Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"TELL ME" Tuesday....

I think it would be fun and interesting on Tuesdays "to tell" or "tell all" to various questions I would like to ask you...so, let's start.........In the first hour you are up each morning...what do you do? For example....do you have a routine.....do you have morning rituals or do you just "wing it"? For me...I get up and make coffee first thing....while that is "cooking" I line up all my vitamins for the day.....raise the blinds....get my binoculars and scope out the birds and landscape....check my email and a few blogs then straight to my sewing fabrics. I sorta "wing it" each morning, sometimes not stopping long enough to even get dressed if I am eager to get back to a new and interesting project.. So there you have it for me......tell me about you...especially share some of your quirky morning habits if you have any....I promise I won't laugh ((well maybe ))! Check out some of my progress on my hand quilting project. I am so loving these hearts!


  1. Aw those hearts are so cute! You can't make stuff look like that with a machine - thats for sure.

    My morning routine is the same when I go into my work - 3 days a week. I get up, (drag myself out of bed) shower and do my hair/makeup. Then make sure my son is ready for school, feed the outside cats, get something for breakfast/lunch to take to work, make sure my husband is ready, and they I drive my son to school. My girls that are still in HS go early and I let them take care of themselves. Now when I don't work - thats different. I just get up and throw on a robe and putter around for a bit here and there, check email, post, whatever and then I start doing stuff at home. Then I remember - I look a fright and usually try to take care of that around noon!

    I should get some binoculars to look at the birds, that would make a fun thing to do in the AM!

    I'm pretty boring.

  2. I get dressed before leaving my bedroom for the bathroom... take my meds and do the other ablutions, before checking email/blogs. Head to the kitchenfor toast and then out the door to work... From alarm to out the door is about 30 minutes 'cause I'd rather get my sleep then have time to think.... :-)

  3. I get up - get dressed in "around the house" clothes, drink a glass of water, check the thermostat to make sure it isn't set too high (by someone who will remain annonymous), turn on the computer, look at the bird feeders, drink another glass of water, check emails, make a list of things to do for the day and after some breakfast start on that list - makes the day go easier if I have a plan - and a cup of green tea.

  4. Beautiful hand quilting! I would love to try that--in a different stage of life, maybe :)

    I change diapers first thing in the morning. Dull, but necessary.

  5. Tuesdays... get up, get dressed for the gym, get a cup of coffee, read my email, go off to the gym for a body pump class and home by 6:30 AM to see the kids off to school! Too dark out these days to see much at 5:15 when I head out :-)

  6. beautiful quilting! my a.m. routine is changing with hubby being out of town so much...he's the coffee maker...now, i get up, make coffee, and take the dog to the park with my coffee. wake up the teen (4 times is usually the charm...sometimes i have to sing...that ALWAYS does the trick). Get the teen off to school and head for 45 minutes at the gym. That's if all goes smoothly...oh, i do get dressed in there somewhere...sometimes i take the dog to the park in my jammies. (only CERTAIN jammies).

  7. The usual routine is that I write my latest novel from bed (hubby calls it my bat cave as I snuggle down under the covers and peep out to write) until 10am regardless of what time I wake up. Hubby is an early bird so he usually has a coffee cooling on my bedside table which I sip to feel human. If it's a bad day and the children can't find something, I get out to deal with it. After 10 it's the usual routine of another load of washing, so the previous one to fold or iron. Then I might be able to sew or vacuum. Often this is where I consult my list and work out what I'm meant to be doing as I've forgotten. LOL Hubby does remind me about food if it's reached that time of day.

  8. Beautiful hand quilting!
    My morning begins with my cat letting me know DH has left for his 5 AM walk. I drag myself out of bed, visit the bathroom, and head for coffee and morning thyroid boost via pill. Then I plant myself in a dark room to read my email and blogs while I wake up. Looking at quilts is THE BEST way to wake up! A shower and dressing, breakfast, and I'm out the door.

