Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm Thinkin' FALL.....

I can't believe school has started already!!! Our crops are blooming and turning colors waiting for harvest and the holidays are barreling down upon me!!! oooouuuu...I just got scared!!.....So, I began digging through my "stuff and things" seeing what I have and what projects needed to be put on the forefront. I have this cute book that features those great plaid kitchen towels. You can sew up trick or treat bags and such out of the actual towel or you can hand or machine applique using the patterns included. They suggest black thread with a blanket type stitch. I LOVE fall. I think it is my favorite season. I got very excited and inspired today as I pulled out holiday books and fabrics. I try to keep all my favorite magazines in monthly order. When I need inspiration I can quickly thumb through the holiday, season or month I need projects for. Isn't the cat/moon towel above fun!!

I don't have anything fallish to through on the couch.....I'm thinking this should be my next inspiration. I had more fall fabrics than I thought when I started pulling them out. You know....making another mess!! Some days it seem like I have pulled half my yardage off the shelves!!!!

As you can see I have tons of towels.......all washed , ironed and ready to go. They've been ready to go for about 2 years now!!!!!! ((sign))

Here is a picture of hubby's side of the closet.........He caught me when I was taking this picture and said...."DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT'!!!........What you say???....why I'm not doing nuthin'!!....No....what makes you think I would cut up your shirts to sew up in a quilt.....why it NEVER entered my mind!!!

I was inspired to take this picture this morning as I was walking out of the closet.....just out of the corner of my eye this caught my attention........THIS REMINDED ME OF THE COVER OF BONNIE'S NEW BOOK!!!! Go over to Quiltville for all the info. Wouldn't all of my hubby's shirts make a WONDERFUL scrappy log cabin quilt??!!!
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  1. Several years ago I made a simple lap quilt from my husband's old "worn out" Pendleton shirts. It is just 4" squares of three different wool plaids, backed with a navy wool flannel (hard to find here in Houston). I think he likes it more that just about anything I have ever given him...

  2. I LOVE Fall too. My very favorite season. Love your fabrics and oh you really NEED to do something with your wonderful tea towels. Well I can see why your husband might get concerned with you hanging around his closet after seeing the new book!

  3. Too funny Belinda.

    ~~ Fran...:c)

    Ps. nice fabrics and towels too.

  4. wow, you've got some great fabric there and not just in your husband's closet. I want some of those shirts! my husband has the most boring wardrobe in the world - no inspiration there...

  5. Not only do we have things in common Belinda but that picture could be identical to my husband's side of the closet. Funny. Fall is nice but I hate worrying about Christmas during the fall.

  6. Fall is my favorite time of year too. I'm inspired every year to do some fall-ish crafts. I think I even have that book! Not that I've used it yet, darn it. Your fabrics look great! Oh, and I have towels that have been waiting for awhile too! Maybe one of these days??

  7. Your husband's shirts look very tempting! I have made several quilts using old worn-out shirts and aprons. I think it is a lovely material and a way to keep memories alive.