Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quilt with a Deadline

Do you ever get ideas and at the time you think they seem wonderful, brilliant and
very much attainable???  Of course these ideas NEVER come early
with plenty of time to achieve them!
Not in my case anyway and then

This past Sunday night I was looking at the quilt Hubby covers up with at night in his easy chair and thought to myself…."I am REALLY tired of looking at that quilt, he needs a new one."
Yes, the perfect Valentines gift.
I got up Monday morning inspired and decided on big scrappy blocks, nothing
fancy…..keep it simple.  Deciding on fabrics and cutting ran smooth.
Sewing up blocks ran even smoother.
I began to think "could I really make a whole quilt, quilted, bound and all in just
5 days?"  The problem is I want it to be a complete
surprise and so keeping it a 
began to cause me TONS of grief and as well as SLOW me down.
Hubby has been in and out and in my hair more times this week than he has in the last month!!!!
Lucky enough my sewing room is upstairs so when I hear him
come in I can go downstairs to keep him out of my sewing room and ruining
his surprise.
Right now I have about an 18 inch area and the quilting will be complete.  
My arms, neck and hands are pretty sore.  I hadn't counted on that.  I am doing just
an all over meander.  I have never machine quilted any thing 
besides straight lines before and I was pretty stressed out for a while
now I have the hang of it and I have worked the soreness out!

I got the binding done during breaks from the machine quilting.
Ouuuu, my black binding looks like a
creepy spider or critter! ha!

SURELY I can get the binding all sewn down by tomorrow night?
( I'm kind of slow, I think my stitches are too tiny )
I am giving myself until tomorrow night, I am going to need all
day tomorrow and I REALLY want to give it to him
completely finished!

Ok, I better get back to it, I sure don't want to burn too much midnight oil…..

Wish me luck and send good vibes my way that tomorrow
my little quilty fingers can FLY through
the binding!!!!


  1. You deserve an Olympic medal! You are making an entire quilt in 5 days and you can even take the time to blog about it! You're a Wonder Woman :)

  2. You are on the home stretch! My husband is getting grilled shrimp and a big kiss and hug!

  3. Wowser!!! NICE work here. And I am sure you will get it done. Or just sit real close tonight while he is using it and put the final stitches in! Sometimes the BEST ideas are the last minute ones!

  4. Good luck! I hope you are on schedule!!

  5. great idea! but be careful with your body -- I've found out the hard way that if it hurts, I should stop quilting.

  6. Yay, I think you're going to be able to complete his surprise gift! I'm sure he'll treasure it.

  7. What a nice gift for your husband :) Happy Valentines Day!

  8. All I can say it must be "love"! LOL I could never survive that kind of pressure or deadline.