Saturday, September 20, 2008

Adding To My Stash.....and.....New project

I have added to my stash...AGAIN. I'm adding more than I seem to be using! Some more lighter colors........a polka dot I don't have.....some aunt gracie......a great navy and rust plaid!!!

These are the fabrics I have selected for my new project. My plan is to start cutting it out today ( fingers crossed ). Maybe I'll have a sneek peek tomorrow.

These new fabrics are my absolute favorite right now! You can click on any of these pictures and see how really wonderful they are up close.

The farmers in our area who planted pumpkins are busily harvesting. I imagine with the recent rain we had it has made it harder for them get in the fields.....I bet there are some major mud holes being made. It's neat to see these trailers lining the roads everywhere.
I received this award here awhile back from Melanie. I don't know how much truth is in giving it to me, but thank you Melanie.....that is sweet of you! Since I am BLOGGING WITHOUT OBLIGATION...and I'm not following any rules here....I am just going to re-list the others who also recieved this. Some of them were new to me...maybe some will be to you too. Go check out the following:
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I am so excited I finally figured out to post more than 4 pictures at a time.....Yeah Me!! Melanie has also been a big help to me on some computer know hows. Thanks Melanie!


  1. Love the colors of whatever your latest quilt will be!

  2. Great colors. Can't wait to see what you're doing. I'm not good a passing on awards either but appreciate others thinking enough of me to do so. Love the load of pumpkins. As yes, I think Melanie is one of the most helpful bloggers.

  3. your fabric choices are great - can't wait to see the projects

  4. Hia Belinda, of course people must see your blog even if it's just for your wonderful pot holders. Love love love them!

    Beautiful fabrics! I found some wonderful ones on etsy which are being posted to me. In the mean time I must use more of what I have.

    I have never ever seen so many pumpkins! How wonderful!

    Back to laundry for now.