Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Scrappy Log Cabin

This a project I started from Melly and Me challenge and scrap swap. I discovered these squares in the closet yesterday and didn't realize I had so many made already. There are about 46 in all- (they are small, about 5 1/2"). With sashing and a border I think that will be enough to make a nice size quilt. So, that makes me feel good to find a UFO that isn't as "UFO" as I thought! This was the first (and only) swap I have participated in. It was nice to have some new and fresh scraps thrown into my stash besides the same ole ones I have been working with. This log cabin was fun and easy, but I don't see my mountains of scraps getting any smaller.

I need to quit feeling like I NEED to sew up all my scraps before I can start cutting into my newer fabrics. After all, I don't want 15 quilts that have all the same fabric in them. There's just something about cutting into newly purchased fabric. Just like the ME fabrics Nanette is using in her new project..... yummy, soft and dreamy cute! Alot of my scraps seem to be in the darker shades and I'm ready for some modern and more updated projects. Yes, I think something lighter and more cheerful is in order!

This pinkish fabric will definitely NOT be what I will be using for the sashing. It really is amazing how some colors just ruin the look. I guess it works the same way when we put certain colors on our person and we can look totally washed out! But as long as we have lipstick on it's ok!

Thanks go out to the QuiltingNana over at Creative Urges for stopping by for a visit and offering such sweet comments. She too is a fairly new blogger and has a great sight!

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  1. I love your log cabin. I want to do one some day. I love your fabric choices too. The scrappier the better. Very beautiful! -Nedra @ Cactus Needle

  2. fun. definitely throw cut some of your new fabric and add it in to your stash - amazing how that can pep it up.

  3. Great cabins.

    When I was doing my crumbs quilt I added some of the newer fabric to the scraps just to spice it up a bit.

  4. What a lovely idea to use up bits! I'm lucky that I know a lady who will take odd shaped small bits to make into crazy patchwork for charity, so I save things for her.

    I know what you mean about being scared to cut into new fabric when there is so much of the other stuff left. I have to keep telling myself that it's not like jam where you only open one at a time because it will grow mould if you leave it. Often having shades of one colour to hand can be good.

    Agree with the pink -not good for sashing these- the light bedlinen colour showed up the colour and texture of your scrap squares better. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

    Thanks for visiting my blog,
    Best Wishes,

  5. This is going to be the most adorable scrap quilt. I love it. The fabrics are so cute. ALL OF THEM. They speak about old projects, quilts given away and even things you "used" to like. Its an interesting quilt. Think how fun it will be to just look at it and enjoy all the contrast. Good job. Get it out and get it done!!! Love it. Thanks for mentioning me, too. :-)

  6. I found your blog through Lazy Gal Tonya. Love your log cabins - they look so scrappy-happy! I like that large center square. Yes, cut up some of the new fabric and throw it into the mix. That makes life more exciting, and the blocks more fun to sew. It helps those of us that tend to be bored easily!

  7. I love the way your scraps work together! And I know the feeling about not wanting a dozen quilts all made from the same bunch of scraps.