Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm Just Playin' Today....

I've been wanting to try my hand at making some alphabet letters ( with some encouragement from Tonya ) here's a "B"....for ME!!! This will probable end up being a pot holder. I've been teasing a friend of mine that she needed to wash some of her pot holders or throw some of ( or ALL ) away!! But then again I became very aware of how some of mine looked, so I thought I better make me some new ones before she could dig around in MY pot holder drawer. I plan on making her some new ones too. Nice to play today and take a break from quilt making.

Strips and strips, strings and more strings. I really don't know exactly what I plan on doing with these, but it's nice to just sit and sew on some mindless sewing WHILE I'm thinking about what I can do with other projects. As you can see, part of these strips I turned into one of those much needed pot holders.

Another pot holder in progress......this one is seriously cute!!

I NEED THIS 24/7 !!!!! ( this was machine embroidered )
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  1. Hey Belinda! Your letter B and your teacup are so cute! And what a wonderful idea for pot holders! I know what I need to do next - my pot holders are definitely on the shabby side - with no redeeming chic-ness! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Ohhh how I love that scrappy potholder. I seem to be the last hold-out when it comes to making scrappy strips blocks - but that potholder I do love.

    My potholders are from a friend whose mother made round ones. It has been almost 9 years since I had any new ones and they are just about ready to be retired. So I'm off to start some strippy/scrappy ones - happy day - new potholders. I might make them round like the ones I have - no corners to burn off - or I might make them squarish - or I might make them both ways. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

  3. Oh Belinda what an inspiration you are! Love the tea cup! Would you believe I don't have any pot holders- only oven gloves! I have so got to make some now in my spare, spare time. :-)

    03.17 here but I'm up to do the airport run with hubby in a couple of hours.

  4. incredibly cute pot holders and your B turned out great

  5. Just discovered your blog recently. Love your sense of humor. I love all things "tea" so I love your teacup! The strings and strips are great...makes me want to go upstairs and start stripping.

  6. love the teacup. hmmm,,my potholders look like they need some help! Actually, I have been thinking about making some for our guild's fall auction - you gave me some inspiration.

  7. Belinda, The B is terrific and the teacup is DIVINE! Good idea about the potholders... mine are looking pretty shabby.


  8. Great 'B'girl. Love the color choices you made.
    These letters look so easy but there is quite a chalenge to some of them. I'm in the process of making some for a quilt and it's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would.

    Just love your tea cup, and yes... as all the other gals have said I also need new pot holders. I have oodles and oodles of strips. This is my spare time, mindless sewing also. I've made table runners with them, quilts, and now it looks like I'll be making some pot holders.

    Thanks for the great ideas Belinda.

    As always..smiles....:c) Fran

  9. Oh I love that stitchery, I need that too lol! Love your "B" and cherry fabrics are my favorite :)

    I just saw House of Sand and Fog in your favorites list...I loved that book. I just started the movie last night and so far they've done a good job-- as far as I can remember, I read it a LONG time ago.

  10. Wow cute stuff. I love that teacup block and the strings are fun. Its nice to use scraps and whatever you make with them turns out darling.

  11. I love your redwork piece! LOL! Don't we all need that? Your letter B is darling.

  12. Belinda, that "B" is great; I love how the cherries sparkle.