Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Leaders and Enders Flimsy Finish

YEP.......I've added another one to the PILE!!! I used Bonnie Hunter's Leader/Ender method to finally get this little flimsy created. It is her Basket-Weave-Strings quilt. I started this project way back HERE and I gave the instructions and a little tutorial on how I started it. This is a GREAT way to use up those pesky little strips and strings left over from other projects. I threw in a little bit of everything as I've shown in the following photos. I used a paper piece for my foundation and these blocks measure 5 inches.

This green strip is a LETTUCE print Mr. Brown Dirt bought me a Christmas or so ago. I did point it out to him that I was indeed using some of the fabric he gave me.

BUTTERFLIES outlined in some garish gold. The white with the blue design next to them is some cut up mens boxer shorts! Har har har!!!
OINK! OINK! Mr. Porky Pig jumped right in too!!!

I'm not sure how/where/when I ended up with this little tad of PINK FLAMINGO! Notice the AFTERNOON TEA selvedge in the upper right hand corner!


So SEE, this is an EXCELLENT way to get some OR ALL of those numerous and UGLY strips and strings out of your way!!! It's like getting a quilt for FREE!!!!! It was easy and mindless and I plan on doing another one or two. I could control the colors in the next one....Maybe RED WHITE and BLUE!!!

As I mentioned in the beginning about adding to the PILE, yes, I went through and rounded up ALL my Q.U.I.P.S......that's Quilts In Progress. I was amazed when I discovered how many I had. I should be ashamed!!! Do you care to make a guess as to how many I have PILED in the closet???? There might be a little prize if you guess it right!!

COTTON HARVEST is in full swing. Mr. Brown Dirt is already anxious for it to be over and I think he'll get his wish. Last year we harvested around 1800 bales of cotton and this year with the drought we will harvest only around 500 to 700 bales. Quite a difference indeed, but never fear, we always have CROP INSURANCE. Read about how we HARVEST right HERE.

Just to keep you informed.....COTTON PRICES are around $ 1.00 a pound right now. Mr. Brown Dirt says it will probable fall some before the year end. I WONDER if those FABRIC PRICES will fall some this year too???????????


  1. Do you piece these string blocks on a foundation, or just sew 'em up?
    I love what you have done! By the way, those gilded butterflies look eerily familiar.
    Do you by chance have 22 Q.U.I.P.S.? Just a lucky number at our house--thought I'd give it a try. : )
    Prices fall? Only if what you mean by that in that there will be fabric price tags dropped from the tops of tall buildings. That is the falling prices we are more likely to see.

  2. I love the strings quilt. I have a couple string projects im working on right now, just cant seem to say "thats too small" or "thats too ugly" have to find a way to use it.

    very funny on seeing the prices fall... the drought has been tough, sorry its hard on you too. Im in East Texas and we gave away 18 very well bred quarterhorses, because we had no idea where hay would come from this winter. Most didn't even get one cutting off their fields this year!

  3. I love your strippy quilt. At first I thought it was all sevlages. I guess you have 17 UFOs.

  4. We've had rain and I mean serious rain for 2 weeks non-stop. Now back to sunshine.

    Hope Mr BD is right and the price does come down, otherwise he's going to have great difficulty in keeping you in a style to which you've become accustomed!

    That quilt is awesome!


  5. What a great post. I totally dig the quilt and enjoyed how you took the time to point out areas of interest. What fun! It was also interesting to read about the cotton. Thanks for sharing that. Again, great post. Superb quilt. You amazing woman you!!!

  6. Doesn't it always amaze you how all those ugly fabrics can come together to make something so wonderful. It's a great looking quilt!

  7. I love the leaders and enders quilt. And I am guessing 13 QIP's. thanks!

  8. Love this quilt. I love the flamingo. ( I collect them)!! This is a great way to use up those strips. Mine is started, have a way to go. I guess 32, if not yours, it is at least mine!!!

