Saturday, February 15, 2014

Deadline Met and Mission Accomplished

I was SOOOO excited AND exhausted but I finished sewing on the binding at 6:00 pm Friday evening!!  Yes, a completed quilt in 5 days.

( You need to read my previous post to know what this post is talking about )

Hubby came home a few minutes after I finished it.  I was glad I had moved my sewing 
room back upstairs where all my gift wrap, bows and such are up
here too.  I quickly found some ribbon and tied it around the
folded and rolled up quilt.
Hubby was really surprised when I gifted it to him.  He was REALLY
impressed I had actually machine quilted it.  Especially
in a design other than just straight lines.  ( I was patting myself on the back for this one too! )

Here it is…. I know it's just squares, but I wanted it simple so I could make it quick and fast
as fast could be.  
I chose some older fabrics
that have been lurking around for a while 'cause I'm sure tired of looking at them
every time I thumb through my stash!!

I knew Hubby and the Goober dog would like it regardless!
( The Goober dog lays in the chair every night with Hubby so it's his quilt too! )

This gingham on the back has been in my stash l-o-n-g before I knew to call it my stash.
I added this tan fruit/veggie in 'cause it has corn and various other
fruits and veggies Hubby has in his garden.

I like it……especially now that it's finished.  There are sunflowers and a block FULL of red tomatoes.
An African print toward the top, various type prints and a few flowers
thrown in so he can stay in touch with his FEMININE side! (snicker)

Maybe I should challenge myself with deadlines on future quilts and inspire myself to 
get more accomplished………….naaahhhhhh!

I'm headed outside now,
it's 84 degrees!!!!


  1. Clapping, cheering, sending virtual high fives!!! Fantastic surprise! Fun fabrics and a quick finish, way to go!!!

  2. I had no doubt you would complete it in time. I love quilts with just squares - such an old fashioned homey sort of thing.

  3. 2 WOWS! One for this quilt and your machine quilting!
    The other for your weather.

  4. Congratulations! I'm sure it was thrilling for all of you!!

  5. You made it ! Congratulations.......what a fun gift and surprise !

    I am crazy over your new header photo ! That's handquilting I see, isn't it? Just lovely !

  6. Way to go! It looks like all of your hard work and sleuthing paid off in spades.

  7. Simple is wonderful. Way to go. It's so nice when one can pull off a surprise that will be treasured.

  8. Whoo hoo! Congrats on such a quick finish, and a wonderful quilt. Yay! for using up some old stash too. Mr. B.D. and Goober will love it, I'm sure. But when will they use it if it's 84* in February??

  9. Oh,forgot to say, Good Job on trying something different with the machine quilting. It looks great!