Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charity begins at home...

You know the old saying " when you feel bad, do something nice for somebody else". It really does work!! These are some of the pillowcases I made for Cooks Children Hospital in Ft. Worth, Tex. These are fun and quick and great for using up some of my scraps. I have a pile here that needs to be put in the mail next week.
Now I have an excuse to buy some of those cute little boy fabrics (since we don't have any of those here).

Love these too!

They request pillowcases from infant all the way up to 18 yrs. Like I said...these are fast. I used my serger. I do these in between other projects for a change of pace and am doing something good at the same time. You can go to and check it out. Maybe there is something like this in your area. It will lift your spirits like it did mine!!

I really thank ALL of you for your kind and generous emails, thoughts and comments concerning our loss of LiL Sister. When I went out to visit her last night at her "spot", I told her she was famous and known "world wide". As I closed my eyes I think I heard her barking with approval . Quilters are the best!!!!
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  1. What a great act to do in helping others. I love the choo choo train the best! They are darling. They will be loved and used. Fabulous idea.

  2. I've been sitting here doing my ususal click "Next Blog" thing. I stumble across a lot of wasted space, but then find a blog like yours. Love your stash. Sorry about LiL Sister.

    Smiled about the wind and your porch furniture. Anchor the legs in a coffee can full of plaster of Paris...or bolt them down. I know...not practical. I am absolutely envious of your wicker!

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  4. Zweiter Versuch:

    Nice work these cushions. I like the first ones with the black and white stripes best. Great idea to do something good.

    I'm very sorry for you and your LiL Sister. Now you are one of those with a little star in heaven - on the big green meadow.

  5. What a nice idea, and how cool is that? I wish our hospitals would take stuff like this.
    I love your stash! What bright cheerful colors. I keep asking myself when I look at my stuff, where the heck did all this ugly fabric come from? Everytime I go to buy fabric I go with the best intentions, and it DOES look good at the store! Just not when I stick it on my shelf. How come???
    Smiles across the miles....:cD Fran

  6. I agree- when we serve others it helps to make our own problems seems smaller. The pillow cases are wonderful.
    It sounds like you are doing much better already. Take care- Nedra

  7. I love love love your pillowcases! They are just the right thing to make a child feel special at a time when they are feeling low.

    Well done for doing something for others- it does help. It will get easier.

  8. I make flannel pillowcases and sell them on Etsy. I have a bag of non-sellers that need a home. I was also thinking of a charity but still need to investigate. Thanks for the reminder!