Saturday, December 22, 2012

Log Cabin

My friend Terry just finished her wonderful wonky log cabin quilt.  You can see it HERE.

As I watched her progress I was inspired to find my half finished one I started W-A-Y back when.  This was a Melly and Me project years ago when I first started blogging.  I think I cleaned my studio when company was coming and put it away and eventually was forgotten.  You know how that goes, forgotten and replaced by a "shiny and new" quilt project you saw in blogland.

These are NOT sewn together yet and I haven't decided how I will piece it all together
when I get enough blocks made.

The quilt on the left has been hanging around for a while too.  Made from all men's shirting fabrics has had it's blocks moved and changed and completely re-arranged A MILLION times.  Should I make MORE flying geese?  Should I make another different type of block?
You know how that ROUTINE goes!!

Just haven't had any inspiration on how I want to complete it.

SOOOO, thanks Terry for making me 'get the lead out' and make an effort to get MY log cabin finished!!!


  1. Your log cabin blocks look great! Any reason you can't just sew them together now and make a smaller quilt? I really love the shirting blocks! :0)

  2. I like both of them. what happens if you combine them into one quilt?
    as for the shirting one, I think one more row of flying geese, and you could make a strippy quilt.
    btw: I was wrapping gifts the other day, and pulled out the fabric bags I made from the Christmas prints you sent me in a scrap exchange several years back. Those scraps have kept on living! thanks again!

  3. Love the scrappy log cabins! And I love the shirts quilt. I have no suggestions. When it speaks to you, you will know. : )

  4. Love them both too and agree with Janet'll know (just keep looking ;-)

  5. Your leads doing just fine!! Love both your projects!!

  6. I would be overwhelmed with ideas!!! This fabulous. :)

  7. Log Cabin blocks are terrific! And I love the combination of the shirting blocks. I'd love to see at least one more row of the geese... they seem like a transition somehow, and unify the blocks.

  8. Busy Busy! I say - more flying geese - they always seem to be the answer to any question. LOL

  9. Love your logcabin scrappy,I really should do one too.

    Love the shirting blocks Janet said, you will know what it needs,it wil talk to you one day.
    Julia ♥

  10. Two of my favorites - log cabins and plaids -- plus scraps make for great quilts. I hadn't thought of it before but log cabins are one more way to use strips. Fun!

  11. Fantastic log cabin! I love everything about it! Yes!....make more blocks! lol And the shirtings quilt is looking great, too! I love anything using up those shirt plaids.....I need to work on mine! Thanks!

  12. I do love them both! It's amazing what is possible without fabric purchases-are you still doing w/o buying?
    The plaid is grand, I like the little strips/bricks going on with the other block...what is that sawtooth pinwheel thingy called?
    Merry Christmas, sweet Belinda ~

  13. I spy two beautiful wips. Wish you a happy holiday and lots of inspiration to have more fabric fun next year. Just love those plaids...
    ; )

  14. I'm thinking that with all that color, it doesn't really matter how you join your blocks. I love all the color and scrappiness. I have tried scrappy a couple of times and find that as I go along I begin to match things up. Maybe I just need to pull strings out of a bag and use whatever comes into my hand. ;-)

  15. This is me speaking, "yes make more flying geese!! for sure!!" I love them! I can't be positive, but I am pretty sure that is what I hear the quilt saying too.
    How are you making the geese?
    The log cabin is so cool. How big are the blocks? I like Terry's with the sashing in it. But this would be great as is. Smaller quilt, less quilting. I am sitting here staring at it. I need to go back to my mini bags.

  16. They are gorgeous, lively and very cheerful! Wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happiest of holidays!

  17. I love those cabins. Reminds me of mine. xx

  18. oh my gosh you need to finish your log cabin quilt its incredible,, love Terry's wow!!!!
    ah yes I like your shirts quilt too! yes more flying geese and of course a few more blocks would be great too!