Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OK......Now W-h-e-r-e Were We???

Let me think.......Oh yes....I had a reunion quilt I was working on. I guess I should let you in on the final results of that. For those who may not follow along regularly you can read about the quilt drama here and here. The quilt pattern I finally decided on for the reunion auction quilt was the 4 Patch and Furrows. I was finishing it up the day my reunion started so I didn't take any photos because it is so close to looking the same as the 4 Patch and Furrows one I made here. My 35th class reunion was a blast and our Saturday night auction was VERY successful. I am proud to proclaim my quilt brought $875.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sooooooo proud and excited and would have been more ecstatic if that $875.00 had been going into MY pocket!!! My classmate Sharon is helping hold the quilt during the auction and that 'fellow' classmate is our famous auctioneer Mr. Assiter. He auctions off those high dollar cars over on the speed channel...some of your hubbies may have heard and seen him there. He is THE reason my quilt brought such a high dollar!!

I also had another one of my sneaky snake drawings....yes I DID!!! I just appreciated all the help, time, encouragement and suggestions all you lovely ladies left for me while I was trying to work on the 'house' reunion quilt!!! SOOO from the 64 commenters I had from THIS post I drew out 3 names......the lucky winners were..

These gals will receive a little goody from me in the mail as soon as I can get an extra minute!

Mr. Brown Dirt and I have also been dealing with his elderly 88 yr. old father. Tried to do the assisted living..they suggested a few days in the hospital...hospital said NO....so while we were trying to get him into a rest home he fell and broke his hip......next came the surgery and hospital stay and we all traded out sitting with him so he wouldn't be alone.....lots of sleepless nights....BUT, he is now back and safely tucked into the rest home we wanted him in who just happened to have an open bed...yay!! The rest home and FIL's home is in another town about 30 miles from us.....SO, Mr. Brown Dirt now has 2 yards and homes to upkeep and farm and deal with all his other responsibilities!! I'm sure a lot of you out there have been through all of this too!!! We hope he will recover physically....it is sad because his mind is still sharp as a tack!!!

A bright spot in all of this was a lovely package I received from Wanda at Exuberant Color! She offered to share some of her vintage fabrics for me to include in my Clamshell quilt. I thought it was funny when she wrote she thought some of them were ugly but hoped I could find a use for them elsewhere.....They are all wonderful and GREAT Wanda!!!


More LOVE!!!

I plan on using each and everyone in my quilt!!! THANK YOU soooooo much. By the time I add the vintage fabrics from my Munner's stash and the ones Sharon and Wanda have shared, this is going to be SOME SPECIAL QUILT to me!!!!

I also realized my 2 yr. blog anniversary came and went on June 24.....there just hasn't been much time for concentrating on the ole blog lately!!!


  1. Congratulations on your quilt bringing in so much money! And congrats to your sneaky snake winners too! :0)

  2. Great auction results! Your blogaversary is my birthday,LOL!

  3. Wow!! That's a lot of money on an auction quilt...you have every right to strut like a peacock!! It's a beautiful quilt - I'm sure the recipient is stoked!!

    Congrats on your 2-yr blogaversary - my daughter's 13th birthday!

    And thanks for the sneaky snake (cute!) drawing!!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. We went through this with my grandmother and my mother-in-law, and I know it isn't easy. It takes the whole family to pitch in and help out with their care. I hope your FIL will have an easy recovery, and that you will be able to manage well with the situation. I have learned so much from caring for my MIL; that nothing else in my life is as important, and also that I have to make sure to have some time for me, even if it's just for some mindless sewing or looking out the window at the scenery.
    Wishing you all the best.

  5. Belinda, you have had so many things going on in your life right now. My best to your family and hope your FIL heals quickly. Congratulations on bringing forth so much $$ on your quilt. What a tribute to all your hard work.

  6. It is hard taking care of the elderly. My dad thinks everything can be fixed "right now". Take care, both of you.

    I'm glad you liked the "uglies" too, LOL.

  7. What fun - I love your sneaky snake give-aways. Do you sing the Sneaky Snake Drinks Root Beer Song?

    What wonderful vintage fabrics and wonderful friends. Enjoy!

  8. Sounds like your life has been way too busy to worry about a blogiversary. You have a very dear husband who has an over full plate and needs a lot of support from his wife. God bless both of you.

  9. Congratulations on the quilt price, it is a beauty! Congrats to on the unsuspecting winners. It sounds like you've had it all happening at your place. Mr Brown Dirt is a trooper.

  10. WOW!! lots of mula for that quilt.. it would be nice to have it in your own pocket '='
    Sorry about your FIL.. hope he gets well enough to return home soon..

  11. Really good looking quilt, Belinda, and what a fantastic auction result. Yeah, too bad it didn't go in your pocket, LOL!

    Hope your FIL does recover enough to return to his own home. Rest homes can be such sad places. Here's to your husband, juggling all that!

  12. Congratulations on a nice price for your auction quilt!
    Take care, and hope things slow down a bit for both of you...

    ; )

  13. You should be proud ---that is a lot of money ---but it is worth it. Beautiful quilt, thanks for sharing. I love the vintage fabrics too!

  14. What a compliment to you quilting to have raised so much money!! The quilt is fantastic!
    Love your vintage fabs too. Aren't quilters generous?
    I hope your FIL heals soon. It sounds like some decidions need to be made so you don't have to do upkeep on 2 homes forever....It is tough!!

  15. YIPPEEE!!!! for your quilt raffle at your reunion!!! That is great news!!!(I'm so thrilled with your choice!!) ;-)
    Fabulous vintage fabrics... wowza! I see a beauty in those fabrics made by your special fingers!!!

  16. Congrats on the results of your auctioned quilt. That is awesome. Good luck with your father in law. Love all your vintage fabrics. The quilt will be amazing.

  17. Congrats on your auction quilt!! How rewarding!! It's beautiful and the fabrics are divine!!

  18. Wow! Excellent outcome on the auction quilt! I like the nice classic look of it. Hope your FIL makes a quick recovery. I'll be thinking about you and family.

  19. congrats on the action quilt! wheee, fun fabric, all of it great but some ugly all the same. hee hee hee.

  20. First off I see some fantastic vintage there. Second I'm glad your FIL is doing better and things are under control. At least better under control. It is hard, I know. I'm glad the quilt went for that. It was worth it. And yes, a good auctioneer makes a difference. Good for you!

  21. Belinda, so sorry for the news of your FIL. I hope he gets better, I know at that age it is so hard to heal. Your quilt did great, yea!!! So glad for you.

  22. Mmmmm Check out those fabrics. Perfect for the Brown Dirt Cottage. Perfect. Thrilled the reunion quilt turned a good profit! Absolutely thrilled. Yippie skippie!!! Friend, my heart goes out to you and DH having to manage all you are with the wonderful FIL. He is so blessed to have his mental faculties (sp?) with him as are you and DH. My friend and neighbor dealing with the opposite situation and it's slowly killing the family unit (metaphorically speaking). They also are maintaining two yards - over 30 miles apart I think (far, not sure on the miles). It's a burden. Aging is a process that's so difficult, is it not? So nice to see you friend. Love your postings. All the good and the better and the bestest to you! Hugs, *karendianne. who didn't spell check and hope this comes out ok.

  23. Umm Belinda,
    I dunno, after looking over your site, I kinda think the quilt made the auctioneer look good...
    Your do wonderfully beautiful work.