Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Old "Stuff and Things"

I forgot I had this kit from a retreat back in Oct. 2007. It's supposed to be a random patch, but I'm thinking --no! On a previous post I showed a random patch I did at this same retreat that is in oranges, lime greens and some light blues in the Amy Butler fabrics. It is probable my least favorite of anything I have done. I have even contemplated about cutting it apart and re-arranging it or adding some other fabrics with it.....I dunno! When I signed up for the retreat the main purpose for me was to get back into the groove of sewing for I had been running our greenhouse for several years and was way out of the sewing loop. I had my brand new fancy sewing machine that sat for nearly 2 yrs. before I finally started to learn how to use it.....so, I had no projects to work on at the retreat , thus the random patch!

I could take some of the printed squares and maybe applique them to some kitchen towels I have.

I could be a little more creative in my layout selection this time!

Or....I could mix them up with some fabric I already have. I just love this black chicken fabric. I have several chicken fabrics....maybe a "Down on the Farm Chicken Quilt" in the future. I just have a hard time keeping myself from getting bogged down and slowed down in the decision making process. The possibilities are endless and I LIKE ALL OF THEM!!!
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  1. The black fabrics, either the dots or chickens (or both!) would really set your other fabrics off. I vote for Chicken Quilt (LOL)

  2. I love them all too!! But Maddie is right, black always makes a nice backdrop to anything. I've only seen small samples of your work through this blog, but I'd say you have a pretty good eye for stuff like this and whatever you do will be great.
    As always...smailes across the mile :c) Fran

  3. SMAILES!!! What the heck are smailes??? lol
    smiles..:c) Fran

  4. I love the last pic- it really brings out the chicken patches.

    I've just tagged you on my blog for "6 random things". I hope you can join in.

    Choosing what to do with fabric is very hard. When I was doing the Autumn Quilt, just deciding what colour needed to be where drove me mad. In the end I went with my gut instinct. Do what you enjoy looking at -that'll make you smile.

  5. It will look wonderful no matter what you end up with. Darling darling blocks.

  6. the ideas are all great but I love the one with the dots!

  7. I have the same problem when I'm trying to decide on stuff - I like it all! But it's always good to go with what makes you happy. The happy stuff is easier to work on! I personally like the chickens!