Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Plugging Along......slowly

This little baby quilt project of mine is dragging me down. I am stumped as to how I am going to finish it. I knew I wanted to do the wonky name...ok, so I did that. Now what???? It's making me CRAZY!! It's alot harder and more time consuming when you don't have a pattern. I'm leaning to making all the other blocks like these 3...with some wonky hearts.....but, I originally thought I would do a mix up of blocks................?????

Here is some of my puttering around and playing with some of my strips and strings. This round "thang" was fun but took up alot of time to do it. Figuring out how to keep it as round as possible was taxing on my lil brain, it's about the right size for a potholder.

I just love these maverick stars. I have been wanting to do some for a while. I learned you have to keep your fabric contrasts in check or your little star doesn't show up as well. The larger one at the top on the right is the first one I did....contrast not so good, but HEY.....no big deal......I'll just make a potholder out of it. I know, you're thinking.....enough with the potholder thing already!!!

This is one of the reasons I haven't been getting alot of quilting done. Yummy pear preserves...yes that is lemon slices you see in there! I started to do up a jar really showy and enter it in the fair, but after I got through with these I didn't CARE! I'll trade a pear for some of your peaches Nanette!

And this is in response to an email someone sent me.......I was told that no one wants to see all our garden....flowers in the yard.....and pet stuff!! That these blogs are supposed to be about quilting. They went on to ask why I didn't blog everyday as well.....people lose interest you know! Well, my response is........this is my blog.......I'll post whatever I want.....whenever I want.....and if you don't like it, you don't have to come here. I have lots of "farmy-wife" things I have to do besides blogging. My life is simple and not alot goes on here besides hard work. When you criticize my blog you are criticizing my life. What I post here IS my life and I'm sorry if some find it boring. DH and I work hard and are very proud to post about the fruits of our labor....be it garden-crop topics or quilting.

A big THANK YOU to all the rest of you though! Those of you that have come by for a visit, left kind and encouraging words. I have had SO much fun so far!!
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  1. I can't even express how stunned I am that someone would make a comment critisizing your blog. My oh my oh my. I can only speak for myself, and to tell you I love everything you share, and don't let anyone discourage you from keeping it up. You are so right. This is your blog. This is your life. Everything is wonderful! I love reading the things you think about, and the other skills you share with us along with the quilting. We are each unique multi dementional people and have so many gifts to contribute to this world. Don't ever let yourself be shy about sharing the truely best part of yourself. I love every part!

  2. Here here!!! I have had some negative comments from time to time and I always wonder why. Why do people bother? Why do they care. There are so many blogs out there, surely if they dont' like mine or yours they will find something they DO like. Or maybe this is the problem, they don't like things, or are jealous? Interesting though, but annoying.

    The pear preserves look great. How do you use them? What will you make with them. They are lovely really. I would gladly trade you! I may have some pears coming on myself soon I hope.

    We had a light frost last night though. I hope my tomatoes are ok.

    I love your wonky type blocks but I have no input to help you. I like doing things that make me widen my horizons even if it doesn't turn out exactly right, you can always learn things. Whatever you do with them is great.

  3. Wow, I can't believe some people. Not only are they very negative, they love to spread the negativity around. They are happy making others feel bad. Well, bah humbug to them! Don't allow them to hurt your feelings! I love your blog. Our lives aren't just about quilting, and most of us that visit your blog enjoy seeing the rest of your life that you share with us!

    Your wonky baby blocks are looking good! As for the baby quilt, just keep making blocks, and it will come together for you. Just remember, they don't all have to be fancy. You need some quiet ones in there too. It's tough when you're making it up as you go!

    Your other wonky blocks look good too! Yep, those stars need good contrast to show up well. That was my 1st lesson too! Your round-thingie is amazing! I can believe that took lots of brain power! You're doing great! Oh, and I love your "background" you're using. Very cool!

  4. Well Belinda, it looks like you've made the big time! Your bog is worth a critism or two. Do like Bonnie and ignore them, they are not worth another thought.
    \As for posting everyday, HOLY COW, this person must not have a life! With all you've got to do I'm amazed that you get to blog once a week never mind every day.

    I've been so busy lately with family and traveling that I haven't posted in at least 2 weeks. But I do have some terific pictures to show you all and I'll get to it this week I promise..

