Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Do you remember that movie Moonstruck?  The one where Cher smacks
Nicolas Cage across the face and screams to him to



That's what I'm trying to do….just snap out of this 'slug' mentality I've had lately.  Even though I've been quiet on the blogging scene, I HAVE been busy…..well, sort of…..at a snail's pace.

Here's some of what's been hanging around on my various make shift design walls upstairs.

Determined to use from my stash I finally chose some dots and stripes to piece together a backing for the quilt top laying there on the ironing board.  Maybe I'll just cut a bunch of big squares and sew them together.

This is my "taking forever and ever" log cabin.  It IS all sewn together… BUT…yep...there's that BUT... there's ALWAYS a BUT with me!  I decided it needed one more row, you know, just to make me TRULY happy with it.
Yesterday I sewed more blocks and all I need is 5 more to have enough.

Here and there with blocks of time I have put together these free pieced little cuties.  I have planned this for a 'real live little cutie'…….hhmmm, I hope she doesn't turn into a 'big' cutie before I get this finished.  I'm constantly mulling over how I want it all to come together.
NO pattern here…..just me and my constant brain churning…..sigh.

Of course my MAIN project for the past year has been my FRIENDS OF BALTIMORE hand appliqué blocks…Sue Garman's pattern.  I thumb tacked some flannel up in the hallway so I could admire them as I pass through.  Red bird on the bottom is the current 'in process' one I'm stitching on.
Only 9 more blocks…AND 4 most tedious borders to go.

Speaking of birds, you should go Here and see Lynne's oh so creative birds and quilt
she has sewn.  Yes, go NOW…I'll wait.



I succumbed to THIS TEMPTATION!!
Can you guess which one it is?

Darn it…..I'm so weak and easy…..sigh.

 …..and my little helper who's always close by...IS NEVER impressed.

Now that we're all caught up it's time for me to get back to the sewing machine.  I think I've
'snapped out of it' for a while and I'm quite amazed I could still spell all these words.

p.s.  If you live in Canada you should go HERE and check out this NEW quilting book Brenda is
giving away. It's Julie Sefton's new Build A Barn book….good stuff!

Nancy is having a giveaway too!


  1. You have several very diverse projects going on -- something for every part of your brain! Glad to find your post in my feed reader today (and I agree - I would cut those backing fabrics into equal size squares and piece the rest to cut more squares so the back is easy to assemble).

  2. This looks like you are working at your craft. Some of us never get this far with what we do. Chris

  3. You have been plenty busy! I like those little pieced people. Well, actually I like it all. And your little helper/watcher.

  4. I think you are staying plenty busy with some great projects!

  5. A slug? Hardly, my friend. I absolutely ADORE your log cabin quilt. I mean ADORE!!!! And the free pieced cuties are just darling


    (Millie is the cat)

  6. Love your ongoing projects, especially the log cabins

  7. The log cabin has me gobsmacked! Great job!
    Your Friends of Baltimore blocks are outstanding. I'm still trying to figure out what there is in this post that fits the "slug" mentality? : )

  8. I think he said "I love you"
    Makes me a little afraid to say anything!

  9. Oh my! Love the log cabins and the little people. I know they are free pieced, but did you have a little direction for someone like me, who wound a little too tight? hahhaa..

  10. One of our favorite movies! Lots of quilty wonderful stuff going on here. Goals and deadlines seem dreary but they sure motivate when you need to see progress! I'm very familiar with the BUT part of the quiltmaking process...

  11. You don't look "sluggish" to me! You seem to have a lot on your quilting plate, so to speak. It all takes time, is the big problem, right?

    I love your log cabins. Of course it needed more blocks. We're just like that, aren't we? You'll get there!

    I think your free-pieced little cuties are so cute! You're getting there, Just remember it doesn't have to be huge to be done.

    Your applique is so beautiful! I'm so impressed with your applique talent!

    Goober is such a cutie!

  12. Wow....you have inspired me. I LOVE that log cabin and the Baltimore blocks are also beautiful. Your dolls are so creative. You must have an awesome design wall.

  13. Your Baltimore blocks are beautiful! I don't have this pattern but have admired it on Sue Garman's website many times.

  14. Wow, oh wow! I love all your quilts, but especially that log cabin...amazing!!!

  15. You have so many great projects going on. I really love the log cabins! Your applique blocks are terrific.
    My coco is never impressed either - lol

  16. You have an amazing and diverse collection of projects in progress. I LOVE your Baltimore blocks :)

  17. Gosh, I'm impressed with the variety of quilts you are working on. Snap out of it is right...I need periodic updates!