Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Old-n-Crazy but Still Good!

My blog post could most certainly be describing ME, but that description belongs to this
star quilt I received in the mail a while back.

Julie from JulieKquilts blog was the one who sent it to me.  You can go to her blog and read HERE about how it came into her hands before
she sent it on to me.

As with all older quilts there can be some issues…

 This top has some machine sewing going on as well as some hand sewing.
See some of the paper still attached…there on the left.

Oops, the edges don't quite meet up.

Oh My!

But what's a few puckers among quilty friends??

Paper pieced diamonds large and small form the design.

A WIDE variety of fabrics were used.

I'm swooning…..yes, really I am!

Tucked inside my quilty package was this LARGE bag of Julie's scraps along with THE cutest
sparkle-ee card with a bookmark.

I left a comment on JulieK's post that day, she responded to my comment with a question.

Which one do you like the best???

Well, I like the pink and green star one!

Good, said Julie, I will send it to you!!!


I LOVE this old star quilt AND am soooo amazed at JulieK's generosity in sending
it to me.
Even though the top has some major issues it is still lovely, good and just plain
ole fun to look at.  I have spent much time studying it and enjoying it.
Wondering about who made it and how old it
might be.

So, I guess this old quilt and I do have a title to share

Old-n-Crazy but Still Good!

THANKS bunches JulieK!


  1. The colors certainly are beautiful! There must be a good way to rescue this quilt that has survived through so many era's.

  2. Old-n-crazy...that's me! LOL Love the quilt, with all its imperfections! :0)

  3. That's the coolest gift! Very fun quilt!

  4. lucky you! what are you going to do with it?

  5. You are so lucky. These are the type of quilts I love finding. To me they are made with love.

  6. Wow - what fun to look at. She was a "crazy" quilter for sure. And probably very thrifty, using up the last of ever bit of every piece - I like that.

    I can't resist old quilt tops if they are reasonable - the thrift store that I've been buying them at has gotten wise and now has tripled the price - drat - I won't pay much. I get some that are old and frayed - the best deal I got was a whole quilt for 25 cents. A lady had set up a yard sale along the side of the ponds near our house - everything was laid out on an old old quilt. All prices were 24 cents, when I asked her the price of the quilt she said - 25 cents. Well I couldn't get the rest of her yard sale off that quilt fast enough. One end is frayed - like it was wrapped around something in a truck and flapped in the wind on a long journey. So far I've just fold it so you can't see the fraying - not sure if I'll ever try and fix it.

    It is a tulip design that I'd not seen before - in softest green, pink, blue and white solids. And each block has someone's name carefully embroidered on it - Mrs. Albert Jones, etc. And one square has 1933 embroidered on it - I was very lucky.

  7. It looks like an exuberant funhouse of starry adventure! Lucky you.

  8. Lucky you! It's a beautiful top.I love the colors!

  9. Wow. What is in store for it next. Happy thanksgiving!!!

  10. What a beautiful quilt! and how sweet of the one who sent it to you. I just found your blog thru another, I look forward to reading more of it.

  11. Oh my!! What a treasure this old quilt is! And how funny too! It has a "few" wrinkles, doesn't it? The colors are just gorgeous! It's obviously lived in a drawer or something since it was made. What fun! And how sweet and generous of Julie!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  12. wow - what a wild and fun quilt! that pink is eye popping. It's is fun to see all the different fabrics - enjoy your new treasure!

  13. So very glad you are enjoying that quilt top!!'