Monday, August 4, 2008

CUTE Notebook Cover

Last Monday Fons & Porter had another cute idea.....this quilted notebook cover. They used a fabric that was already quilted. Pre-quilted would sure make the project go alot faster, but I used this opportunity to practice my free motion . There were several times during this step that I was thinking "WOE----hold her head up--she smells alfalpha"!! I was afraid I was going to sew through my finger!!

I was amazed the free motion step went fairly quick. I monogramed Shaylee's name on the pencil pocket and then basted all the pieces together to get ready for the binding.
Here is how the inside looks finished. The binding was kind of a chore for me. I haven't done any in a while and I've not yet mastered my bias binder attachment . I always have to sew over the small rounded edges again to catch part of it underneath. Oh well, practice makes perfect....and besides, Shaylee won't mind one bit!!!

Here it is all finished. The closure is supposed to be velcro. They used the stick on kind, but the velcro circles I had on hand didn't stick very well. What I had may have been too old, so I will have to see what they have at the fabric store. I really liked this project and plan on making some more. Like I said, if you had the pre-quilted fabric this would sew up really fast!!
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  1. How cute Belinda. I take it Shaylee is a grandaughter. I would love to make some of these for a few of my grandaughters but I have too many irons in the fire as it is. "Gotta finish what you start" my mother use to tell me. Yesss MOM!!! Too many cute projects, sew little time. lol


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I think the grand babies will like it. Be my guest to make one, just let me know so I can see it.

  3. Aww Strawberry Shortcake! My 15 year old likes her so I think she has become an icon image.

    Beautifully made project you have made. I've got an old Singer treadle machine made in 1907 which has the bias attachments but being not very good I tend to sew one side and then hand sew the other. I know cowardly so I'm in awe of your binding.

  4. Hi, I'm a stalker from Florida. Very cool. Can't wait to try this notebook cover.

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