Friday, July 31, 2009

'B' is for BOO

I made 15 free pieced 'B's for my Halloween block swap over at Jane's. We only need 12 for the swap but I made some extras for some private swaps. From what I have seen from the other participants there are some really great blocks. Our quilts are going to be soooo
cute. I am going to sew on the 'O's today and hopefully get those done!!

These are my favorite fabrics for this week. The larger piece with the little birds and trees is really speaking to me. Reminds me of some of those cute little Japanese fabrics, but I picked this up at Joanns.'s after 10 in the morning here in Texas....and guess what.....I'm still in my night gown......sewing up a storm! I may just stay in my gown all day.......I had to suck in my stomach for this photo.....but there was nothing I could do about my big 'boobies'!!!

I've been forgetting to share a good read with you.....a hysterical MUST read here! That Summer Sadie is a riot and has a wonderful blog!
Another NEW blog to me is Dream Worthy Quilts....DJ ask me to do a private swap on a Halloween block with her and I was more than happy to...I know she will have a wonderful block to swap with me and I'm very anxious.

Have a good weekend Ya'll..!!!!
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  1. Maybe you are still in the gown cause somewhere you still think you are in the bedroom!? Need a sign on the wall that says this is my STUDIO or CREATIVE PALACE!! Gail

  2. Woman, you crack me up! I've also spent the day in my gown sewing, but no one's ever gotten to see it!

    You B's look wonderful . . .will you show us the Boo's all put together, please? Looks like a fun swap!

    And I love those fabrics - very cool!

  3. You really made me think with this post, "in my gown" I'm thinking, how late were you up last night and what fancy place were you at where you needed to wear a "gown". hahaha. I got it, finally. Gown = Pajamas ;-)
    Loved the blog referals, fun to read new blogs.

  4. I love that birdie and tree print, too. And gown is much nicer to say than jammies.

  5. Oh Belinda, I love those 'B' blocks. I wished I knew about the swap. I would love to join in the fun!!! Have a great weekend - Hugs Nat

  6. You are a sewing "nut" love the "B" and BTW love your toes, creat nail color!!

  7. I love to sew all day in comfy clothes.. way to go girl..
    I loved that quilt story you shared with us and those Boo blocks are so cute

  8. Rats. We aren't in the same group. Oh well.... I guess I'll just have to be happy for group#1. Love the "B" for boo already.

  9. Lucky girl! PJs all day long! Oh least you have Boobs!

    It is so HOT/HUMID over here that I can hardly stand it! We didn't have this weather in So Cal!

    Your little "B"'s are too cute! I'll take some of those extras.....

    Thanks for sharing those hilarious blogs with us!

    Will tomorrow be another PJ day? Enjoy.

  10. Hi Belinda! Love your 'B's!
    I see that we are in the same group, so I will be getting one of your blocks! YAY!

  11. Thanks so much for that shout-out! How sweet, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :)

  12. wooohoo, that's going to be a fun halloween swap!

  13. Your B's look so good! What a fun swap you are in!

  14. Love the nightgown shot...LOL.
    Your swap looks fun. I was just at JoAnns yesterday, I'll have to go back and look for the's way cute.
    x Lori

  15. I'm with you. I get up in the morning (on non-work days) and head right into the studio in my nightgown as well. Sometimes I get on such a roll I don't even get dressed until I break for lunch!

    Love the B's!

  16. That pile of B's is so fun! I love that birdie/tree fabric from JoAnn's - I'm going to have to go look for it.

  17. You are funny. My favorite days are when no one is home and I don't have to go anywhere and I pretend time is standing still and no one will come to the door or need me. I stay in my nightgown and sew. Good nail polish though! You're sorta dressed up!!

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  19. Ohhh I love that fabric with the trees and birds on...did you get that at Joann's? Hugs Khris in Oz