Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hey…Does This Cow Make Me Look Fat???

LOL…….LOL……yes, some silliness today!  I certainly hope I wouldn't look fat standing next to a cow!!!  Well… might take standing next to a cow to make me look

What my title should have been is…. Does This Sketch Look Like A Cow???
I quickly pencil sketched this cow( just to see if I could ) from a link I saw on Karen Dianne's blog.  The link was titled Burlap and Hay.
LOTS of great photos……all country cute and stuff!

ANYWAY…since we raise cattle (all 600 head) I have always wanted to do a cow portrait for 
Mr. Browndirt's office.
Our cows won't stand still long enough for me to get a good photo and besides, I am scared of them…..LOL….I'm afraid they will run me over!!!

I am an artist/painter from w-a-y back and maybe, just maybe I'll get a cow painted on some canvas.

Here is one of my ALL time favorite pictures.  It is titled "HER FAVORITES" and is marked copyright 1901.  I bought this for MY birthday numerous years back.  It has a little water
mark damage at the bottom, but that's ok
I still LOVE her anyway!

Speaking of COWS…..yes, we're STILL speaking of cows.  I'm also working on another sketch
to do one of

Mary Lou Weidmans cow quilts…..found in this book of hers and Melanie McFarlands.

 Mary Lou's cow quilts are just showing up ALL over the place.  CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Yes, I want one too!!

Below are some of my favorite COW pieces we have collected through the years.

 Plate I have hanging

 Cheese Keeper

Toy Cow that walks when it's on a tilted surface…FUN!

1945 Calendar…..advertising for Lumber Co. in the town I grew up in…..I swoon over this one!

Ok……enough of the COW talk!

Moo Ya Later!


  1. Holy cow! How did I not know that you collect cows? I used to collect cows, back when John worked on a dairy farm. I still have a few but I've gotten rid of most of them. Love the cow quilt! :0)

  2. Oh my DH thinks cows are so funny. Everytime he sees any AD on tv with cows he ends up laughing--my Grandfather was a Dairy farmer--hows that for a "moo"incidence! Ha Ha hugs, Julierose

  3. The exhibit of cow quilts (from Mary Lou's book) was one of the happiest places to be at Quilt Festival. I can't wait to see yours.

    Since you asked, I think the ears of the cow in your sketch are a little too large ... making her face look a little sheepish ;-)

  4. I loved your sketch of the cow. I hope you do more pencil sketching and share with us in future.

  5. I'm scared of cows too, lol. and no, you don't look fat at all -- I can't see you at all because the cow is in the way! have fun with the cow quilt!

  6. Love your cow, she looks awesome kind of reminded me of the Brown Swiss my mom used to milk. She was such a great milk and butter provider. Ah the good old days!

  7. I LOVE cows, brown ones with white faces and pink noses! Your cheese keeper is amazing as are your other collectables. How cute, and yes, your drawing does look like a cow!

  8. What a fun collection! I like the painting you bought for yourself.

  9. Nice sketch...looked just like a cow. Going over the pattern is the first step. Hope the cow that comes out of it happens fast. I am so looking forward to it.
    After thinking some more, you could water color up your sketch, sign it and ta-da...a picture suitable for framing!

  10. Moovelous post..... great sketch, and it sounds like you are thinking about a cow quilt.

  11. Oh that was moooovelous. I remember the cow that walked - looks like it has shoes on. Your cow pieces are lovely, so calming and country-ish. I like your sketch - very mooooving.

  12. It looked enough like a cow for me to recognize it! I was raised on a dairy farm, Guernsey cows, good rich milk.

  13. Your cow sketch is perfect! It looks just like a cow should. I don't own any cows, but I do live in dairy country and see them all the time.

    You've got some great collectibles! And the picture you bought yourself is wonderful! I used to have cow stuff but it has kind of disappeared over the years. I just moved on to other things, I guess.

    Oh fun, you're going to do one of Mary Lou's cows! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  14. great sketch~ really!
    My mom collected cows in the 1990s
    I made her a cow quilt - wonder what happened to that?
    fun butter cover

  15. Yes, the sketch is very well done! A lovely version of a cow. And Mary Lou's blue cow pattern is a must do at some point. How you would have loved the Exhibit at Quilt Market in Houston!

  16. Good sketch! Raising that many animals is a very big job. No wonder you have cows on the brain. Love that cow patchwork!

  17. I like the cow sketch........what sort of cows do you have?

  18. Thank you for including my cow in the cow ideas. They have traveled all over the US and will travel the next two years plus will visit Europe this Spring and some other surprises we are working on. We continue to get photos of cows to include in the mail. We have 56 In the collection and hope for 100 by summer. They're addictive!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing our book and our cow! So happy to see it here where you have a blog I have long visited and loved! Thanks again. LOVE your how to's on the circle...very cool!

  20. Loved your feature of COWS and am happy you love the cow quilts too! Please share your photos! Love your are great!