Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Tell Me" Tuesday...

Ok......it's " tell me" or " tell all " Tuesday. The answers to last weeks question were VERY interesting. It's kinda fun AND nice to peek into others mornings and routines. I want to thank everyone for participating. So....here's this weeks question.........If you had died in your sleep last night.....would you die all over again today from embarrassment as to what you chose to wear to bed??......OK...I'll go first...I wouldn't necessarily die of embarrassment as to what I was wearing..but probable because my legs were hairy!!

(EDIT NOTE)---HEY LADIES....I DID NOT MEAN THIS QUESTION IN A NAUGHTY OR RISQUE LIGHT....some of the emails I am receiving suggest this.....most of you have gotten my intent and have responded in that fashion......this is for those who might have misunderstood.....THIS IS A "G" RATED BLOG!!!!!

As to the above picture....I tend to have most of my fabrics out on shelves and baskets. I love being able to see them, BUT.....should I be afraid of UV rays eventually fading the edges where the fabric is folded. Not to mention the "dust". AFTER ALL...this is Brown Dirt Cottage. I just thought of this the other day. Maybe they should go back into the closet. Has anyone ever had a fading problem??

Speaking of dust, it's time to do a little clean-up in the ole sewing room, and I thought before I rake all my vintage buttons off so I can dust this cake stand I'd show you how I display them. Most of the time I trade out different buttons I have that I want to enjoy, but I use it for whatever items I want to display. Once I filled it with all the yo-yos I had made.....sometimes vintage spools of thread and a mixture of various vintage sewing items I have collected through the years. I would never enjoy them if I left them stored or boxed away in the closet.......I really do enjoy ALL of my "dusty sparkles"!

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  1. Oh ...I just love the cake stand ...thats a wonderful idea to display those gorgeous buttons...thanks for a wonderful idea!!! :o)

  2. yes I agree. That cake stand is fabulous! Even without the buttons but that is a cute idea.
    Everyone folds their fabrics so neatly here in blogland. I could never show mine. Yours do look pretty there on the shelves, I'd hate to put them all aways too. Wonder if they will fade..

  3. I've got the same problem. Dust and sunlight. All fabric, WiPs and UFO's are boxed - plastic boxes stacked under every surface where the sun doesn't get to it. Trés difficle when the house faces due south and all the windows do too!

    Sorry - can help with the Tuesday question.

  4. Wow, Belinda, that's a pretty personal question! Actually, since I bought new jammies a week or two ago, I wouldn't die of embarrassment at all. Leopard print pants, brown stretchy short sleeve top. Soft, stretchy, way comfy. Your quilts are beautiful!!! You can't look at my stash. Don't even ask.

  5. Hia Belinda, it' lovely catching up with you. My fabrics are in drawers so I've not had a fading problem. As for night attire- no not embaressed- it's Autumn here so quite cold 17-18C during the day but lower at night.

    What a beautiful cake stand!

  6. Cute idea with the cake stand. I bet my cat would love it.

    My nightgowns are all in good shape, and I wouldn't be embarrassed about them. And hair stopped growing on my legs about four years ago. Dunno why, but I am not complaining.

    I keep my fabrics out of the sun.

  7. Oh I would die all over again! I'm pregnant and none of my usual jammies fit. So last night to bed I wore a teal night shirt that's got a sparkly whale on it saying "Having a whale of a time" (my husband bought it for me as a joke) and a giant pair of men's boxers that say 'naughty' all over them....yikes!
    Belinda I wish my sewing corner looked as neat as your room does!

  8. You really have the gift of beautiful displays. I'd love to walk through your house and take pictures of all your ideas. Loved the buttons on the cake stand.
    As for nightwear... I'm quite modest, even with my family, so it's just good ol pajamas every night, and sometimes a cotton night gown. If there was a fire, I'd be OK, and so would the neighbors!

  9. I am green with envy looking at your stash!

    I keep my pj's next to the bed in case of an emergency. I sleep in a tank top. I can't stand clothes in bed, I feel so claustrophobic.

  10. I guess everyone else had the same thought as I did when I saw the cake stand....I love it. You are so clever with using your vintage stuff. I wish I would think of such things.
    I store my fabric in a closet that my husband fitted with storage shelves so I don't need to worry about sun fading but dust...that's another issue.

  11. The cake stand is lovely. What a wonderful idea for display.

    I would probably be embarrassed because I sleep with cut off sweats made into shorts with a t shirt. :)

  12. I love the fabric stacked up. Maybe because thats how my mom did it. It helps me be creative to see the prints while I doze off in thought sometimes. The layered dish with buttons is such a cute idea. I love that.

    Your tuesday question? Nah I wouldn't be embarassed by what I wore to bed, more what was under what I wore to bed!!! Me!

  13. My PJ's are pretty nice lookin', although last night they didn't really match. No one would notice, though, since the super-cute baby sleeping with me looks to cuddly in his PJ's :)

  14. You fabrics are so inviting, it is inspiring to look at all of them at one time.

    I would not die of embarrassment because of what I wore to bed but my daughter would! I taught at her high school and in the mornings she would say "you aren't wearing that to school today are you?"

  15. Love your quilt studio. Cake stands are so great for so many things besides cakes. I would not be embarassed. I love my pink flannel pjs.

  16. first things first...adore those buttons! gorgeous. embarrassed...naw...they're just jammies.

  17. What I would give for your fabric storage area. Dust would probably be the biggest problem, I've rewashed fabric many times for that reason. Not had a problem with fading but I have no windows in sewing room. Night shirts for me...Grandma sayings. No embarrassment there.

  18. Oh how awesome is that cake stand! What a wonderful idea!

    I certainly would embarrassed with what I slept in last night - one of my husbands old T-shirts and a pair of knee socks...always have to have the socks on as my feet are always cold.