Friday, June 27, 2008

Just a Few Little Ditties

Isn't this just the cutest "little" jacket you ever saw. I made this back in October for my newly born granddaughter Malory. If I had done a close up picture you would be able to tell more about the detail. It's a bunch of different size pieces sewn on top of one another to a muslin lining and all askew to make it scrappy. Then you quilt across it so that just the edges fray.
The pattern doesn't show reversible, but I made mine that way. You can't see it real good, but that is a little satin butterfly sewn down with beads on top of the heart. It's lightweight and not too bulky, just right. The pattern is called "Cute as a Button Baby Jacket" by Jackie Clark.
For my birthday I told everyone (including the guys) to buy me some fabric. I told them they had to pick it out themselves. I thought it would be fun to see what everyone picked. Well, one of the guys is a six man football coach and school principal. He bought me an eighth of a yard of the players. I thought , what in the world can I make with just an eighth of a yard??? I dug around and found the black and white stripe, it reminded me of referee shirts (the ruffle around the band) and when I came across the footballs print I knew I had the makings of a purse. The pattern I used is by Indygo Junction. This one is called "The Metropolitan".
This is the same pattern as above. It was made using scraps left over from a short set I made for my daughter when she was about 6 yrs. old.......she is now 29 yrs. old!!!! The base is like a medium weight denim. I don't think it looks too bad, but i feel like it needs some yo-yos, a silk flower or maybe a big ole gaudy pin!!
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  1. Love the baby jacket! It's always fun to see how others make it. Good choice of pink and white floral fabrics. I love the reversible feature.

    Jackie Clark