Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surveying The Damage

My fishing boat......full of water. If you look close at the picket fence...right below the middle brace...you can barely make out the water mark left by the high water from the 14 inches we had here at our lake place. This picture is 3 foot down from where it was!

Here is what is left of our damaged dock walkway.....which was completely under water......wah..wah...that is where I go out and feed the fish day old bread and dry dog food..........but I can't now!! ( the fish looovee puppy chow )

BUT..........this is what I see when I walk into my lake house!!!!! Aauuu!!!!

And this is what I see when I look out in the mornings having my coffee or when I am sitting here sewing up a storm! Can anyone see Mr. Red Cardinal anywhere?? He's here....in this picture somewhere??!!

Our lake house is about an hour from where we live. It is a small.. private, members only club. 65 members max. No loud fast motor boats.....just calm nice and relaxing fishing........after the 14 inches of rain in just 2 days we needed to come check things out. Our house is high up and fairly safe from ever being flooded......but not the case for some others down here. My neighbor to the right of me ( the first picture I posted ) her house flooded completely.....up about 18 inches!!! I feel terrible for her! At home we had 7 inches of rain in one day.....and all this rain was not from Ike.......it was the left overs of that hurricane that came across Baja Calif...............I'm just so thankful we do not have the problems of those poor people down by Houston. Our "little" damage here doesn't compare!!!

This is the time of year when dear hubby has shut off his irrigations wells.......and he is just worting....uh...I mean waiting with me for harvest time. Yes....I AM WAITING for harvest. This is the time of year when my days are not my own . There is this person....uh ...I mean dear hubby is EVERYWHERE I am........... I don't think I am going to like HIS.....uh...I mean OUR retirement!!

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  1. so sorry that you had damage. this is a beautiful place to be able to retreat to!

  2. We've been hearing all the reports of the rain in your area. Sorry to hear of the damage near the lake house. I'm glad it wasn't worse. Hopefully all the dock area can be repaired?

  3. 14 inches of water! Holy dogs! I'm glad your lake house was high and dry - it looks like a wonderful place to relax. Glad your damage wasn't any worse, but it does look like there'll be some work to put it all to rights again. And also glad to hear that everyone there was safe. I hear you on that 24/7 hubby thing! It's happening here too.

  4. Oh my .... that was a LOT of water!!! Glad your wonderful cottage didn´t have so much damage!!

  5. oh your poor dock! I love the dishes, and I like how you have them set up.

  6. Yes I can see a lot of water... But I also see beautiful old dishes! I'm going to check out more of your blog!

  7. Hia Belinda, I'm so glad your property itself wasn't damaged. The dock looks repairable in better weather which is good. I'm so sorry it happened at all. Here in the UK the news just concentrated on Galveston so I had to go on-line to find out what was going on. I love your lake house- that would be my idea of paradise just sitting crafting watching the water. :-)

    I have a 24/7 hubby- he works from home. It was a bit tricky at first but now we've got into a routine where we try to be in separate rooms and meet up for lunch. When the children come home from school we then go into family mode. Do you have a room you can just craft in and leave him to his own devices (or a huge list of painting/reapiring chores)? LOL

  8. OMG...Never realized that you might have been affected by Ike, since you are in West Texas, we all know how large Texas is, I was there once.
    Duh...I should have realized it as we, way up in Southern Ontario had record breaking rainfalls from Ike this past weekend. So sorry to see your wonderful lake retreat so damaged. Thank goodness your cottage was spared.
    I understand about the 24/7 thing myself. When DH retired 7 yrs ago we were living in an appartment. We promptly moved to a BIG house to get away from each other.:c)) Retirement is a whole new ball game.

    ~~Fran ...:c)