Monday, September 1, 2014

It's The Black Eyed Peas Fault…….and THE squash……and THE okra!

I joined the Flags of the Revolution quilt along over at Lori's blog.  This is my first quilt along and guess what?  First rattle out of the box I'm behind. 
The quilt is in a book by Jan Patek published in 2009.  I finally found a copy of the book and
started digging through my stash and discovered I had about 5 fabrics I
thought looked primitive-ish.  This is my first primitive/patriotic style quilt and I just didn't have these 
style of fabrics.
I finally got the fabric issue solved (maybe).

 Isn't this a GREAT quilt!?  I was really excited to get to it.


 the squash was over flowing and the okra began to
jump up and down and demand my attention.
The bossiest of all this last week has been
black eyed peas!
Luuuuvvv me sum black eyed peas.

Seeing everyone's eagle blocks shared today at Lori's blog lit a fire in me to get my
black eyed peas finished up today. (at least those that were picked and ready, we have a friend who has a w-h-o-l-e field of peas so I can have as many as I want)

I finally made it upstairs for some fun fabric auditioning and play.
I think I have a plan.

I WILL get caught up with the others.  The other ladies blocks are great and it's fun to see 
the different variations of fabric used.  Run over to LORI'S blog and have
a look see.

My thumbs are so sore from all the pea shelling I hope I can still hand appliqué!! Ha!

Thanks so much Lori!!  I always wanted a patriotic style quilt and your little
quilt along has inspired me to finally sew one!!


  1. Looks like you have just the right fabrics to get started.
    I too love those black eyed peas.

  2. A fun project and your fabrics look good. Will go to check out the blog and other participants. Good luck and keep us posted.

  3. That looks like fun. It seems that the harvest from summer always comes at a busy time. I'm not putting up much this year until the apples come on - then doing lots of apple butter - in the crock pot.

  4. Hmmm, never heard any veggies shouting at me before, but I don't farm, either:). You'll get caught up, or lag behind. It doesn't matter--I can tell you'll enjoy yourself anyway ;)

  5. Where have I been--or where have you been--or what's going on? I was looking down my blog roll and when I came to your blog name I wondered what had happened to you. So I clicked on your blog name and I see that you are alive and kicking--and posting (well, sometimes). Your posts are not showing up on my reading list. I looked at your followers and I do come up as "following", so I have no idea what is haywire. I may delete you (don't take it personally) and add you again and see if it picks you up this time.
    Lori's SAL is great--I love that quilt, but I don't applique, so I will enjoy watching your creation (if your posts show up!). : )