Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Tell Me Tuesday"....

First all, I want to show you another little cottage . Isn't it sooo cute! This design is the original design of Mr. Brown Dirt. Yes, that's right....I sewed it up just like he wanted it. He picked and chose where and what fabrics he wanted. Not bad for Mr. farmer man!!

As for "Tell Me Tuesday"....here is the question......What Kind of Blogger Are You??? Tell me or Tell all.....do you set rules for yourself? Do you have a list of favorites and you don't sway from that? Are you the kind that leaves a comment on EVERY blog you visit or are you the one who sloops and lurks around behind the scenes and just takes it all in in private? Give us some insight into your world of blogging! ( well, I guess if you are one that sloops and lurks you won't be sharing your blogging habits with us..will you? ) I'll go first........I tend to get stuck going to my same ole list. No offense to my regulars, but we become comfy in the same old routine and forget to venture out away from that. I have really tried this week to add some new life into my blog list. Joan over at Quilting On A Budget has some great tips! I enjoyed Laurie Taylor at The Wooden Spool. You should also check out Rhonda at Ravelly 1 Quiltz Blog. Karen over at Humble Quilter has a wonderful post on her survival of colon cancer! Rhonda and Karen are part of that WACKY PAC you have heard about!!! I try to get my postings done in the mornings and try to have the rule to check my emails only when I take a break...once in the morning and once in the afternoon....then before bedtime. I think you should have some kind of set rules for yourself or else I could be on here ALL DAY!!!....So "tell us" or "tell all" about your blogging habits!

I finished this "sorta" ugly orange pumpkin thingy. I just decided to use this as a practice "mini" quilt for myself. I finally machine quilted......and by the time I finished I was getting the hang of it. This is also the FIRST binding I have done. I love hand work and hand quilting, but I was kind of growling with this binding. I don't like having to have your stitches sooo close together.....it seemed to take me FOREVER! All in all it's not bad looking...you may not agree....the colors are a little undesirable, but it's alot cuter in person!

I was digging through a keepsake box Sunday and I found this. It is a picture of ME when I was in the first grade. I remember all the details of this dress I have on. The skirt part is white and it has a little poodle with a real gold chain attached..........hmmmmm.......I had to stand out in the hall 3 times that first day of school for TALKING!!!! Imagine THAT!!!
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  1. Wow, I'm the first to respond?!?!? Exciting!
    I don't reply to every blog entry I read; only those that really move me to respond. Maybe it's a really special photo, something personal that was shared, perhaps it seems like we're kindred spirits about something... Or maybe I want to give a shoulder to cry on when it's needed. I have over 125 blogs on my "must read" Google Reader list. When you post, I read. I hate to add to the list, but usually will when I see a really good blog. Some of the blogs on my list don't post very often, but when they do, I'm excited!

  2. I circle through my RRS feeder throughout the day between other computer tasks at work -- reading a blog post is my 2 minute break to "recharge before the next activity... Once in a while I follow some new links and add sites to my feeder, but not often. I leave comments when I feel like it -- when I have something to say and have the time. I don't purposely lurk, but I also don't purposely not lurk...

    When I blog I write only about my fiber arts life -- family life, names, details of anything other than fiber arts is private and I try hard not to put them online.... I might share them through email with people, but not the whole world... I have comments come to my email, which I check throughout the day like my RSS feeder, I often reply to them

  3. i try to post in the morning...check a few blogs and get all my emails answered and then i'm off to a busy day. i usually check emails again in the afternoon and evening...i do most of my blog reading late in the evening.

  4. Early morning while waiting for the rest of the family to wake up I read all new posts on the blogs I follow and update my own blog.. then after everyone has left for the day I turn the puter back on and head to the sewing room. I take several breaks through out the day and spend that time checking for updated blogs. I try to comment on each one because I want that person to know I did read and appreciate their blog.
    I blog about day to day life.. food, gardening and sewing.
    Most of my out of town family have blogs here and we use the blogs to keep up with whats happening in our lives so we post pictures etc.

  5. I like to visit my favorite blogs in the afternoon. I usually comment on each one if it has a new entry. I just started my own blog so I will have to find a routine for that too.
    Love the roof on your cottage.