    I just love your baby quilt and your pears look yummy!

    until next time...:c)...Fran

  5. There is unfortunately at least one individual out there who revels in saying hateful things on blogs. Don't take it personally, your blog is marvelous. Fun baby quilt in lovely soft colors. If it's really making you nuts you could make more of the fun crazy blocks like you showed and leave it at that. but it's fun to see all the different blocks you're playing with! That round block is going to be a great potholder - lots of personality.

  6. Just when I thought that there were no Quilt Police, along comes the Blog Patrol! I have only recently discovered your blog and greatly enjoy it, all of it. It reveals that you do have a life and that quilting and creativity are just part of it. I think that balance in life creates happiness and joy, and you have that going on.
    Love the wonky work, and the round piece is amazing.

  7. I love your wonky blocks!!! I really love that circle and that baby quilt will turn out gorgeous!!!

    Now as to that nasty e-mail...I lose more interest when people do blog everyday cuz I can't keep up. I have a life and I would rather do the fun stuff and blog when I have time then spend my life blogging. I love pictures of peoples everyday life it's what makes these blogs personal and how you get to know people better. Of course I love quilty and crafty pictures too, but a variety is great. You have a lovely well balanced blog and don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)


  8. One more thing...I was going to e-mail you this privately but whoever sent you that e-mail needs to see this I LOVE IT!!! And I'm adding the button to my blog right away! I love the part about post pollution...here's the link:


  9. Keep up the good work, the wonkies are beautiful!

  10. I think your stars look great and they'd all be great in a quilt- unless you really need more potholders! I also think there are some sour grapes going around. Who cares about the nay sayer. Your blog is your home, do what you like!

  11. I love what you have done with your scraps. What a inspiration. I have been playing with scraps lately. I really enjoyed your blog your pear perserves look great. I think it's nice that you share other aspects of your life it helps me to get to know you better. First time here. I will be back.

  12. My blog started out as a quilting blog - then it turned into a general blog - and so far no negative comments - though I'm sure the blog patrol hasn't found me yet - I'm still small.

    Do what you want - when you want - it is your blog and your life. I always enjoy it when your name comes up on my bloglines to read - I know it will be something fun - quilty or not.

    Most of us don't only do quilting throughout our days - so we get to share in the other things going on in blogger's lives.

    The pear preserves are new to me - do you have a recipe?

  13. I love your petal pink wonky name, letters have been SO SO hard for me! I'm still plugging away, but still my letters don't come out nice.

    Also, I LOVE your string circle. Someday I hope to do something with my strings. Until then, I'll keep saving them.

    Also, I wanted you to know that some time ago, I put your blog on my watch list so that I would never miss any of your posts. Your posts make me happy, nostalgic, and I take great pleasure in the fact that you are willing to share with all of us.

    It surprises me how negative and critical some people are. Feel sorry for that person, you can just move on and ignore her but she, poor thing, has to live with her negativity every day.

    SO, keep quilting, and we're all lucky that you keep posting as well.


  14. What a blooming cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Heck whose blog is it!
    Good grief Belinda some people really come out of the woodwork like beetle.

    I had a thought looking at your quilt. The wonky writing and the hearts remind me of mosaic work in tiles. What about edging each shape in a wide medium green to unify them, then do a crazy patchwork background in a very pale green and cream so the overall effect is like a bouquet of pastel roses and gypsophilia?

    I do love the round scrap shape you've been working on. So beautiful.

    Keep up the wonderful work hun. I for one don't know a thing about cotton beyond sewing with it, so do please carry on in the right season.

  15. You go girl. You are right, it is your blog and you can do what you want. No where does it say when you start your blog that it has to be about quilting.
    On another note. Love your letters. I have one to do and it will be my first attempt at Tonya's letters. Wish me luck.

  16. I left the blog world for a year because of dumb people. I know realize it is my blog i can do what I want. So good for you!

  17. belinda, i've been reading your blog (finally had a minute to get here) and found this. it's hard to believe someone would have the nerve to say these kinds of things. did you check out blogging without obligation...i think one of your other commenters put in the link or you can find it on my blog. i'm lovin what i'm reading! keep up the great blog!

  18. Some people ought to be shot at birth! Don't worry about it. Just make sure that whoever it is is marked as a spammer so you don't even get to see any more mails from whoever it is that isn't supposed to be alive!

    I've PM'd you with an invite cos your stars and the "pot holder" are great great great!