Monday, October 20, 2008

HELP....HELP.........YES HELP......

HELP....HELP......says our friend Fran over at Making Memories . She is on the search for a quilt pattern. She bought the fabric to duplicate the quilt, but then the lady would not share the pattern. What's a quilter to on our blogger friends. I thought I might do this post in hopes that someone might recognize the as a favor to me would you all click on her name above and scoot on over to her blog and take a look at the quilt and see if you have seen this pattern before. I think it's a pretty cute quilt and I love the colors.

I also want to thank everyone for all the WONDERFUL well wishes I received concerning the discovery of my extended family. Some of you gals out there will never know how much I appreciated your emails and comments. It's quite possible there is another sibling out there somewhere from another wife my dad may have had!! Who knows.....the last half of my life may prove to be just as interesting as the first half of my life.

I have been busy making more Christmas cottages.....and hand quilting on that baby quilt. I'm shooting for Christmas now with this quilt. My quilting frame that Mr. Brown Dirt made for me has taken some getting used to, but I think I am going to like it. To finish around the very edges I think I am going to lay it out on the kitchen table like Clare says she does. I really am LOVING this hand quilting!!!

I also spent a whole day vacuuming and cleaning the ole sewing room...WOW...fabric fuzzies and dust EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING. I rearranged some....moved my "stash" shelf across the room over into the corner where it will be kind of in the shadows instead of where the sun can "see" it. I moved out a dresser and put it in another room AND took out all of the cutesy nik-naks....tired of dusting that stuff!!! My room seems alot larger and spacious now.....AND CLEAN!!! So....I'm ready for ALL that holiday sewing!!!.......Guess I better get to it then!!


  1. I sent your friend a link to a site with the Garden Twist Pattern - it certainly looks like the one she's searching for.

  2. I too sent her a couple links that I'm hoping might be what she's looking for.
    Enjoy your clean sewing room.. I need to get off my lazy behind and clean mine.

  3. Cleaning my sewing room is exactly what I need to do but it will have to wait, hehe.

  4. Can't help on the pattern, but best of luck with the quilting and the cleaning. You should see the floor in my room!!!!!

  5. Clean sewing room lucky you. Now you are ready to mess it up again with great creative sewing projects. Happy sewing! Em

  6. Hi Belinda, I think I've found the pattern Fran needed. Blogging is a great way to get HELP!!!!! Take care.

  7. Thank You so much Belinda, I'm still looking. Mary, and Posh & trendy and so did Rhonda said they sent me links but girls I can't find them. Their not on my blog. In case your not getting through I will e-mail you all personally.

    Tank You all so much.


  8. I'm sorry I can't help out with the pattern. Hope Fran finds it soon.

    hand quilting is the best. :-)
    And doesn't it feel really good to have a clean room??

  9. I posted a couple links to your friends blog - one was for a Jinny Beyer book that has the same pattern in it - and it is at - and cheap too. It will be exciting to see her finished quitl.

  10. I too found a link to a pattern for her. I found it @ The Cotton Club. I remember it was also in a book about an eon ago!
    Wow, congrats on the clean sewing room! I'm currently making a mess in mine! Then it will be time to clean again. Have fun making a new mess and sewing up a storm!

  11. It'll be nice to have a clean sewing room in time for Christmas sewing. I just started a quilted tree skirt and there's a huge mess on the sewing room floor..oh well. Happy sewing!

  12. What a lot of goings on. I am so happy that you have found some sisters.
    I am totally in awe of you cleaning out your sewing room- sounded like a real "bottoming out". My house is a tad messy at the mo.

    When I last quilted it was a sheer fluke that it was on the ironing board draped over to where I was sitting so I could do some work on it just sat down.

    What a mean mean woman that seller was. The pattern wasn't her own design! That's plain mean spirited!