Sunday, March 2, 2014

Webbing My Quilt Top

Have you tried this method when it comes time to sew your whole quilt top together???
This will be the first time for me.

Here is how it looks before you finish sewing the horizontal rows together.  My instructions for
this quilt uses this method but I have seen it before over on
Quiltvilles website.  You can see the "how to"

The jury is still out for me on this process.  I didn't particularly like manhandling the WHOLE top
ever time I sew a seam.  

Pressing was cumbersome.  I did scoot my ironing board over next to another table I have to help hold up the top.  I also found if your not careful you can distort some of your blocks
with the back end of your iron catching and
pulling some of the blocks.  You just
have the whole weight of the top pulling from the tiny chain piecing you did.

The main purpose is to help you from getting your blocks and pieces mixed up on the way to
your sewing machine from your design wall.

Of course, anytime you try something new and different it seems wrong and uncomfortable.  Mizz
Bonnie Hunter is an ole pro at this and so it seems right for her (and others).

I won't say I won't try this again.  Perhaps next time I will HALF the quilt and use this 
method in 2 halves.

The main goal regardless of the method is to have a completed top all sewn together.
Here it is….(the middle part anyway) YIPPEE!
I still have the hand appliqué borders to finish and as slow pokeeee as I am
that may be a little while longer, so I won't be showing
this again until later.

At least I have the hardest part past me.

This part measures 64" x 64".

Let me know if you have tried this method and what you thought!


  1. It's beautiful, so graphic and I love your sashing elements, they are perfect.
    One hint--- a woman I knew appliqued an entire Baltimore Album quilt and hung it up to look at while she appliqued the borders. The quilt stretched and when the borders were finished they didn't fit!Just a little warning!

  2. Yay, after all of that anxiety,it looks like your corner pieces fit beautifully ! can breathe now !

    I've tried that method, and even on a smaller block, I just didn't care for all the 'hangers on' .

    Plus, sometimes I have to turn something over so that the fullness will be on the bottom while I sew, and this method wants you to keep everything going the same way ALL the way.

    But, hooray for the middle being done. That is one gorgeous color combo and GOOD WORK !

  3. I have been teaching that method of assembly for over 30 years. Not everyone catches on but those who do love it.

  4. I have tried this with smaller quilts and even then I wasn't to fond of this method. Too many flapping sections. Hauling everything to press each time is too much exercise for me.

  5. this is a beautiful quilt. I use the webbing method for quilts with small even blocks. It is a bit cumbersome but it keeps everything together when it comes off the design wall.

  6. Your quilt top looks great, but I don't think I want to try to put anything together that way. LOL

  7. I have never seen that method before, but wow your quilt is stunning, or I should say the middle is stunning. Looking forward to seeing more.

  8. beautiful quilt!
    I have read about that method & to be honest I have never tried it, but it does look too cumbersome.......but who am I to say, when I haven't even tried.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE what a fabulous top, can't wait to see the borders. I've used this method to put a top together, i don't even like it when making a 9 patch. Too cumbersome, but yes, it does keep all your rows in order. Chocolate, vanilla, so glad we have so many choices

  10. Wow, your quilt is gorgeous! Love that color combo too.

    I have used this method, and have mixed feeling about it. It can be, literally, a drag to iron the whole thing, esp. if it's a big quilt, which yours is. But, if you have something tricky that is super-important on how you put it together, then it can be worth the trouble. I don't usually bother, but sometimes I do. Like any technique, it needs to work for YOU. So, just another tool in the old tool belt! *grin*

    Good luck on your border applique!

  11. I haven't tried this method but I know a group of ladies that swear by it. I think it would just make me swear (not news).

    I absolutely LOVE your top and look forward to the appliqué!!!

  12. Wow, lovely quilt! And no, I haven't tried the method you described. And I probably won't. It sounds rather cumbersome.

  13. This is a fun, well-timed treat of a post since I took a class with Sue Nickels on Saturday and she had this original quilt with her!

  14. whee, gorgeous! I'm not too keen on that webbing but haven't actually tried. the less I have to deal with all the blocks the better...

  15. I've used this method once and wasn't thrilled. With that said I mix up my blocks a lot while taking them to the sewing machine, so I can see the merit.
    How wonderful to have your center together! It is beautiful!

  16. Stunning color combo, this is a wonderful quilt. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  17. First - OMG that is beautiful!!!! Stunning!!!!

    Ok - now my thoughts on the process. I don't care for it but sometimes it is the best way - but I'm with you - half at a time. I've tried things like notes pinned to rows and numbered, stacking things in piles in the order to be sewn (that one did NOT work well) and other things - but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and use this method.

    At least you are done now with this section - the fun part to me is the hand applique - enjoy.

  18. I have tried that method but not on a big quilt. It feels weird to do the sashing parts, right? Anyway, it looks bee-

  19. Yoo-ti-full! Took two posts!

  20. great quilt~ Love these colors so bright and fun. I haven't tried this in a while. thanks for reminding me of the technique.

  21. What a gorgeous top so far! I look forward to seeing the applique borders!! I haven't tried this method - interesting to read your thoughts on it though :0)

  22. Beautiful quilt !! I love using this method to put a quilt top together, but yes, on a big quilt I do it in two halves - much easier!

  23. Wow! Your quilt is incredible--so bright and graphic. LOVE it! I'm not real fond of that method of piecing the top. Too cumbersome for me.:)

  24. I've used this webbing method for years; long before I saw it on the Quiltville site. Not sure where I heard about it, probably from someone in a local group. I don't use it for every quilt top, mainly for tops that don't use sashing and cornerstones. I find it a bit too cumbersome for those types of tops.

  25. Your quilt top is beautiful!

    Eleanor Burns (Quilt in a Day) teaches this method, too. For me, it works best on smaller quilts that aren't so heavy. I know other people that use this method on large quilts. That's a great idea to set up a table close by to handle the weight. I think the method takes practice.