Friday, July 11, 2008

Wonky Houses

I first saw "wonky houses" on Nikki-Fancy That and I was immediatly hooked! After more research and clicking on her links I found wonky houses everywhere. I had never seen anything like these before and just couldn't quit looking at, I did this--I Stopped Staring and Started Sewing!!! Talk about fun, I loooved doing these! These houses are alot brighter and more vibrant than it shows. Somehow by the time my pictures get here they don't look as good as they do when I edit them
. They appear sorta of dull, anyway, they are still cute!

I found about 10 or so of these houses in with my scrappy log cabin squares that were put away nice and neat one day when I was in a "Clean Up This Sewing Mess" mood one day, and before you know it I was off onto some other project and these cute lil houses were soon forgotten.

Most of the fabrics are from the "scrap stash".....a few tiny pieces from the "good and want to keep these for twenty years also" pile. That's sorta what my hubby said when I was whining about not cutting into my newer fabric. Have you ever had fabric that you loved and wanted to pull it out and just look and look at it, and couldn't bare to cut it? If I see a fabric that really speaks to me I usually go ahead and get at least a yard of it. Lately I have began a practice of taking some of these fabrics I love so much and just draping them across a chair. That way I can see them often as I pass through and enjoy them instead of them being folded up on a shelf. As I tire of one and another catches my fancy, I just trade out! Maybe someday I'll post pictures of some of these fabrics I am talking about . Some are just too yummy for words!

This is the very first house I did. It's obvious to see I was nervous, scared and downright UPTIGHT! See how straight and upright everything is. It didn't take me long to think outside the box and just loosen up!! I know one quilt police who raised her eyebrow when I presented these for inspection. I loved it and was laughing outloud (inside my own head of course), I was the picture of respect on the outside though... she was my elder. This is what she said...."well honey, none of these squares are the same size. How do you expect to sew them together"?? I felt soo LIBERATED!! So I was excited to discover these's kind of like Christmas when you find a long lost UFO. I need to get busy and make some more, right?? And then I will want to make some wonky stars and some hearts and wonky baskets, maybe try some lettering. I hope I live to be 150 (well, sorta)!! Later ya'll......gotta go take some pictures of my FINISHED chunky churndash quilt before I load it up to go to the quilters.
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  1. Love your little wonky houses! I tried to click on your link to Nikki-Fancy That blog, but got an error. Can you send me her blog link? caronmosey at gmail dot com


  2. I love your wonky houses! Have you visited Tonya's Lazy Gal Quilting blog? The link is on my quilting blog! Thanks for visiting me. I have added you to my list!

  3. WOW! These all look amazing! I think my wonky house quilt is one of my favorite things I've ever made, the whole process was just so much fun! By the way, I have a point-and-shoot digital camera and have found the text setting very helpful on shots like this. I think it captures the colors best. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!

  4. I love your wonky houses! Such bright happy colors, and they're so whimsical. They'll make a great quilt. I second Millie's suggestion - go check out Tonya's blog for inspiration on wonkiness!

  5. I love your houses too, and I also try to do sort of "schräke Häusers" as I call them, the are lot more fun to sew than other casual and unliberated things, aren't they?!

    Lots of greetings from germany

  6. The houses and log cabins are great! I know what you feel about special fabrics. Years ago, I used to buy fat quarters of great fabric, then I graduated to at least a yard. The last year or so it was two yards. I found myself ordering three yards out of a catalog recently. Where will this stop! Sometimes, in the evening when my eyes are tired from sewing, I pull out some fabric from my stash to play. OK I'm addicted!

  7. How whimsical. I love them. I'm working on some houses myself but yours are super darling.

  8. Belinda, just found your blog. I was on Tonya's Lazygal blog and she mentioned you and your houses and I just had to come and see. They are GREAT!!!
    I'm working on wonky stars right now, bright colors, and many, many scraps.
    I also found Bonnie at Quiltville and she has changed my outlook about my stash and sewing room too.
    I've read all your blogs, loved them, you sound like a woman after my own heart. All the things you mentioned, ceramics, painting, etc..etc.. I also have done. Collected all kinds of dishes until my DH threatend to have a yard sale to make room for the new ones. YIKES!! I want a bumper sticker that says 'This Car Stops At All Thrift Shops'.
    I'm so happy I found you, I will be adding you to my desktop along with Bonnie & Tonya and a selected few that I like to pop in and "visit" everyday when I spend my hour on the computer.
    Feel like I just made a new friend..:cD Fran

  9. I love love LOVE your wonky houses!! You just have to finish that quilt and post it =)
    Is it from a pattern, or do you just have to be creative?