Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall and Holiday Sneek Peek

Here is the beginnings of my fall quilt project. The design is an ole stand-by from the 30's.
I saw this design on a program on tv last week and wrote down the dimensions and cut it out.

The above pieces get these cream triangles added. I have had a few of these fabrics for awhile and have been anxious to use them. I added a few of my new ones as well.
So far this has been a really fast and easy style to do....many options with just this one block.

There will be some of this pumpkin color added with an applique I'm thinking about putting in.
I was thinking small pumpkin s or maybe some fall leaves mixed ....or maybe a combo of both.
I could even embroider words of some other fall designs too.....probable just applique though.

After laying out what I had sewn up I discovered it is going to be bigger than I planned. I really just wanted a lap/throw size for the couch.....but dear hubby suggested using half....and then turn the blocks another way with the other half...thus creating a totally different quilt. I must admit I was impressed with his immediate response with a solution. He is such a quick study!! Or... ALL my quilt talking is rubbing off on him!! The pumpkin colored fabric will go in the middle of the cream squares as an applique.
I have discovered I like to applique.....I've tried different ways and used different supplies.
The main thing with me is...I just need to do it over and over to get better at it.
My first time to applique...I had my turn under allowance way to tiny ..harder to manage.
I think I figured out I was holding it wrong and appliqueing upside down.

Nanette ...over at Fredas Hive... is organizing a swap featuring this cute lil cottage. I just fell in love with hers and thought I would try my hand at one. These little cottages are fast and easy. The sky is the limit as to how you could decorate and use these. Her tutorial is top notch!
I think there have been alot of people sign up for this's cute!
Maybe I'll just watch from the sidelines........participate from the shadows so to speak.
These little cottages would make a fabulous table runner .....placemats......pillow.
I realized I need more Christmas fabrics added to my stash...................does this mean I have
to go BACK to the fabric store??????

Oh..and hubby wanted to know..." how many times do you have to measure it before you cut it"?

I MUST give a BIG THANK YOU to Clare for her techno help to me this weekend...her tutorials are top notch too. She invited me to join the liberated quilters ring and I was honored to accept. I'm probable "the rookie" in the group..but I LOVE Gwen Marstons work as well as the wonderful work the ladies in this group create. Thank you again Clare!


  1. Love the colors and the block. Can't wait to see the end result. Even my kids can spew quilting terms now...from hearing it more that they'd like. Cute cottage block.

  2. I love your fall colors quilt. And I think I would keel over if my husband made a suggestion (or even noticed!) a way to put quilt blocks together. He sounds like a keeper!

  3. Belinda! I love your cottage. I love it. It is so cute and it is fussy cut so darling. Its so fun to see other people's take on a pattern. This makes me really happy. Love your fall quilt. I think men have something in their brain that helps them with space and pattern. It has taken me a while to develop my skills in this area. My husband is a math guy and he always lends a hand when I get stumped. Its nice.

    What a fun post to read about what you are doing.

  4. That will be a wonderful quilt. I can tell just by the colors. Adding the pumkin to it will be the 'crowning' touch.

    Love your little house. I too will be following from the sidelines, just too darn busy right now to commit to anything. But I really would like to participate in one of these swaps, maybe in the new year.

    Keep on with the good work ..It's lovely.


  5. Welcome to the ring. As you are now officially a Liberated Quilter, why not make that gorgeous red and white cottage into a wonky one. (joking!)

  6. You have been busy. The color combos are wonderful. I admire your bravery in making things off the cuff. Unfortunately, my mind does not do well in that catagory. Still working on getting the nerve to do words.

  7. Belinda! I love the colors of this quilt. I checked out your Mellie & Me scrappy log cabin. You did a wonderful job! I must admit that I've only been able to accomplish a couple more blocks but hope to get started again soon. Their so quick an easy I don't know what my hold-up is? Your work is beautiful!!!! I'll bookmark your blog and check it daily!!

  8. Beautiful quilt in lovely fabrics. I haven't seen that design before. It's great that your hubby can contribute.

    I loved your wonky cottages- I keep wanting to try and make some in my spare, spare time. :-) Just where do the hours go?

    In answer to the question "how many times do you measure?" as many as it takes to get it right. LOL

  9. I think your quilt is going to be fabulous! Great colors, and the pumpkin will just pop on there! Can't wait to see the other set with these blocks too. Yep, my DH also is good with helping with the quilt stuff. He's got a "good eye" for this stuff.
    Your little cottage is very cute. I'll be watching from the sidelines as well.
    Congrats on your Liberated-ness!