Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making Fabric

I dumped out some of my crumbs the other day and sorta played around. Thanks Bonnie for sharing about crumbs. It's amazing how cute your pieces are when they are all sewn up together! I like to call it make fabric. Yes, by sewing all these tiny pieces together you can make fabric! You can design it any way you like by what colors and designs you put together!!

I discovered a way to press these little short seams without needing my bulky iron. Several months back I bought one of those little Clover irons. I also bought the larger pressing attachment but haven't put it on yet. Anyway, in my scraps I found two squares of flannel and the other is that warm and natural batting type. I put the two together and I leave it right here in front of me and when I need to press... my little ironing board is right here handy!! Since I am working with such small pieces my mini ironing board doesn't get in my way.

I just keep the Clover iron right at the side on it's stand and it's very handy when pressing time comes. I have one of those June Taylor pressing/cutting mats, but where I have to put it I have to kind of stretch across to use it and then whatever gets caught on my arm sleeve gets raked off onto the floor and THEN I have to BEND OVER to retrieve it. I decided this was entirely too much activity and movement to be going on around my sewing!! I's bad enough when I have to go all the way back downstairs to get another cup of coffee!! But then again I have discovered that when I sit too long in my chair and then when I NEED to get up I have difficulty standing or walking very good!! SO..I can't win for losing!!!

Here is some of my made fabric pieces shaping up nicely. I've made some pieces large enough to sew up some potholders but I was thinking about pulling out all the pastels and polka dots and doing a baby size quilt. It's always been fun for me to make something basically out of nothing. See if you can too.....DO YOUR OWN THING!!!! Go 'make fabric''s sooo inspiring!!!

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  1. I love when I come up with an original idea. It is the greatest thing. It feeds my soul. Creativity is so important. I'm not much of a follower except when I see a fabulous idea or something exactly like my taste. Your quilt is darling Belinda. I love the idea of "crumbs". How fabulous. I love the word too. Fabric crumbs.

  2. I have never heard the term "crumbs" before either--how completely sweet are those little blocks you made! They are so cute!!

  3. Cute! I am inspired to start keeping all my "crumbs" together, and even to rethink what to save and what to throw away...thanks!

  4. I haven't heard the term crumbs either but I love it...I have lots of crumbs in my sewing room...fabric and cookie!
    Thanks too for sharing how you use your clover iron. I have one and never really used it. Maybe I'll pull it out again and make some crumblocks.

  5. Beautiful Crumbs! Such lovely crumbs. I am a closet fabric-control-freak and I have never made a 'completely'scrappy quilt (always gotta control the scraps) But you've inspired me to use my crumbs. Love the crumbs. I'll just sew them together and they will be beautiful (I hope).


  6. love your crumb blocks. have to admit I'm a sucker for new fabric,and it's great to combine it with my older stuff and scraps too. I love the fact that I can make quilts that express ME and my house doesn't have to look like everyone else's too.

  7. That's insanity! But cute insanity. I like your mini iron to go with your mini-crumbs.