Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oops! I Forgot To Share This Finish

I realized I hadn't shared my Butterfly quilt I finished way back in August.

This quilt was started a long time ago, back in 2010 with Amy over at Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts blog.
It started from a photo in a Japanese magazine and then became ALL the rage
here in blogland.
You can make one too, just click on Amy's link I provided above for her tutorial.

There are no 2 fabrics alike in this quilt, using ALL florals.   The brown I used for the butterfly background is a medium shade brown…..NOT the chocolate brown the photos show it.

Cloudy skies made photo taking difficult.

My butterflies are Wonky and kind of odd shaped…..on purpose of course!

I hand quilted it using the good ole standard Baptist Fan design.  Not knowing at the time I chose this
quilting design that it would give the butterflies GREAT MOVEMENT.  I can almost see their
little wings fluttering around all those flowers!!

Of course the backing  had to be floral too……right?
I did struggle with the binding FOR MONTHS!!  I hauled this quilt around with me to
every quilt shop I came across!
I dug dug dug in my stash……UNTIL I just finally decided to bind it with the same
backing fabric!
Yes, it works……why oh why do I make things so hard?!

I just gotta have it the way I gotta have it!!!

Measures 69" x 61"

Soooo, here it is!  This was the best photo I could get….of about 50 taken!
( well, it SEEMED like 50 )

The size of this quilt was determined by when I ran out of the brown background fabric for the butterflies.  In fact, there are a few brown backgrounds that are pieced, just
so I could get an even amount of blocks.

In person, this quilt is VERY light and soft looking.  It's EXACTLY the look and feel I was going for.  The photos do it NO JUSTICE.

No scraps were used or harmed during the making of this quilt.  Only fresh new fat quarters
were cut...coming straight from MY STASH!!!  LOL!



  1. Ooh, impressive to say the least, especially that you cut into fresh fabrics! Soo pretty. I admire your hand quilting very much. Way to go on that finish! Woot, woot

  2. Beautiful quilt, but how do you forget a finish? LOL Happy New Year! :0)

  3. This is so lovely! After all that handquilting I can't believe you forgot to post your finish :0) I bet the texture is fabulous!!

  4. How delightful, Belinda! Love your soft, fluttery butterflies--and I'm glad no scraps were harmed. I hate it when they cry! : )

  5. Clever - the butterflies do seem to be moving - wonder where they will migrate to????/

  6. Soft and girlie with a flare of old fashioned. Love it!

  7. it is gorgeous! The fan quilting was perfect for it.

  8. I love this!! And you are right, the quilting on it is perfect! (With or without any scraps it looks great just the way it is!)

  9. Great post. I really enjoyed reading about your wonderful quilt.

  10. Beautiful and I love the fan quilting.