Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Munner's Stash

I made this purse from some of my grandmother's fabric stash that was left in a trash can under her carport. No one wanted it BUT ME!!!! I love old vintage fabric and sewing items. This was a panel piece that had 4 dogs on it. For a long time I thought and pondered as to what I could do with it. Then one day I realized there was just enough for the 2 daughters (my mom and my aunt) and their 2 daughters ( that would be me and my cousin)......so, I made 4 purses just alike and gave them for Christmas. I kept it a surprise and they were so excited. I wanted to just keep all 4 of them to look at. This purse is sooo cute in person and I get so many comments on it when I carry it. I get such a warm feeling knowing "Munner" loves it too!

I wish the rhinestones I added showed up much better. When I added these the whole purse just came alive.

Here is the back of it. All of this fabric on the back is from the stash as well. The handles and the small polka dot on the front is from my stash. Other than that it is all "Munner".
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  1. stumbled onto your blog. see this familiar fabric. also have been pondering what to do with. a coincidence that my current project made of Shangri-La fabric matches perfectly. so with the scraps i am inspired to make some totes. you're killing me with those rhinestones. cute. cute.

  2. Hia Belinda, what a wonderful bag and how special that you could give a little of your grandma to your relatives to share. I'm sure they adore their bags. The dog is so so sweet!