  6. Say. Could I do a private exchange with Mr Brown Dirt? His cottage is awesome!

    Your first grade photo is adorable. I think we should all post one of ourselves.

    Rules? yikes. You are right. I better make some.

  7. I've been looking for my picture of the same thing, because it was my favorite dress. And yeah, I got good grades but "c"s for "self control" - basically talking. So yeah.

    Blogging rules - hmm. I am at my computer for my job. So when I get things done I take a break and hit blogs or when I'm on hold I blog surf. It is like my work reward. At home I hit when I feel like it. I'm not really good at rules I guess - hence my problem with self control!

    I add at least 1-2 blogs a week. Which makes it hard to get through my reader so I never finish reading, I always have a bunch listed on google reader, so I just go through them but I have my "favorites" and you are one of them! I usually hit them first.

    Love the cottage. Mr. Cottage has fabulous taste. I love love love it. You have some amazing fabric girl.

  8. First of all, I want to comment Mr. Brown Dirt on some pretty amazing quilting design. It was a perfect cottage for Christmas.
    Next , is your first grade picture , you were a real cutie. There's no point in searching for mine as it along with many, many others that were all wall hung went tin the fire of '87. I managed to save some photos that were in albums. The weight of them one on top of the other provided some protection for the ones in the middle and bottom.

    As for my blogger habits....mmm....well... I only go on the computer for about 1 hr a day, after dinner.(It's all I can take, I'm competing with the sound suround on the TV.) My son is building me my own computer for my sewing room, YEAH!!!! I will have more of an opportunity to click on more if it's just there when I do take a break, instead of coming all the way down to the LR. I TRY very hard to at least read all of my favorite blogs, and I do leave messages as I know it's important to a blogger, but as for my own blog??? Wel....I'm a VERY busy person and I'm starting to believe I made a mistake in even starting one, because I can't find the time to blog. Maybe when I have my own computer, I guess that's why I don't have many responses when I do blog. Anyway...NO GUILT...right? I went to a workshop yesterday all- day to learn fabric weaving, today was the quilt bee, Thursday is the day I go to the Church for
    Care Quilts..etc..etc..etc..

    Just know I love to read all of you and I especially love the pictures and when you direct me to new sites.

    That folks are my blogging habits.


  9. I love the cottage block,it's too cute!

  10. Mr. Brown Dirt did a fine job with his fabric selection and placement! I wouldn't mind him coming to live in my Christmas Cottage neighborhood.

    I have my very favorites and I'm always looking for a wonderful new blog. Carrie P. at A Passion for Applique is new to blogging.

  11. Thanks for all the links...I spent this morning checking a few out. I usually check my blog in the morning and that's it. And I have some that I read everyday and others that I link to from elsewhere. I only comment if I have something to say. Thanks for another "Tell Me Tuesday" Oh and your grade one pic is too cute.

  12. I keep a list of about 25 blogs that I read daily, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, all while drinking coffee ;) I'm quick to delete blogs from my list if I find them less than inspirational or if they are a bit too inspirational and make me wish my life were different in some way or if they hardly ever post, but the ones that stick around on my list easily become very close to my heart! I often find myself referring to one "blog friend" or another in conversation with my hubby. I shy away from commenting on blogs that already have a bazillion comments, I'm not sure why.

    I post on my blog every few days, less often each time I have a new baby! As for rules, I only have one: I never post pictures of my little ones where they're less than fully dressed, which is why you won't see my 3-year-old there very often. (She's in the dress-up-change-clothes-five-times-a-day phase ;)

  13. Hia Belinda, I'm finally catching up after a mad week.
    I tend to stick to my list. It's about what I can usually cope with. having said that this week I am catching up with everyone. I prefer to know a few people well rather than lots of people vaguely. I think I've made some good friends here in blogland too.

    I try hard not to make myself rules or I might find myself feeling very tied to them. I blog when I can and respond to people when I can.

  14. Mr. Brown Dirt did a fabulous job with his cottage! Love it!

  15. I just started blogging this month but I already have rules. I tend to read in the evening, sometimes just before bed while I am having my bedtime tea. I don't comment often, just when I have something to say. I have developed a list of "blogs to read" and scroll through them but I already delete when the blogger doesn't post. All on my list are quilters.