Sunday, February 21, 2016

Midnight Oil

Sometimes you just have to burn some Midnight Oil…….to get in some
good stitching time.  Peace and quiet.  Alone time!

Tonight I just FINALLY had to get upstairs and have some time to stitch stitch stitch!  With the weather being extra warm here I've been spending a lot of time outside preparing garden space and such.  Oh man, I am SOOOOOO ready for garden goodies!!!

Yellow ovals shown here are reverse appliqué….I dread and usually put off these parts and I don't know why, it doesn't end up being as hard as I think it will be! 
This is block #6 out of 16.

Lucky me…..Erin Brockovich is on for my late night stitch fest.  I LOVE this movie!  I watch it every time it's on.  I know it by heart and can listen more than watch as I stitch away on my Friends of Baltimore blocks.

I prepare parts on some other blocks to take a break from too much stitching.

In another room upstairs where I'm burning the Midnight Oil is all the fabrics I have set aside for this particular Friends of Baltimore appliqué project. I have added MORE fabric selections since I took this photo.  

I DO pre-wash/soak with Synthrapol in HOT water before I cut out any of my appliqué pieces.

And if I stitch into the wee w-e-e hours and dare not disturb Goober dog or Hubby….there is a real comfy quilt adorned bed right behind where I'm stitching away I can slip into when needed…..doesn't happen often but when I do on occasion it does feel as if I'm on vacation!

OK… OIL is burning up and I shouldn't be wasteful with it!!!

Hhhmmm, I sure could use a snack…..wondering if I could tippee toe downstairs and snag something good to munch on without being found out…..or heard……


  1. Alone time is few and far between here. Cherish it as long as you can. Your fabrics are delightful. Enjoy your garden we gave ours up to much work and I canned and gave it all away. Chris

  2. Your project is beautiful. I can see why you would want to stay up late to work on it.

  3. Beautiful work! I'm a natural night owl, too. However, living in a "day world" means I can't indulge in too many late nights.

  4. Sometimes I think night time is the only time I can get snippets of time to sew. Looks like you make a lot of progress!!

  5. Oh I know, it feels soooo good to be outside again. Your applique looks like tthe pefect evening project.

  6. The applique block looks very good thus far. Is the yellow reverse applique piece one long piece of fabric? That would be the way I would do it and wondering how others might.

  7. Looks like a fun evening. Love your appliqué work. Hope you managed to get a snack without being caught!

  8. Beautiful stitching time! Midnight or no, those are pretty pretty fabrics. A number of scenes from Erin Brockovich were filmed in my city, including the house she rented, a restaurant scene, and the lawyer's office where she worked those long hours!

  9. That block is beyond gorgeous! I can't even dream of doing something like that.
    Sounds like all you need in your cozy upstairs getaway is you own little kitchenette--at least a fridge and microwave. : )

  10. Beautiful beautiful stitching going on !

  11. Beautiful. It is a Saturday morning and the day is almost a blank slate board. There is a floor to finish and then some sewing of my own! Don't hit the squeaky step on your way to get a snack!

  12. I just love how your appliqued blocks are coming along. What a wonderful achievement to look forward to. I too sometimes quilt very late with Hubby and dogs softly snoring away. Peaceful times.