Wednesday, February 25, 2009

'Wanna See' Wednesday..

Yes......You 'wanna see' some of my vintage teapots??? ONLY for my good blogger buddies would I go digging around in the storage
house to see what I had to show. I really couldn't remember what I had, but I found a few. This one above I bought from a fellow
antiquer years ago. He and I would barter and haggle back and forth about each others goodies. I also have the cream and sugar pieces
that go with this. They are cute too!! The stamp on the bottom says 'made in Japan'.

This group is just a hodge podge variety. The tarnished silver plated one sitting up high is from one grandmothers estate, cream and sugar
with this one too. The blue oriental looking one on the left is from the other grandmothers estate, notice the lid is the case alot of the time. The little bee hive one in front has it's lid gone too. I bought it for .50 cents years ago at a large flea market. The last
one there on the right with the blue leaves has the matching cream and sugar to go along with it as well. All of these say 'made in Japan'
I really do like this Wood's Ware/Jasmine made in England. I have a lot of pieces with this. Now which storage tub they are packed away
in I'm not quite sure.

AND.....OOHHH ....AAAUUUHHHH! This one I REALLY like. I know not everyone will like the gold, but over-all I like the design. Parts
of the finish on this has an iridescent or pearlized look to it. I have the WHOLE set of this. Tableware, teacups, tureens....the whole set. Isn't it just so dainty looking?? The set was made in CZECHOSLOVAKIA and has that stamped on the bottom of each piece.

I certainly hope that you will 'Wanna See' more of my treasures next Wednesday. It's so much more fun to show them and share rather than keeping them all packed away and in storage tubs.

****Notice I displayed all the teapots using fabric and quilts.......just keepin' it legal****

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  1. I want the GFG more than the teapots! I like Peter Pan and the Woods Ware the best. Lovely!

  2. You really have some great teapots! I love the Peter Pan one but the brown one with bees is my fave.

  3. I love teapots too. I have a few. I really liked the first one and the Chechoslovakia one. That last one reminds me of china at a grandma's house for Sunday dinner.

  4. I didn't say in my post, but I think the top one may represent
    'Jack and the Bean Stalk'.....OR if
    you prefer 'Peter Pan'...that's OK too.

  5. Love the teapots - far more interesting than the ones I have kicking around. Mine are mostly used, although I do have one favourite that is ornamental. Yours look like they've been loved and used, the best kind.


    PS I love pottery that is made in Japan. It has an intersting quality to it.

  6. Loved the teapots..
    Love the last one the most...must be the beautiful floral design on it...looks vintage.
    Julia ♥

  7. Love your teapots, T really do not have any so it is fun to see others who do. Mt favorite is the tarnished silver one. thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh I'm jealous! You know that I love to collect antique teapots & teacups. What is this about a storage house? Do I need come over and check it out?

    Yes I wanna see more on Wednesday!

  9. Thank you so very much for sharing your teapots. What time do you want me over for tea? Lovely, lovely and your display is so pretty.

  10. These are so cute; I especially love the green one.

  11. I'm jealous.. I only own the one King Henry pot :(
    I love everyone of yours and can't wait till next Wednesday to check out more of your treasures.

  12. Ohhh, I just love the green one. I love teapots, also, even though I am not a tea drinker. Well, I am when someone else makes it and we sit down and have a nice, cozy chat.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh they are all just lovely. That last one is super lovely, the flowers just make it perfect. How sweet that you have some from your grandmothers.

    I'll be waiting to see the rest of your pretties very soon.

  14. I love seeing your treasures...keep em coming.

  15. Wood's Ware/Jasmine for me, too - simple elegance!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  16. Ohhh...So many nice teapots...loved Wood´s Ware/Jasmine..:o)
    Can you believe I havent got a teapot... a real one I mean...have one we call Presso here..(think its for coffee..but works great with tea too..) :o)

  17. Thanks for sharing, Belinda! I'm not much of a tea drinker, but I've always loved teapots.

  18. Oooh I LOVE that little guy up at the top. I have some tea pots that were my nana's, as well as some cups that belonged to my great-gran. They mostly just sit in a cabinet, but every once in a while my sister comes over for a tea party. Seriously-2 grown women having a tea party!
    Love that you're 'keeping it legal' too funny!

  19. Teapot love. The first one is my favorite. So unusual. I have a nice collection. No where to put new ones anymore so I roate where they go. It is a fun collection.

  20. Jack and the Beanstalk makes a lot of sense, now that I'm reading the comments and seeing, well, the beanstalk. I thought it was a leprechaun. Must have St. Patrick's Day on the mind. Anyway - it's great! Don't hide it storage!

  21. Oh, look at your pretty teapots and the lovely fabrics.

  22. great idea, I think I'll take photos of my teapots too and put them on my blog :-)
    I like the plain english one best.

  23. Thanks for the tea pot party! I think my fave is the Wood's Ware/Jasmine one. Simple elegance, I think! But they're all great and so fun to see. Can't wait to see more of your pretties.
    And I did notice right off that your backgrounds are fabric/quilts. Very artistic! Loved 'em!

  24. The teapots are so so lovely. You have a lovely collection! It is always fun to see womeone else's collections!

  25. Pretty! Love the elf one! I now feel less guilty about the number of teapots which have crept in to the house over the years. :-)

  26. Your teapots are delightful. What a fun collection. Thanks for sharing.

  27. I love you teapot from Czechoslovakia. My grandparents came from there around 1900. I wish I could find a set like that. Very beautiful piece of porcelain.