Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Flags Of The American Revolution

It's time for my monthly Flags update.

For the month of December 2014 we were to cut out 5 of these sets for the Star and Moon setting blocks.
I finally decided on this fabric yesterday and I already had my templates made.

They will look similar to this photo from the book.

I appliquéd The Crescents of South Carolina flag.

The Fort Moultrie ( Liberty Moon ) flag was also appliquéd.

Here is a photo of how I started out on the quilt.  I pinned "chunks" of fabric pieces and the freezer paper templates up on my design wall to help get a cohesive look with the different fabrics.
I do this a lot with most of my quilts. 
I don't want any "surprise…it doesn't look good" episodes, having sewed it together
before I audition various fabrics.

Just a photo reminder to show you what I am shooting for in this FOLLOW/SEW ALONG
I am participating in over at

I will be linking up with the others to show our progress.


  1. This is coming along beautifully. Encouraging to watch it take shape on the design wall as well as to check your choices and balance. Good idea. are all the words applique, or some embroidered? Oh, on closer look I see that Liberty looks to be embroidered.

  2. Wow rapid fire posting! I can hardly keep up! This will be so cool!
    Happy New Year!

  3. THis is a great way to "love" the finished piece. Keep up on this project, it's a beauty. Happy New Year to you. Sorry about the trip, his suitcase only had room for me and with the weight restrictions of 50 lbs............ROFL till my tummy hurts!!!

  4. Great quilt blocks! I really liked the blocks this month and the applique was fairly simple. Happy New Year!

  5. Dear Belinda,
    it is all comming together and looking great.
    Soon we can do the happy dance.

  6. Your blocks look great! Love your fabric choices! Happy New Year!

  7. Hi love the quilt blocks.. Patty said you'd been asking about me.. I'm still here, I shut down my other blog and created a different one because I belong to a facebook group that is into dehydrating like me.. here's a link if you wish to visit.. I haven't posted anything lately because I ran out of things to dry.. waiting for spring and my garden :-)
    Happy New Pat aka Posh

  8. Looking good, and you've inspired me to put my blogs up on the design wall... we are getting there!

  9. Nice blocks again this month. It's nice to see closeups of fabrics.

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