in! :-)

  2. I was seen in public all last week as we dipped in the pool at night at Brian Head. Fortunately there were very few people there!

  3. You are funny - the last time in a bathing suit in public! haha. I hate public pools. So it has been a while. I don't like thinking about those things.

    On to your cute rose covered holders. So cute and such a good idea!

    Hand quilting - I'm proud of you.

  4. At the rehearsal dinner for my second son's wedding the florist used metal sand buckets for the flowers. i saved one and that is what I use to put my stuff in.

    As for the bathing suit, I am no beauty and my body definitely looks like I have had three kids but when I look at other people on the beach it doesn't bother me to wear my bathing suit! I am convinced some of these folks don't have mirrors!

  5. How great to finish the quilt. Your caddy is very pretty.
    Haven't been in a bathing suit in 3 years only because I am not been to the beach or a pool in that long.

  6. Congrats on finishing your quilt.. it's a good feeling isn't it?
    Loved you tool caddy.. very pretty and useful.
    I can't remember the last time I wore a bathing suit in public.. we have a pool in our backyard so no need to swim in public.

  7. Oh I am loving that cozy niche that you carved out for yourself. Your quilts are coming along so beautifully. When you figure out what the best thing is for fingers.. let me in on it too.. I think i'll be needing it. :-)

    Beautiful tins!

    (Tens or fifteen years ago at least)

  8. Well done for finishing your first quilt! It's wonderful that you went back to it. I bet you were thinking "well I know better than that now". I hope it gave you a huge lift to see how far you've progressed.

    As for swim suit- probably last Summer in the Lake District, UK.

    Love your caddies. Great idea.

  9. Bathing suit - this summer. My husband and I actually met at a pool. I took great comfort in knowing from the get-go that he had seen me in a bathing suit and had not rejected me. I'm a speedo gal, pretty boring.

    I really like your houses. I decided to make a table runner for the holidays with houses. So far, I am sewing up different patterns of houses in blue/white patterns. I will see how they all come together (or not!). Like the quit frame too - great view!

  10. Cute caddy and a very pretty quilt.
    We swim every summer-my bathing suit is definitely not a bikini :)

  11. Yea!! The 20 something year old quilt is done. Congrats. Feels good doesn't it?

    I really like your little buckets, they are adorable. For me though, if I made them they would have to be prim. I just love the primitive look. I'm trying to get this look in one part of my sewing room.
    Good idea with the jars also.

    About the bathing suit, well I wore one this summer and I went swimming, but the 'surf' was up on Lake Huron and I darned near drowned. The waves were 5-6 feet high, and they knocked me down and I couldn't get up again. I was only in about 10-12 inches of water too. So I felt pretty stupid to have to be rescued by the lifeguard. Thank God he's my grandson, but now the whole family knows and laughs at me. "Careful Mom, don't go in too far", you know how cruel kids can be, AND at ANY AGE. I haven't got one under 40 so there's no limit to this.

    Love your "Tell Me Tuesdays'..."

    Have a good week.


  12. I love it!! I have a 25 year old quilt that I am ripping out my hand quilting and doing machine quilting on it and I am loving it.

  13. Love your caddy! I love modge podge I have quite a few tin cans that I've done that with in my sewing room too! I love to do boxes too:)
    And there are such cute papers and napkins out there the possibilities are endless!

  14. Oh the bathing suit, I go beach camping every summer and spend many summer days at the beach boogie boarding so I'm often in my bathing suit in public, I guess you just get used to it in California lol!

  15. I don't know about over there in Texas country, but over here one of the hobbies is covering terracotta flower pots, small tin buckets, wooden trays, etc, etc with paper napkins. There is a special glue which glazes the surface. Will have to give it a go and show you what I mean.

    Congrats on the finish and many many thanks for emailing the size of the frame.

    We have our own pool so the last time I was seen in public in a one piece bathing suit was August.

  16. Bathing suit? So long ago I can't remember. I'm sure the world is grateful.

    You have a great husband to put that quilting frame together for you.

  17. Love your decoupaged caddy. Good for you for finishing the quilt! and no, no public swimsuit-ing for me. No real occasions lately to wear one.... I am dreaming of a cruise, though! Love your blog.

  18. Love your caddy! Thanks for checking out my blog! Happy Halloween, Hugs, Mary

  19. II keep my stuff in the same bucket, but not as pretty. Love the rosey paper!

  20. I really love your hand quilting frame, especially since my last quilt endeavor where it was too large to fit my frame, the type you roll the quilt ends on. Any quilt over 100" and it won't fit meaning I have to machine quilt and the is a true labor of love to do.
    And the bathing suit, I wore one this year. It is the one thing I absolutely hate to shop for, not matter how many you try on I try one I never find one I feel comfortable about wearing. The last one I purchased had shorts for the bottoms. I think I'll keep it awhile.