Friday, October 3, 2008

One of Those Weeks..... has been one of those weeks..that meaning NO SEWING!!! Unexpected company one day...tending to some rental property we own in another town....that we may have sold ((which is an unexpected blessing ))..lots of phone calls.......5 trips back and forth to the house.......I don't like tending to business anymore......I just want to be retired from all of that stuff and sew my quilts. So I'm going to post this quick and get back to it.
Last weekend I did manage to get another little Christmas cottage sewn up. I hung curtains in this one.
I did get to play around with the round "thang". My round "thang" might look good with some of my maverick star "thangs"???

I had a nice surprise in the mail this week. Eileen over at Eileens Attic shared some of her vintage Christmas fabric with me. This will be enough for a roof. Thanks Eileen!!

I wanted to thank Amy over at Mrs Schmenkman Quilts for finding the pattern and the designer of the chicken quilt I posted about earlier. The design is by Maggie Walker, and the pattern is the Country Journal. So anyone who would like to see the whole quilt can run over and take a look-see.

(((((( I don't know why the pictures don't enlarge when you click on them...sorry ))))))


  1. Love the curtains in the cottage. Cute!

  2. LOVE the cottage, the curtains and the door with the holly--amazing! And your round thang is super cool too. Might a tutorial be in the works? I would be cool with selvedges too, maybe.

  3. Look at those adorable curtains. Your cottages are so creative. I am very privileged to have a little piece of yours in my own quilt.
    :-) Thank you so much! I'm glad you got your roof.

  4. That cottage is so sweet Belinda. I love your curtain idea.

    Very interesting what you're doing with the stars and rose shape.

  5. I just love those little cottages.

    My gosh girl where do you find the time? The 'thang' looks good with those maverick star 'thangs' too. What next?
    You have to go galaloping all over Texas while I, on the other hand must boost my *ss out of this chair and get back to my sewing machine.
    Outing tomorrow morning, then company all day into the evening, than Sunday it's and early Thanksgiving with my daughter and her family since we won't be here next week for the real one.
    By the 15th of October I'll be gobbling and sproutting feathers I swear it.
    So I.m a herd of turtle. :) Be good

    Till next time...


  6. belinda it seems you are bound and determined to out do everyones cottages! Cutest yet ever!!!!!!! You are killing me.

  7. the stars look great with your round thang very fun and original.

  8. Great cottage. Your very clever in your decorating. How sweet of Eileen to share.

  9. I love the curtains in the cottage - so homey looking! And love the round thang, too.

  10. I too used to have the same problem with some photos enlarging and some not. After spending several days surfing the help section on blogger I discovered what I was doing wrong.

    Do not move your photos after loading them onto your page, instead move the text. Does this make since? What is happening has to do with the html breaking when the photo is moved. Here is how I try to list:

    I write out my text and then load my photos. The photos will appear on top with the written text on bottom. Next I highlight the text and move it around the picture where I need it to be.

    I hope I am not confusing you too much.

  11. Your round thang and the stars are fun. The curtains in the cottage is great. How creative.

  12. I love your round thang and it goes brilliant with the star thangs. Great colours too.