  9. Har har har, oink oink oink--this is a noisy string orchestra quilt, methinks! But I love it. I've not fallen in love with strings as yet--but have fallen in love with Leader Enders!

    Oh, man, harvest time in a drought year does not sound particularly amusing. Hope it goes as fast as Mr. Brown Dirt's wishes.

    Hmm, how many Quilts....I'm guessing a nice round 16.

  10. This is awesome and I really love Bonnie Hunter...I really have to do this "one day" too....I can bet you that $1 that the price of fabric doesn't fall with the price of cotton....rotten sods they are.
    Hugs Khris

  11. many unfinished about 26...hugs Khris

  12. This is wonderful! I love strings too, and this one is a beauty. I love the little "close-up" show - it's always fun to see another quilter's fabrics! Do you have any strings left? hee hee!

    Sorry to hear that the harvest will be on the short side. I was wondering how much you were affected by the drought. Being a farmer is tough. Tell Mr. BD how much we appreciate him and his crop!

    I have more Q.U.I.P.s around here than I care to count! They seem to keep multiplying! I'm guessing you have 20. (I have more than that!)

  13. Congratulations! It looks great and you used up so many scraps! If fabric prices drop, let me know. I'd hate to miss that! LOL

  14. This is so striking, and I love the setting triangle color you chose. Really sets it off. Just goes to show that all fabrics can play well together.

    Do you have 17 quilt projects? I sure hope so because I'll feel better about all the ones I've started if you do! I'm afraid to count mine.

    Enjoyed your posts on the cotton crop and harvest, too.

  15. I adore the quilt top and what a fantastic way to use up everything regardless of what it is!!

    We can only dream that cotton prices will fall- I wanna know whose making the money on the price increases?

    Do you have 14 projects in the works? Sounds like you need to get busy:)

  16. Great quilt to use up those scraps. My hubby hears about the cotton prices all the time. He works for Hanes. (underwear maker)
    It is going to be hard to buy fabric. I am glad I have a stash.

  17. Wow - great use for those leftovers.

    I'm guessing 32 - was going to guess 27 and changed my mind. LOL

  18. Wonderful! I think anything scrappy is the best! (including the men's boxers, lol) I probably have at least enough UFO's to match your number, and it's higher than this second grade teacher can count...okay, let's try for 32....

  19. This is a great way to use up all those odd pieces. And, it is pretty when done. Glad you posted!

  20. I love the quilt! Outstanding! I'm going to guess 16 quilts in progress.

  21. What a striking quilt. Love all the novelties you used. As Bonnie says- you just have to cut those uglies up small!
    Interesting about the cotton prices.

  22. What fun!!! Up close, some of them are uhhhh, well not great, but the overall effect is really wonderful!!! This is on my "one of these days" list. I LOVE it. Thanks for the great photos.

  23. I think that you have 33. I have at least that many so I just assume that everyone does. :) I love this quilt!!!

  24. LOVE this quilt! Congrats on adding another one to the pile...there is no shame in that. I hope you get some draught relief this winter. My heart just gets sick when I see and hear how bad things have been in Texas. Thank God for crop insurance!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  25. Your string quilt looks wonderful - I can't believe some of the fabrics you used :0) but together... they look great! I'm sorry to hear about your crop - unbelievable about the prices!
    I'm going to guess 21 projects - I know I have at least that many hiding out in my closet (oh dear)

  26. Great job on the string quilt, love all those scrappy fabrics that you used.

  27. Belinda!
    Fabulous results on your scrap quilt. love the use of selvage in there too.
    I can look at this quilt for hours and discover something new every time!
    Great finish!

  28. great quilt! I love the cheerfulness it has.

  29. I doubt fabric will go down in price. But there is so much out there! I think you can get good sales just about anywhere. Love the leaders and enders. This is so pretty set on point.

  30. I love this. I have a pile of strings just need to cut the foundations and get sewing. This is a fab one for using up the uglies.