Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YEY......I'm Liberated

OH..............I guess that means for quilts..........not dishes???
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  1. Just popped over fom Lila' blog and was reading her comments. I had to do my own post on blog reality this morning too. I didn't have a good sink picture to use though since my husband did the dishes for me last night.

    I love the red and white toile curtains!

  2. Hey! I must say your "mess" looks very organized to me...but you can still be in my club!! I love your cute kitchen! I want one just like it!

    Thanks for the support...you are awesome! (even if you do stack your dirty dishes too neatly:)

  3. It always makes me feel good to see a “reality photo”. If I had a picture perfect kitchen no one would get to eat! It seems, even though I keep trying, my kitchen never stays clean. Your kitchen looks comfortable, so bright and spacious.

  4. Congrats on being a liberated quilter. I've never heard of the group but it sounds exciting.

  5. I can't figure out why my dishes won't load themselves in the dishwasher.

    You have my one-compartment sink. Love mine.

  6. I guess I'm not "liberated" yet. My DH does the dishes so no pictures of the kitchen.
    But wait....I have a hallway that seems to just 'grow' boxes. I put everything in boxes or totes to see if I can get organized...ha-ha-ha-ha....ha-ha-ha-ha....(got to stop laughing my sides hurt)
    But then, I just end up putting all the boxes in the hall.
    They get in the way but I just go around them, it's easier than trying to figure out where the heck to store the 'storage'. Would a picture of that count?
    Or, I could show her the back of my bedroom door. Not just the back of the door but the cabinet and the floor there too. You see...as long as I keep it hidden behind the bedroom door NO ONE WILL EVER SEE IT!
    Must go and ask Lila tomorrow. Tonight it's time for bed. Nite-nite...:c0

  7. Oh good - it didn't take very long for you to catch on! Thank God for dishwashers!

    If you ever decide to have a kitchen makeover can you let me know please. I love those units.