  9. Your hand quilting is so pretty! I love routine. In the first hour I'm up, I'm either out for a vigorous walk (if I'm up at 5) or (if I'm being lazy) getting showered/dressed and getting a 3rd grader ready for the day. In other words, nothing fun whatsoever no matter what day it is. ;-)

  10. Love the hand quilting...can't wait to see it finished.
    The first hour I am up is probably the most crazy part of my day. I get up and either shower or take the dog out for a 30 minute walk, depending on who's turn it is. Then I make my daughter breakfast, which is always exciting because she has some strange requests (cereal and salad this morning...the salad was from dinner last night). Then we spend some time in the bathroom doing potty training. At some point I kiss hubby goodbye, feed the cats and the fish and get dressed. It's always a blur!
    I'm envious of those of you who get to quilting that early...in my wildest dreams!

  11. You hand quilting is very nice. My morning ritual always includes letting the dog out to do her thing and feeding her. Since the weather is getting chilly now I usually have a cup of hot green tea with cranberry & pomegranate and watch about 30 minutes of the Today show. Then I have a bowl of cereal. Then I get dressed and then my day starts. Always different.

  12. Mornings..UGH! Alarm goes off at 7 a.m., make coffee and await the arrival of grand daughter (our daughter is a teacher and has to leave to early to get her to school) Try to talk to her while she eats breakfast (difficult at 13) while she is brushing teeth, washing face, doing hair, I get my coffee and check out the computer. She leaves at 8 (school is around the corner from me) Have a cup of coffee with hubby then go get dressed to start my day. Sure is different since I retired but I am loving the freedom of not having to go to work at an office, and doing what I want when I want. Although, it sure seemed like I got more done when I was working. Oh well, life is good.

  13. I love your hand quilting. I am going to try it this winter. My husband always has a pot of coffee going when I get up. Being retired I do not wake up to an alarm clock. I really enjoy not hearing that jarring noise every morning. I get up, I usually take a shower first thing, join my husband for a cup of coffee and check my email. We keep our grandson during the day and he gets here soon after that and then the fun begins!!

  14. I love the fabrics of that quilt. Gorgeous!
    My morning routine is spend my time with God, check my mail and blogs, and begin getting ready for school at 10.

  15. Pretty bad, I had to scroll down to see if I had posted here.My memory has gone on holidays without me.
    Your hearts are beautiful by the way. I LOVE all your work!

    How do I spend my morning?
    Well alarm wakes me, I go off for a pit stop and brushing of teeth. Stumble back to the bedroom, make the bed, (it's sick I know, but it"s inbread..LOL.) I get dress go fetch my glasees, check my sugars, have breakfast and check the e-mails. Then it's up to the dungon, (I mean sewing room), where I've been putting in 12 hr.days
    I stop for a 20 minute lunch and a 30 minute dinner. I take 15 minutes for tea at ten then start winding down and get the room reasonably tidy for tomorrow.
    Next it's shower and P.J.s, and we get readdy to do all again tomorrow.
    This has been my life for the last month. After this weekend THINGS are gonna change around here!! More time for me! No more pressure cooker work, I have to add this routine to my morning. Look in the bathroom mirror and say with feeling "No, I'm so sorry, but I just won't have the time to do that." I have to learn to say NO and if I do I will hopefull be back to my blog. I've barely had time to read my other favourites. I'm ashamed of myself.

    It's been interesting seeing how others do every day.

    Missed all of you...see you all soon.


  16. Get up to make sure that DD is up and out the door by 7.30, make cuppa, take meds, take cuppa upstairs to computer and catch up on blogs and mails. Get dressed and wait for DH to surface before deciding what the day is going to bring.

    Great hearts.

  17. What a beautiful thing to hear someone else say that they hear from God too! Thanks for your encouraging comments! I look forward to keeping up with your post! Have a blessed day!