Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Stale..........dull...........stagnate.........tired........uneventful...........no enthusiasm..........in a rut..........something needs to change.

These words describe some of what I have been feeling lately. I love my quilts and quilty projects (which are many), but I seem to be getting tired of it. I have always been a creative person with many many other interests.

I used to paint pictures, I used to do mosaics (I have a little house full of dishes....yes really!), I used to travel around and junk hunt (yes, it is the thrill of the hunt), I used to re-do antique pieces and work on getting my 100 yr old house finished. Soooo many things in my house have gone neglected.

I've become lazy in my housework (quilting was MUCH more important!) and I have piles of boxes and items I am struggling to go through and figure out what to do with.

In less than a year I have cleaned out 2 whole estates in 2 different towns. One of these being Mr. Brown Dirt's dad's house. Both houses got sold before we even listed them or even had them cleaned out, so we had to fast and furiously get them cleaned out.

I am pooped and now get up every morning looking at the STUFF piled and stuffed all over my house, including stacks under my carport (can get my pickup only half way under it).
...........sigh.........what to do with it all.........

All this being said, I think I will get by beee hind up and out of my quilting chair and do something else for a change..........in fact, I've already started. I needed the change. I must go outside, leave the quilting cave and be adventurous again.

Maybe I will share some of my new creative endeavors.........maybe something soon.

In the mean time, below are a couple of photos showing the progress with the hand quilting I'm
doing on my Clamshell quilt.

It's already looking soft and all crinkly without even being washed yet. Maybe the new batting I am trying out.

See finished clamshell top HERE.



  1. I so understand you. I am "Rut bound" too. Cleaning others stuff. and not quilting. I took 1 hour yesterday and worked on my bedroom/craft room. (very large) cleaned and feel much better about it. Love reading your blog.

  2. Oh, that clamshell quilting is gorgeous! I will look forward to whatever creative endeavor you find to share!

    I have a good friend who is currently cleaning out her parents' home...makes me really want to organize mine now!!!

  3. I can totally relate to your post! Take one thing at a time...to help with the overwhelming part of making some changes. That's what my good friend keeps telling me anyway. Cleaning out parents' homes makes you want to declutter yours but where do you start? Plus you have all their stuff you brought home too. And you start feeling your own mortality. All depressing...so you get out there and find that new outlet to give yourself some balance and to feel alive!

  4. Well, it sounds like you have had a lot of stress lately and you just need to do something for you.
    After that take a deep breath an dive into those boxes and simplify!
    Good luck!

  5. I can only wish hand quilting like this would make me yawn. You do beautiful work.

  6. I've not seen clamshells done quite this way before. It is a beautiful job you are doing.
    If you need change you can come to my house and do the yardwork! : )

  7. all of your quilty stuff does take a large amount of time. i like to keep thing simple. but always admire your commitment to a thorough project. keep up the good work. breaks are nice too.

  8. Your quilting is looking just beautiful! But it sounds as if you are needing to "get out from under" in terms of pending projects. I've been sewing smaller projects lately because my 'big quilt' phase needed to take a break. And I began trying some paper crafts. eeek... a new set of "stuff".

  9. Ohhh the quilting is wonderful.

    I took a quilt vacation - away from quilts - for about a year - now I'm finishing up a big project (can't talk about it yet - but it will be done early next week!) and then I plan another quilt vacation - I just need a rest. Sometimes we need to step back and do something else for a while - and I need to go look for vintage dishes and linens - yeah, that is what I need - Hahahahahaha

    So make some iced tea and some ice cubes and let's have break!

  10. I really think there's only so much you can do and when you've reached that point it's time to turn to something new. I'm stuck too, but summer's here and outside beckons.

    Come outside with me and we'll leave the quilts until the dark days of winter.

  11. Your hand quilting is beautiful! The clam shell quilt is going to be spectacular!I am sorry it's been such a stressful time for you!
    Take care!

  12. It's not surprising you feel like that after all you've had to do and cope with. It sounds like you need to get out of the house and do something frivolous. The quilting looks awesome, what's the new batting?

  13. A change of pace is good! And I'd love to hear about it and encourage you in any way.
    Love your hand quilting.

  14. You know, there is nothing wrong with ChAnGe, we just avoid it. You have had a big undertaking with the responsibilities you've faced (I myself faced only one estate dismantling in the last year; I know the "stuff" of which you speak), and it does take its toll. That being said, I hope you are able to tackle an area of space that will start giving you that breathing room to bring creativity flowing again.
    I think just parting with some of the extra "things" would help (us both!!) ~
    hugs, pokey

  15. "Stuff" is nice, but too much stuff is NUMBING! It paralyzes you when all the stuff needs putting away but the spots to put away things into are already full!!! Makes one want to bury their head. Hope you become ruthless and clear it all out. There is just no way to keep everything and still be able to enjoy it!

    Loving your clamshell quilting. It does look wonderfully soft. What batting did you use?

  16. It's so easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you have all that "stuff" waiting for your attention. Just deal with one box a day, and before you know it, you will have made great progress! :0)

  17. OMG...I know exactly how you feel and I don't have any estate stuff to deal with! Just my own stuff all over. My secret project is done...but what was I working on before that??? School is out, maybe I can start working on decluttering...except I am going camping next week. I look forward to seeing any creative endeavors you work on.
    ps...We did have left over meatballs, but they didn't last long!

  18. Loved your hand quilting photos! You need to just relax and catch your breath while you quilt out of your "rut".